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Morning Chatter

Quotes of the Day

Journo has to pass a kidney stone

“All of my tweets for the next few days will come via @hootsuite so I will not be responding. I have to pass this Kidney Stone. #BoomOnMe” — Sophia Nelson, columnist for NBC The Grio, Essence and USA Today. In a subsequent tweet, she again warned, “All of my tweets 4 the next few days will come via @hootsuite on a timer. I will not be responding or engaging followers. #KidneyStoneCalls.” Nelson leaves no stone unturned. About an hour ago, she wrote, “Good Morning Tweeps. Welcome to my new followers. I am still convalescing with Kidney Stones. Not fun…xo”  In the meantime, Sophia has been tweeting inspirational messages like, “If I want love, I must give love. If I want peace, I must sow peace…” She says her tweets this week will center around “getting rid of distractions in your life that block your blessings” — or, in her case, her urinary tract. Note to readers: We’ll keep you posted on when the stone passes.

Congratulations to…FT’s Mary Katherine Covert and House Speaker John Boehner‘s Press Secretary Michael Steel who got married in Meridian, Miss. over the weekend. Read their announcement in the NYT Style section here. A wedding attendee, CBS and ex-FBDCer Christine Delargy, sent in a picture of a publication she found there, calling it the “FishbowlDC of Mississippi.” We’re both flattered and frightened. See below:

Famed FishbowlDC reader Larry Kelly upon hearing the news that Washingtonian‘s advice column Harry & Louise is taking a breather: “Dear Harry & Louise, if I have friends who I rely on for advice and they desert me are they schumcks?” Our reply: We’re deeply sorry for your loss, Larry. And believe me, we’re feeling it too. This is a deeper question than it appears though. Since your name rhymes with Harry we suspect you’ll be feeling the painful reverberations of this for a little while. Take heart, Washingtonian is sure to come up with something genius to replace it.

How FNC’s Sean Hannity pronounces WaPo blogger and FBDC Fan Club Prez Ezra Klein: “Ezz-er Klein.” We’re sure he means no disrespect. (Thanks to The Daily Caller‘s TV writer Jeff Poor for letting us in on this fun fact.)

Prince Harry in Washington Today

“His royal fun-ness, Prince Harry, will be in DC today!” — ABC7′s Jummy Olabanji. Harry, a known party animal,  is in town to receive an award on his work with war vets.

Convo Between Media Type and Aging TV Star

As many know, Dennis Haskins, who played Mr. Belding on “Saved by the Bell,” was the guest of the hour at Ron and Sara Bonjean‘s holiday party a few years ago. Ron is a public affairs specialist who runs The Bonjean Company.

Ron Bonjean: “Psyched to see @mrbelding on Mad Men tonight. Break through moment for the show.” A flattered ex-Mr. Belding retweeted and replied: “Thx Ron!”

Journo Love

Steve Lopez at the LAT is a treasure.” — CBS Political Director and Slate’s John Dickerson, who linked to this story by Lopez.

Unexpected Encounters

“I just met Marvin Kalb in the elevator. Random and cool.” — Roll Call‘s Shira Toeplitz. Kalb spent 30 years at CBS and NBC News, where he was host of “MTP.” He’s an author and a fellow at GWU.

Morning Chatter

Quotes of the Day

Journo in a Dress: “And here’s a photo of me circa 1991 wearing my cousin’s dress after I got my clothes dirty. #NOSHAME.” — Simon Landau, web producer for WUSA9.

WaPo does walk of shame

“Congrats to the Washington Post for not getting scooped on their own scoop today.” — Megan McCarthy, News Editor at the New York Observer. On Tuesday there was grand confusion when Bloomberg cited WaPo for breaking the news that Rick Santorum was suspending his presidential campaign. WaPo did break the news, but not in print, not online and not on Twitter. Needless to say, no one bothered to inform many of their reporters.

Gawker’s Fox News Mole: The fallout

“Well done @Gawker, you’ve changed a Fox News mole to a disgruntled former employee in only 1 day. You’re nothing if not efficient. #Caring.” — and’s Derek Hunter.

And the mole…“If Fox has smoked me out, it’s news to me. I’m still here.” And then he wasn’t. Late last night just after 11 p.m., news of the mole breaks. It’s Joe Muto. On Gawker he says he has been at FNC for the past eight years. Expect more from him today…

Former FNC employee David Shuster reacted to the news, saying, “Nice try @joemuto, aka ‘Gawker’s Fox News mole.’ Now that you are out of FNC, you will sleep a hell of a lot better… trust me.”

“If @gawker’s Fox News mole is, in fact, found, and Nick Denton wants to pay someone to be a @wcp mole, I’m available.” — Washington City Paper Managing Editor Mike Madden.

“It would be something if the #foxmole was romancing the wife of a top Fox exec. #TinkerTailorSoldierFoxNewsHost” — MSNBC Contributor, Mother Jones Washington Bureau Change and Showdown author David Corn.

Conspiracy theories (now debunked)

“What if there’s like six Fox Moles pretending to be one person so if any one is caught they’re exonerated when someone else posts?” — TPM‘s Benjy Sarlin.

What’s Roland Tweeting?

“Workout cut short due to impending Zimmerman arrest. Gotta get dressed and head to @CNN in New York!” — CNN Contributor and “Washington Watch” host Roland Martin. “EXPERTS: Sean Hannity could be required to testify about his conversation with George Zimmerman” To which Politico‘s White House reporter Byron Tau replied: “He should refuse.”

The Self-appointed Media Critic

“It’s sad to see once legit reporters turn so far left to keep their jobs on left wing cable networks #MediaBias.” — HuffPost Contributor and former U.N. Spokesman Richard Grenell. To him we offer a ceremonious box of tissues.

The Wise Guy

“Personally, I oppose a war on women. I think we should let sanctions work first.” — Roll Call‘s Ryan Teague Beckwith.

And now a few weird headlines from @HuffingtonPost: “Vaginal orgasm: myth or reality?” And this one: “Is male bikini waxing really a trend?”


When a Twitter Alias Comes to Real Life: FNC Sean Hannity’s Hair Sits Down for a Chat

Somewhere between Washington and New York lives FNC’s Sean Hannity‘s Twitter alias, who goes by the handle, SHannitysHair. Hair, the name I usually call him, showed up for CPAC last week and was, in some respects, the bell of the ball. He signed in as Theron Cal, a racist white hater, as a joke and a way to hide his real identity. He somehow secured a media badge, a mysterious feat, but not so surprising at the exquisitely disorganized CPAC where wifi working was a fantasy.

Speaking of which, somehow when a Twitter personality shows up in real life, it can have an elusive, surreal quality. Like is this even real? On Thursday night, Hair and I exchanged several pleasant Direct Messages on Twitter and we agreed to meet the next day inside the hotel. When Friday came it took him several hours to return a message. I panicked, thinking, is this guy even real? Online you imprint everything you think a person is, what they look like, sound like, and everything you want a person to be. In real life? There was BigGov’s Andrew Breitbart complimenting him for his tweets. Who “he” is remains a mystery — he never shares his real identity. “I’m surprised at how well known I am,” he said. “Coming to CPAC this week, I met Breitbart yesterday and Dana Loesch and they were very much aware of me. And the fact that little old me, they’re aware of me? Breitbart even said, ‘I love your tweets.’ To me, that’s a thrill.”

To be sure, Hair felt overwhelmed by all who wanted to meet him in the flesh. “I’m freaking nobody,” he told me, reiterating his sentiment. “I guess on Twitter I’m somebody.” In the end, he gave us the “exclusive” interview on Bloggers Row — others were vying for it. We can’t show you what he looks like because he wouldn’t allow us to photograph him. Suffice it say, he’s not the 20-something we thought he might be. His hair is thick and silver. His demeanor is exceedingly normal.

Even so, Hannity in real life hasn’t always been jazzed about this guy — who claims to be an ordinary, conservative, married, father and employee who has taken a fancy to Hannity’s hair. In fact, at one point, when Hannity wasn’t manning his own Twitter account, whoever was blocked Hair. But three weeks ago that all changed. Now that Hannity is tweeting for himself, Hair is unblocked and on the loose. His Twitter count holds steady at 5,100 followers. We sat down with him to comb for more details.

When and how did you start tweeting by the handle SHannitysHair? About a year and a half ago. I have my own personal Twitter account it and used it to talk mainly about sports. When I inserted politics into the discussion, people started attacking me. I learned whoa, I might not want to talk politics on this account. We might agree on sports, but politics is a whole other animal. So I started Sean Hannity’s Hair. I just wanted to come up with a unique handle. At the the time, Blagojavich was in the news and I was very close to creating Blago’s hair. I knew he wouldn’t have staying power so I chose Hannity’s Hair. I am a huge fan of his, always have been. It’s rare that I ever disagree with anything he says. We’re about the same age, actually. He’s a few months older than me and we just have a lot of things in common. I also consider myself a Reagan conservative.

Why the hair thing? He has unique hair. He often gets teased about whether it’s real or not. If hairs could tweet…it’s clearly one of the things he has been teased about, whether his hair is real or not. So I figured why not?

The Hair hasn’t always been received well. Tell me about that…

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Tick Tock: Jack Abramoff Book Party

Today FishbowlMatt and I take you inside last night’s book party at the Northwest Washington home of Daily Caller Editor-in-Chief Tucker Carlson and his wife, Susie, for famed ex-lobbyist Jack Abramoff. The book: Capitol Punishment: The Hard Truth About Washington Corruption From America’s Most Notorious Lobbyist. We’ll give you a play-by-play interpretation of what went down — FishbowlDC style. Some of it’s blind quoting, eavesdropping, and prison jokes, for which we make no apologies. Some of it’s petty and juvenile and involves taking advantage of people who have had a few drinks (a la HuffPost‘s Drunken Specialist Sam Stein), for which we also make no apologies. By the way, actor Kevin Spacey and former Washington Mayor Marian Barry both RSVP’d that they’d attend. Neither showed. Who did? Find out after the jump…

Let’s begin.

5:07 p.m. FishbowlMatt texts and wants to know what I’m wearing. I tell him I’m dressing down, that we’re going to a party where there will be an island of misfits and we can wear whatever we want. I assure him my outfit will not incorporate Stephanie Green golf ball-size multi-strand pearl necklaces.

6:40 p.m. We arrive fashionably early Tucker’s house and are greeted by friendly valets.

6:41 p.m. Publicist Janet Donovan arrives by cab with a giant golden handbag.

6:42 p.m. It’s 66 degrees outside. Roaring fire clearly for ambiance. Not function.

6:45 p.m. Tucker is holding court by the fireplace discussing the Politico story about The Daily Caller‘s “growing pains” published earlier in the day. He has a lot of reactions, one of which involves explaining the importance of “pissing up.” All in all, the story didn’t upset him.

6:55 p.m. We go to the more remote bar off the living room where intern Jordan Bloom is dressed in a white shirt and black bow tie and tending bar. Matt writes, “We meet Jordan Bloom, battered intern.”

7 p.m. Daily Caller reporter Matthew Boyle arrives and chats up Tucker about the Politico story. Boyle refuses to talk to any member of the press on the record.

7:10 p.m. We run into communications exec David Bass in a big fat striped suit. The suit has fat blue and white stripes; Bass isn’t plump. We start snapping his picture. He wants a do over, explaining, “I have the same stupid look on my face in every picture. Let me try not to look stupid.”

7:20 p.m. Oh look. It’s The Weekly Standard/Daily Caller‘s Matt Labash. He quickly admires FishbowlMatt’s gray tweed pants and says I’m not allowed to write anything about anything he says or he’ll break both my legs (the first part of this is true). FBDCMatt describes his trousers as a “tweed flannel hybrid.” Labash is clearly impressed.

7:21 p.m. More guests arrive. FishbowlMatt commentary: “There’s a glitterball coming in right now.”

7:22 p.m. Bathroom door locks but doesn’t latch. Not worth taking a chance. (Capitol File Editor-in-Chief Kate Bennett will later say someone walked in on her while she was in the can. She says she was just washing her hands.)

7: 25 p.m. Politico‘s Patrick Gavin and FishbowlMatt begin an in-depth conversation about no-iron shirts. Matt says he’s a “holy hell sweater.” Gavin says he plans to buy a decent wardrobe in the new year. Tonight he has worn a long-sleeved maroon shirt made of waffle material. It’s from the Gap.

7:30 p.m. I place a half-full wine glass on a stack of Jack Abramoff books for a moment and an undisclosed reporter says, “He was in prison for three years and tried not to get rimmed and look what you’re doing with a wine glass on the Abramoff books.”

7:33 p.m. An undisclosed reporter asks, “Who is that fat guy on the couch? I mean, he’s ‘stop-on-the-street’ fat. Isn’t he?”

7:34 p.m.: NYT‘s Mark Leibovich chats with partygoers. He says the book’s slowly coming along but that he must get back to regular newspaper writing soon. Guests tell him they can’t wait to read his book.

7:35 p.m. The living room speeches begin. Tucker says (in part): “I think Jack is a genuinely nice person. I don’t trust anyone who hasn’t been humiliated in public.” He mentions being on “Dancing With the Stars.”

7:37 p.m. Jack: “I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart,” he tells a packed room of guests. “This is my first book and may be my last if no one reads it.” He explains that his publicist Janet “is working me to the ground. I had 17 interviews today. I don’t have a tail and horns.” He says his wife, Pam, doesn’t read newspapers or watch TV. He also says she kept removing herself from the book until he explained that he had to explain where their children came from. Jack on prison life: “It’s a horrific place.” Jack on the kindness of others: “I’m not sure we deserve it, but I hope we keep meriting your friendship.” He recounts being on FNC’s Sean Hannity‘s program last week. He told Hannity he was going to appear on MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell‘s show. Hannity tried to talk him out of it, telling him it was a waste of time. Jack appeared on O’Donnell’s “Last Word” anyhow and grew frightened as he spotted Michael Moore. He thought to himself, ‘We better hide.’ Soon he hears Moore inquiring, “Where’s Jack?” Moore approached and said, “God bless you. Keep up the great work. It’s fantastic.” Jack’s reaction: “Am I dreaming?” He calls the evening at Carlson’s home “the finest night of our lives in the last eight years. This tops them all.”

8:30 p.m. (roughly): A guest is ready to leave. He remarks, “I think I’ve done my time here, so to speak.” Reporters in the vicinity laugh.

Find out which reporter with a liberal agenda crashed the party…

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Fishbowl5 With NJ’s Josh Kraushaar

Last Tuesday GOP Presidential hopeful’s Herman Cain‘s Chief of Staff Mark Block went on Fox News and declared that Josh Kraushaar was the son of Cain accuser Karen Kraushaar and a reporter for Politico. Karen Kraushaar is a communications specialist at the Treasury Dept. Politico is the pub that broke the Cain sexual harassment story. Block’s point was plain — Politico is corrupt and employs the offspring of Cain’s accusers, right? As we all quickly learned, Block was apparently smoking something when he made those comments. Kraushaar works for NJ. He’s a former reporter at Politico who covered Congressional politics from its inception in 2007 to June 2010. He bears no relation to Kraushaar. We caught up with him to find out how his newfound fame has impacted his life.

1. First off, how do you pronounce Kraushaar? Krauss-haar, the syllable is between the ‘s’ and the ‘h’. It’s apparently Yiddish (and German) for curly hair – of which I have none.

2. Just for shits and giggles, how have people or companies butchered your name in the past? Any way you can imagine.  Kraush-aar is the most common mispronunciation, but it’s pretty much an accepted fact that anyone unfamiliar with my last name will mispronounce it. I was also once called “John Kraushaar” on NPR once.  One of the hosts pronounced my last name impeccably, but somehow misread my first name.  Very awkward.

3. How and when did you first realize you were being accused of being the son of a Herman Cain accuser? I was swarmed with e-mails almost instantaneously when Mark Block made the accusation on Sean Hannity’s show — mostly from friends, colleagues and other reporters inquiring about the connection and wondering my reaction after hearing what Block had said.  And, there were a handful of rants from random people, but those were few and far between. Fortunately, I had anticipated that there might be some confusion when Cain’s accusers’ name came out, so I preemptively Tweeted that there was no family connection at all.  And I happened to be at a computer at the time, so was able to effectively do “damage control.”

4. Come on, admit it. Did any part of you think, wow this is cool, instant celebrity? Nope. Was relieved that I was around to rebut the allegations, but I had absolutely no interested in being brought into the Cain scandal.  I’ve never sought celebrity for the sake of celebrity – rather would have my work get the attention. I guess the one benefit is that cable TV viewers are learning to pronounce “Kraushaar,” but truth be told – different network reporters have pronounced it differently.

5. What do you think of Mark Block. You think he’s an idiot? As I told the Poynter Institute, it was profoundly irresponsible of him to go on national television and make an accusation which was outrageously false – and without even doing basic fact-checking beforehand.   I e-mailed him immediately after he went on air, telling him he got his facts wrong.  He never responded with an apology or even a mea culpa – a simple common courtesy, given his mistake.  Still haven’t heard back.


Couric on Palin: ‘She Was Done With Me’

Former CBS Evening News anchor Katie Couric still doesn’t get why former Gov. Sarah Palin answered the infamous “What do you read?” question in a deer in headlights manner.

This morning at The Atlantic/Aspen Institute Ideas Forum her interviewer, The Week’s Washington Editor Margaret Carlson, asked Couric to reflect on that interview with Palin. “It does kind of bug me when people only remember that question,” she said. (Carlson chimed in, saying she didn’t mean to “bug” her.) Couric went on, “I spent 45 minutes talking to Palin about foreign policy issues. We talked about nation building, Iran, a surge and how it might be effective. It was at the height of the fiscal crisis. It’s funny to me that that one question got so much attention. She was so annoyed with me at that point and just wanted me to be gone. What can I say?”

Couric reasoned at that point Palin hadn’t done much press. “Charles Gibson got to go to Wasilla,” she said. “I was terribly jealous.” FNC’s Sean Hannity snagged the second interview and Couric the third. “When I asked the question about what do you read, I was curious. It was just kind of a spontaneous question. I thought, gee I’m interested. She has such strong political views. Her ideology is so [dramatic pregnant pause] specific. I wanted to know what she read on a regular basis that helped shape her world view.”

Later in the interview, Couric recalled, Palin told her that “People in Alaska read. I was quite aware that people in Alaska read. I still, to this day, don’t understand why she wouldn’t answer that question straight on. I think she was just done with me at that point.”

Read the infamous Couric-Palin exchange after the jump…

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Around the Fishbowl

We’re starting a new feature to let you in on what some of the other blogs in the mediabistro family are up to. What are fishy family members for, right? This will be sporadic and largely unplanned. Enjoy.

Smarty pants remarks…NYT commenters are smarter than the rest of the insane asylum let loose on the Internet, huh? FishbowlNY’s Chris O’Shea writes of a study that claims NYT commenters are a cut above the rest. Read here.

Cheating pol has memoir in works…FishbowlLA’s Matthew Fleischer reports that former Cali Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has a new memoir on the horizon. The working title? Tiptoeing Around the House: Sleeping with the Maid and Other Untold Stories in the Schwarzenneger Abode. No, not really. It’s Total Recall: My Unbelievably True Life Story. Read here.

Troy Davis. Who covered the execution longest? TVNewser’s Alex Weprin reports that Fox News had the least mentions of the Georgia execution last night. While MSNBC covered the news throughout the evening as did CNN, FNC’s Sean Hannity covered it at 9 p.m., Greta Van Susteren spoke of it a few times but no one stayed through the 11 p.m. hour like the other networks. Read here.


Fish Food

(A Sprinkling of Things we Think You Ought to Know…)

Roll Call interviews Jerry Springer — Today reporter Nathan Gonzales writes a story about the talk show host’s reflections on Republican Bob Turner‘s victory in a special election last week to succeed ex-Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-N.Y.). Turner, a former cable TV exec, is responsible for Springer’s show coming into existence. But he’s not proud of it. Turner’s embarrassed of Springer. The feeling is mutual. Best quote: “He had it bad?” Springer joked of Turner. “I had to there hosting the thing.” Note to reporters and readers…you can now sign up for a free trial of Roll Call.

The Extravagant MuffinWaPo has the details today on a new report by the Justice Department’s inspector general on obscene spending habits by law enforcement agencies within the Bush and Obama administrations. Examples include a $16 muffin and a $8.24 cup of coffee. Read here.

News of the absurd… FNC’s Sean Hannity offers to play Judge Judy for Greta Van Susteren and The Daily Caller Editor-in-Chief Tucker Carlson. Aside from Hannity offering to dress in drag, an interesting side note: Van Susteren, who appeared on Hannity last night, doesn’t overstate the shaky state of her friendship with Carlson after their shouting match Monday night on her program. “We’re communicating a bit,” she said, tentatively, looking somewhat pained about it. “We’ll work it out, don’t worry.” But she didn’t sound so sure. The feud stems from Van Susteren’s outrage over The Daily Caller reporting Mike Tyson‘s lewd thoughts on former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin which he spewed on a Las Vegas radio show last week.  All things considered, we’ll take Judge Judy over Hannity on this one.

Ed Henry Gets a Twitter Alias

FNC Chief White House Correspondent Ed Henry has joined the awe-inspiring ranks of other media folk who have fake Twitter versions of themselves written by those who either want to ridicule them or be them in the weirdest of ways.

A little psycho, indeed.

Henry’s colleague, Sean Hannity, has the seemingly benevolent SHannitysHair, whose wife is called MrsHannitysHair. Few can forget FakeJimVandeHei, the fake for Politico‘s Executive Editor Jim VandeHei, recently disappeared without a trace. There’s also FakeHowardKurtz (for The Daily Beast‘s D.C. Bureau Chief Howard Kurtz). The posers may not hold power in real life. But online, they interact regularly with real Washington journalists.

Henry’s fake is the unique “edspocketsquare,” who surfaced this weekend. The new FNC correspondent doesn’t appear bothered. In fact, he RTed his alias, who wrote, “@edhenryTV and I go together like P B & J – or here in the vineyard ‘lobstah and buttah.’” Other messages include “I look AWESOME,” and “I’ll have you know I was purchased in VEGAS! So not everything that happens in Vegas stays there ;) .”

Eye roll. We hope the messages improve from there.

Palin Sends Nasty E-mail to Time

Last week, US Weekly reported that Sarah Palin had called in to Fox News host Sean Hannity‘s radio show following Christina Aguilera‘s National Anthem Superbowl flub and called the singer an “airhead.” What US weekly hadn’t bothered to check was whether the story was even real.

It wasn’t.

The comment was made up by a satirical “news” site, Super Tuesday News. US Weekly has removed the post from their website.

Time magazine, meanwhile used the same satirical source to cite a quote in their blog post, claiming that Palin had said she wanted Aguilera deported. Glynnis MacNicol at Business Insider chronicles the whole saga.

Palin e-mailed Time‘s Jay Newton-Small for a correction:

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