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The Pheasant Hunters: Nelson and Schumer

cb-9.jpeg Sen. Ben Nelson’s (D-Neb.) office released a hunting photograph exclusively today to Politico’s Ben Smith and Carrie Budoff Brown.

The photograph accompanied their story about a recent hunting trip between perhaps two of the biggest press hounds in the Senate: Nelson and his hunting pal Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.)

Thankfully just pheasants and no dogs were shot (as referenced by a Schumer joke in the story).

Smith remarked, “The photo accompanying this story kind of made my day.”

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Talking Bitch Politics With Politics Daily

This seems waaayyyy more fitting a conversation amongst the Kardashian sisters, Valley girls or the women of ABC’s “The View”. But ok, we’ve got the Politics Daily women bitching it up on their web show, “Women’s UP” about the “rude” Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) who called an airline stewardess a “bitch” under his breath.

Politics Daily Editor-in-Chief and host Melinda Henneberger invites UP’s Bonnie Erbe , Emily Miller, Patricia Murphy and Helena Andrews (author of Bitch is the New Black) on the show to discuss bitch politics (see must watch video below).

“Not good Chuck Schumer, not good at all,” Henneberger said, scolding Schumer like she’s a female Mister Rogers.

Among their topics was whether it’s ever ok to use the b-word.

Ever? We’re beyond the fifth grade, but let’s see what these beyotches have to say.

Andrews turned confessional: “Some people might see me as a bitch.”

Erbe was compassionate toward Schumer to a point: “I was actually ganged up one time,” she said of an airplane experience on which we so wish she would have elaborated. Still, she declared the b-word off limits to politicians like Schumer, and the n-word and the k-word (she’s of Jewish “background,” she explained).

Murphy: “I’d be lying if I didn’t call some of my friends, “Hey Ho, what’s up?” (It’s a Southern thing.) But “Hey Bitch?” Like, no way would that ever, like, be, like, acceptable.

Miller vented over the ladies’ inability to say “bitch” on the web (she says the full word “bitch” five times). “Say bitch if you want to say bitch,” she said.

Her first reaction to the incident?
“Chuck Schumer? Of course. We all know he’s not the most polite man in the world,” she said.

Miller also brings us this gem: “The word gay is back,” she declares, as in “dorky or queer.” She knows. She verified it with her 20-something and 30-something gay friends.

Henneberger on the Bitch of Schumer’s Remark

bitch-4.jpeg Politics Daily’s Editor-in-Chief Molly Henneberger is sick as a dog (not a bitch) with the flu. But the bitch of it is, she has had to “rouse herself from her sick bed” (the e-mail reports) to take Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) out for his bitch remark to an airline attendant.

She does just that in today’s column in Politics Daily.

Is she bitching about Schumer?

Well, yes, and no. It’s commentary on why the vulgarity affects women badly. She points out the mistruth of New York Democrat Sen. Kirstin Gillibrand sitting next to Schumer, who it appears fibbed about Schumer’s politeness toward the attendant he has since said he called a “bitch.”

Now couldn’t that make Gillibrand a “lying bitch?” Hennenberger never suggests it; nor does she say Gillibrand had a choice. She writes that Schumer’s admission “made a liar out of” Gillibrand.

Then she brings David Letterman into the mix and calls Schumer and Letterman “boobs.”

And more: Henneberger brings up Helena Andrews (a Politics Daily contributor) whose book, Bitch is the New Black, is becoming a screenplay. She is happy for Andrews, but says bitch is no friend to women.

Noteworthy: Henneberger authored If They Only Listened to Us: What Women Voters Want Politicians to Hear.

Fishbowl5: CNN’s McMichael: “I Was Trying to Get Luke Elected”

mail.jpeg CNN’s Jay McMichael, a 20-year veteran photo journalist on Capitol hill, won the Radio & TV Correspondent’s Association election to the board late last week, making him the first photojournalist to ever be elected chair of the board.

McMichael was anything but gloating over his win that beat out NBC’s Luke Russert among others. “I was trying to get Luke elected,” McMichael said by phone this morning.”We wanted to have two TV people elected. I was disappointed that Luke didn’t get a seat. You know, he’s a young guy. He’ll run again and he’ll have his day and he’ll make it in there.’

McMichael spoke of his father who died two years ago. His father was a page on Capitol Hill in the late 50s who did tasks for then-Speaker Sam Rayburn. McMichael said he wished his father would have known of his win.

McMichael assumes reign of the board in 2011; Linda Scott is chair through 2010.

Q. How are you feeling about your big win?
A. The election and me winning was really not about me. It was about having a representative from CNN and having a photojournalist on the board.

Q. Were you nervous about the election?
A. I wasn’t nervous. I was a little anxious. But I think it worked out well. Everybody’s happy I got this gig so that part is good.

Q. Do you feel like your breaking through a glass ceiling of sorts?
A. I think a lot of photogs in town wanted some representation. The initial push was just to get a seat on the committee. As I spoke to people we thought, why just run half way?

Q. What issues do photographers like yourself run into on Capitol Hill?
A. Photojournalists run into a lot of problems that other people do not — the security issue, parking issue — nobody pushes 100-plus pounds of gear to every event they go to. It takes a physical toll. Because of that, parking is a huge issue on Capitol Hill.That’s the one thing we want is really push for more parking. We want to push for better access. We see radio people or print people go down a hallway and we can’t. With Sen. [Chuck] Schumer [D-N.Y.] becoming head of Rules Committee, we might be able to push for more contemporary rules to more accurately reflect the new media world we’re in. We’re the ones getting shut out of certain situations. When the public can go into areas with Flip cameras that we canÂ’t there’s something wrong with those rules.

Q. Why do you think Sen. Schumer will be of help?
A. He’s a new face. He’s a new person with hopefully some new ideas. Any time you have the changing of the guard you have a chance at adjustments. HeÂ’s pretty media saavy. He understands the value of the press. All I know is I’m going to be a new face and he’s going to be a new face and maybe we can work together.