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Good Morning FishbowlDC Readers


Dealing with ‘Tinkerbell’

“6 yr old wrote note to Tinkerbell, left by bed: asked Tinkerbell to write back. Somehow, her mom got Tink to do this.” — NPR’s Steve Inskeep in a morning tweet. He added, “Thing is, when a 6 yr old writes to Tinkerbell & gets a reply, she will write again expecting a reply.”

Roll Call‘s Beckwith fills in for Bruno

“My first day on the job as @brunodebbie’s temporary replacement for @rollcall. So far, much less dancing on tables.” — Roll Call‘s Ryan Beckwith in a Monday tweet. Debbie Bruno has left the publication.

Be CAREFUL of all caps

“Typing in all capital letters is perceived to be shouting, so only do it when addressing foreigners or the elderly. #GreatestHits” — Fake AP Stylebook in a Monday tweet. Are you listening HuffPost/AOL’s Jason “I LOVE MY ALL-CAPS PHRASES” Linkins.

FNC’s Perino is talking male hair trends

“Disturbing trend of men’s hair dye. Guys should have a pro do it. Otherwise looks like a fisher price character’s helmet hair.” — Dana Perino, FNC Contributor, and former Press Secretary in President Bush’s White House.

Reporter wants more Zzzz’s

“Getting older: I can do one most-of-the-night vigil w/a sick kid, but two *kicks my butt. #yawn.” — Agence France-Presse’s Olivier Knox in a Tuesday morning tweet.

Necessary Tweet of the Day

“I feel zombified this morning.” — Metro Weekly‘s Randy Shulman in a Tuesday morning tweet.

Watch out…

“Weather Alert: A Tornado Watch is in effect for the Washington Region until 10am” — NBC Washington in an early Tuesday morning tweet.

Weather, wildfire outrage

“Ok DC area, I know we have had some crazy weather warnings but this has to be a first for me…severe weather alert warnings for WILDFIRES?” — Kat Aragon, CNN makeup artist, in a Monday night tweet.

Uh oh. Simon wants to move again?

“Superficial but… Two days in Cairo makes me want to return. For a city of 22 mln pple it has charm, and a sense of post-Mubarak optimism.” — WaPo India Bureau Chief Simon Denyer in a Tuesday morning tweet. In January he left Washington for New Delhi after leaving Reuters as D.C. Bureau Chief.

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Reuters to Throw Outgoing Bureau Chief A Party

Reuters is throwing outgoing Bureau Chief Simon Denyer a party today. They are saying goodbye as he leaves for India to be WaPo‘s Bureau Chief. As most know, he wrote the Washington Extra daily e-mail.

Today they mentioned him in today’s edition of his former feature and also called him a “Founding Father” (or sorts):

It’s Friday, when some people start thinking PARTY! Even in Washington.

And closer to home, we’re giving Washington Extra’s FF (Founding Father), Simon Denyer, a party today to wish him all the best as he leaves for a new posting in India.

Reuters Bureau Chief Relinquishes Reins of ‘Washington Extra’ to Female Journos

Say goodbye to those small doses of British humor. Maybe say farewell to references to the English poets Lord Byron and Robert Southey.

Today Reuters Washington Bureau Chief Simon Denyer, who has taken a job with WaPo as India Bureau Chief, is turning over the reins of his daily newsletter to colleagues, Washington News Editor Kristin Roberts and correspondent Tabassum Zakaria. Both are women.

> Update: Now we bring you Denyer’s anodyne quote to FishbowlDC on this development. “I have enjoyed writing Extra and I have had a lot of lovely messages from people this morning congratulating me on my move and saying I will be missed. It is a nice start to the week. I will also miss many friends and colleagues here.”

Denyer’s letter to staff:

As some of you may know by now, I am leaving Reuters next month to join the Washington Post. I will be moving back to New Delhi in February to become the Post’s India bureau chief. I have enjoyed living in DC and covering the ups and downs of the Obama presidency, and I hope to be back in this city one day. But for now, India and the Post beckon,  and I am very excited about this new opportunity.

Since I have some vacation to take, I am handing Reuters Washington Extra over to my colleagues Kristin Roberts and Tabassum Zakaria from today.

My Reuters email should work until January 7.  After that, please do keep in touch via

Happy holidays and thanks for reading Extra!

All the very best,


Good Morning FishbowlDC Readers


Awkward Headline of the Day: “Friend of Children Mark Foley Looking At Running For Office Again” — Wonkette, Monday night. Story here.

Sign of the times

“Dining with a 22 year old. True quote: “I mean who even uses E-MAIL anymore?!” #TwitterWins”– NJ‘s Susan Davis in a Monday evening tweet.

WikiLeaks and buxom blond

“Let’s look on the bright side of the Wiki leaks ….. Do we REALLY think Moammar Gaddafi is upset that we exposed that his “senior Ukranian nurse” is a very buxom blond?” — Washington Business Tonight anchor Rebecca Cooper Dupin in a Monday Facebook update.

Journo weighs comforts of female Brit

“The voice in my new building’s elevator is a woman with a British accent. I am withholding a verdict right now.” — AP White House reporter Phil Elliott in a Monday tweet.

Disturbing news of night

“Toddler thrown off Tysons Corner Center parking garage, sources say.” — TBD tweet Monday night with story here.

Dreyfuss unloads on sound bite society

“The terrible thing is we’ve become used to soundbites, which do not allow for anyone to think at all … you have to rush to make no sense.” — Actor Richard Dreyfuss on this morning’s MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.”

WhizziLeak humor

“Can we hurry this up? I need to go take a Wiki-leak.” — the oddball, low, dragging introducer’s voice on E!’s “Chelsea Lately” program Monday night.

WikiLeak reality

“To an outsider, diplomacy sometimes looks like an exercise in smiling and being nice to people who you secretly dislike or even scorn. The trouble is, these days your real feelings may not be a secret.” — Reuters Washington Bureau Chief Simon Denyer in a his Monday “Washington Extra” newsletter referring to the current WikiLeaks. (To subscribe, email

Circus and Senate – any difference?

The Hill‘s Senate scribe J. Taylor Rushing in a Facebook message “welcomes back the circus to town… Uh, I mean the Senate.”

Reuters Staff Worried About ‘Drift and Uncertainty’

In a meeting with Reuters Washington Bureau reporters within the last hour, Washington Bureau Chief Simon Denyer announced his departure for WaPo and India. At the meeting, he admitted to staff that he missed writing and more specifically missed covering India. A source within the bureau who wished to remain anonymous told FishbowlDC that staffers are generally concerned about what this means for the immediate future. “It’s safe to say we’re worried about entering another long period of drift and uncertainty, as we did for a long time before he arrived,” the source said. …”I liked the guy and thought he did a good job.”

Denyer informed staff that his primary reason for leaving was his desire to do more writing and less administration work. He also tried to assure employees that Reuters intends to fill his job as soon as possible so there is a short period of vacancy at the top. Our spy remarked, “It would be nice if what he says is true and the next bureau chief won’t be making more drastic changes.”

More on what Denyer has accomplished

Read more

Reuters’ Denyer to be WaPo India Bureau Chief

An internal Reuters memo reports that Reuters D.C. Bureau Chief Simon Denyer is leaving after nearly two decades to become WaPo‘s India Bureau Chief. He has been at the bureau for a year and a half.

Congratulations to Denyer. We wish him well.

The memo…

Update: See WaPo‘s welcome announcement after the jump…Noteworthy lines: As Reuters Bureau Chief for 20 months he has become an “astute observer of the American scene.” He also speaks fluent French and good Spanish.

Read more

A Little Birdy Says…

We’re hearing that Reuters Washington Bureau Chief Simon Denyer is moving over to WaPo. Details coming shortly…

Good Morning FishbowlDC Readers


Just five more minutes…

“We’d have to buy five minutes from Chris Matthews and he charges too much.” — MSNBC host Dylan Ratigan on his Tuesday show, saying he wanted five more minutes for a segment, but joking that asking his colleague for it would cost far too much.

British editor wanted to get facts straight

“Just for the record (and as a Brit you can perhaps forgive me for having to look it up), you will find the full text of the First Amendment and an explanation here. Worth looking too at Thomas Jefferson’s 1802 letter to the Danbury Baptists where he explains his belief in the need to build a ‘wall of separation between Church & State.” — Reuters Washington Bureau Chief Simon Denyer in his Tuesday “Washington Extra” dispatch on Del. Senate candidate’s Christine O’Donnell’s First Amendment remarks . (To subscribe to the newsletter, go here.)

Journo’s great great grandfather was senator who died violent death

“My great great grandfather died in a duel. He was a U.S. senator in the 19th century.” — Wonkette Morning Editor Riley Waggaman relayed the information at the Daily Caller Party Monday night.

Off-mic memories

“Peggy and I have had our off mic moments – we’re very careful these days.” — A chuckling Chuck Todd on this morning’s MNSBC’s “Morning Joe” with WSJ columnist Peggy Noonan. In a 2008 interview at the GOP Presidential Convention in Minneapolis/St. Paul, Todd, Noonan  and GOP Consultant Mike Murphy were overheard disparaging the V.P. pick of Sarah Palin.

Good Morning FishbowlDC Readers


Obama’s hair getting grayer?

“Superficial side note on Obama on MTV — is his hair grayer now? Did he stop dyeing it?” — Human Events investigative editor Emily Miller in a Thursday tweet.

Journo offers sidelines commentary of fight on “The View”

“Whoopi and Joy almost gave Barbara Walters more heart problems today.” — WaPo‘s Federal Eye Blogger Ed O’Keefe in a Thursday tweet on FNC’s Bill O’Reilly’s appearance on ABC’s “The View” in which hosts Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar stormed off stage when O’Reilly opined on Muslims, the mosque and 9/11.

Reporter feels longing for Facebook

“Sitting alone in the office, waiting to do a radio hit, I feel my first pangs for Facebook since deactivating this weekend.” — Politico congressional reporter Meredith Shriner in a Thursday tweet.

Reuters Bureau Chief brings poem into prose

Curses are like young chicken: they always come home to roost, to quote the title page of Robert Southey’s poem The Curse of Kehama, published in 1810. — Reuters Washington Bureau Chief Simon Denyer in his introduction to his Washington Extra piece Thursday on handling home foreclosures, election watch, the Afghan war and whether the U.S. will take a harder or softer line with China.

Kids say the darndest things

“@chucktodd arent these questions better than he gets in news conferences? College kids rule.” — NBC News’s Andrea Mitchell in a Thursday tweet regarding POTUS’s MTV event.

Reception fare

“The hors d’oeuvres included miniature beef empanadas with tomato salsa, serrano ham croquetas, crab tostada with guacamole & lime, roasted corn, black bean & jack cheese quesadilla, bite size tamales and for desert miniature dulce de leche cheesecakes.” — Ruben Barrera of Notimex in a mouthwatering VP Pool Report Thursday. This was the spread at a VPOTUS  event at the Naval Observatory for Hispanic Heritage Month.

Good Morning FishbowlDC Readers

Quote(s) of the Day


This is your brain on August

“If I am following no one, why can I still see you?”
- Politics Daily Editor-in-Chief Melinda Henneberger in a Wednesday tweet.

Greta grills a young, Quayle

“I’ve had nothing to do with that website you just talked about. This is about satirical posts about a blog that doesn’t even exist anymore. My opponent is pushing this because he’s not focused on the issues.”
- Ben Quayle, son of former VP Dan Quayle, on FNC’s “On the Record With Greta Van Susteren” Wednesday night. Quayle narrowly won his Arizona congressional primary, but is dealing with fallout after posting on Dirty Scottsdale, a site catering to the club scene.”I don’t mean to belabor this,” she said after several questions, (including, has he ever degraded women?) but she had one more: “How long ago was this?” Answer: Some three to four (dirty) years ago.

Weigel accepting prayers for ailing uncle

“On way out of Florida, visited my uncle Franny who’s getting two bad kidneys removed — good one just went in. Am accepting prayers.”
- Slate‘s Dave Weigel in a Wednesday tweet.

Wisdom from Reuters D.C. Bureau Chief

“Suggestion of the day. …Specifically, try and avoid insulting and tactless remarks in print, on camera, in public or in front of journalists.”
- Reuters D.C. Bureau Chief Simon Denyer in his Wednesday afternoon newsletter after Republican co-chairman of the President’s Deficit Commission Alan Simpson’s gaffe regarding handing out government retirement benefits and “milking a cow with 310 tits.” (Get Denyer’s newsletter by writing him at