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Separated at Birth: The Sen. Ted Cruz Edition

The confirmation hearing for Chuck Hagel as Secretary of Defense got pretty heated on Thursday. Senators joined forces to hammer Hagel with tough questions about past statements and whether or not he wanted to adopt Israel as the 51st state. (Or something like that.)

One of the loudest voices that proved to be a nasty thorn in Hagel’s side was freshman Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas). With Cruz getting so much facetime, we couldn’t help but be reminded of another doughy know-it-all.

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Featured in Features

It’s time to take a swing through the cluttered pages of D.C.’s features and lifestyle sections to see what’s making waves.

Porn Stars Aren’t As Damaged As We Thought – According to this story in The Daily Caller, a new study says females in porno flicks are a little more normal than we might think. The study from The Journal of Sex Research says, “In terms of psychological characteristics, porn actresses had higher levels of self-esteem, positive feelings, social support, sexual satisfaction, and spirituality compared to the matched group.” Of COURSE they have higher spirituality than other people. They’ve spent more time in the missionary position that any of us. Is that why they’re constantly screaming, “OH GOD, OH GOD, OH JESUS” while getting drilled by a chiseled military instructor with no body hair?

Smoked Meat and PoliticsWaPo‘s All We Can Eat has a feature on the history of the Red, Hot and Blue BBQ chain. Apparently, one of its founders was Don Sundquist, the former GOP Congressman from Tennessee. Not only that, one of their original investors was GOP strategist Lee Atwater. Maybe the fact that their BBQ is so tied to politics explains why it tastes so bitter and foul.

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Featured in Features

Today we’re checking up on what’s Washington’s feature and lifestyle stories…

Local gay author scared to write at night profiled by MetroWeeklyLee Hayes, a gay author who lives in Brandywine, Md., tells Will O’Bryan for MetroWeekly that he’s scared to write his scary stories at night. “The house kind of creeps me out,” he says. ”I’ll just have to write in the daytime.” Hayes typically writes novels with gay themes but his latest is a super natural thriller without any apparent gay undertones. Unless you count the most phallic animal possible making appearances throughout the book: snakes. “If you don’t like snakes, this will help you get over your phobia,” he says.

Slate contributor wants you to contemplate dying– A cheerful Oliver Burkeman, who writes for The Guardian, has an article in Slate in which he encourages people to think about death this Halloween. “Newer studies … suggest that what’s crucial is how you remind people about death,” he writes. “Do it more gently and subliminally, and in the context of topics other than terrorism and war, and it makes people more compassionate, happier, and healthier.” He adds, “There’s no need to spurn the pumpkin-carving or the zombie costumes. But wouldn’t multigenerational graveyard parties provide a meaningful complement to that?” Um, sure, why not?

A timely sexy-women slideshow from The Daily Caller– On Sunday night, much of the Northeast was terrified, wondering whether their homes would be flooded or their relatives and friends killed by Hurricane Sandy. But late that night, The Daily Caller took to the gutter and published “Sexy Sundae II: Beautiful Women Eating Ice Cream,” a follow up to “Sexy Sundae.” It’s a simple slideshow of scantily-dressed women licking ice cream cones. “Not even the impending doom of Hurricane Sandy can stop us from bringing you Sexy Sundae,” the post says, bylined by Scoop Delacroix, the pub’s secretive byline.

See our last pick after the jump. It concerns hanging up Halloween tights once and for all…

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‘Optimal’: Weigel a Casualty of Twitter’s Short Fuse

Slate‘s Dave Weigel committed the cardinal sin of modern politics. He asked Twitter to calm down.

During President Obama‘s taped appearance on the Daily Show Thursday, two White House pool reports were dispatched with quotes from his interview with Jon Stewart. Here’s a quote from the first report:

On Benghazi, Potus said: “Every piece of information that we get, as we got it we laid it out to the American people. The picture eventually gets fully filled in.” Potus also said: “Here’s what I’ll say. When four Americans get killed, it’s not optimal. We’re going to fix it. All of it.”

With Obama describing the death of four Americans as “not optimal,” Twitter lit up like Marion Barry on a Friday morning. Some conservatives saw the report and claimed Obama was minimizing the deaths.

Then the calm and cool Weigel threw himself into the fray at his own peril. “The political Twitterverse is now debating what was said in a TV interview it has not seen, based on pool report only a few have seen,” he tweeted.

A second report was sent out, this time detailing the exchange between Stewart and Obama. This report included Stewart’s question and revealed it was actually him who initially used the word “optimal,” though in a different context. Stewart had asked if the White House’s response to the attack on a U.S. embassy was “optimal.”

Weigel followed up, “What we need: More campaigns/media hyperventilating about out-of-context shit that collapses under scrutiny.”

And with that, he became the target. Conservative blogger “Sooper Mexican” wrote up a post on Weigel’s dismissive tweets. He compared them to jokes Weigel made on Twitter about GOP Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney‘s “binders full of women” remark in the debate this week. “Infamous Journolister Dave Weigel Thinks ‘Not Optimal’ Controversy is Stupid, Loves ‘Binders’ Snark!” blared the headline, suggesting Weigel is biased against Romney.

The Daily Caller‘s Jim Treacher tweeted out a link to the post and retweeted others who were mocking Weigel. Asked in an email if Romney’s “binders” remark compares to Obama’s “optimal” comment, Treacher said “Weigel’s job is to tell you what isn’t news.”

Breitbart‘s John Nolte jumped in yesterday, too. “Hey everyone, Dave Weigel doesn’t want us making issue out of Obama MINIMIZING deaths of four Americans. So stop it now!”

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