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This Week In Pool Reports

This week in the adventures of the pool, POTUS pulls the quintessential presidential move. He kisses babies!

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This Week In Pool Reports

Hey tourists! Were you on a Tourmobile staring at the Jefferson last week? Look to your left next time — that was the President.

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President Bush Visits The Snow Family

Today, President George W. Bush visited the home of the late Tony Snow, who passed away on Saturday.

From a pool report just filed by the New York Times’ Steven Lee Myers:

After the president made his statement in the Rose Garden, he boarded the motorcade with Laura Bush and departed at 1:23. At one point the presidential limousine, with an escort but in normal traffic because this was an “off the record” trip, pulled beside a Tourmobile but just at the moment most of those aboard seemed concentrated on the Jefferson Memorial.

The motorcade proceeded uneventfully down the George Washington Parkway, drove, stop and go, through Alexandria and passed the Beltway before turning off and winding to the Snow home. The press office asked the pool not to make public the address. The motorcade arrived at 2:10, and the pool is now holding in the vans.

In addition, White House Press Secretary Dana Perino addressed the passing of her predecessor during today’s White House press briefing:

MS. PERINO: Hello, everybody. First I’d like to spend a moment just sharing a word about our friend and former White House Press Secretary, Tony Snow. We appreciate all of the emails and outreach that you did to me and for Jill and the children this week — this weekend, after we got the terrible news about his death on Saturday morning.

President Bush always says that you never know what sort of hand you’re going to be dealt with, and sometimes you’re dealt a hand that you didn’t expect and that you don’t want to play, but that you have to play it. And I think all of us can agree that Tony Snow played his cards to the best of his ability and in a way that we would all aspire to.

During his first White House press briefing on May 16, 2006, Tony said, “I feel every day is a blessing,” and throughout the next 16 months people around the world witnessed him live up to the statement.

At this podium, Tony was a passionate advocate of the President’s policies, a devoted public servant, and a true gentleman. He was also a lot of fun. He greeted each day with enthusiasm and each question with a smile — but I think he usually won out in the arguments.

During his last briefing on September 12, 2007, Tony said, “This job has been the most fun I ever had.” And most importantly, Tony always made clear that his family came first, and that’s why today our thoughts and prayers are with Jill and his three lovely children, Kendall, Robbie and Kristi.

And as I announced this morning, the funeral service will be on Thursday, July 17th, at Catholic University, at the Basilica. The President and Mrs. Bush will attend.

Morning Reading List, 03.18.08

Good morning Washington. It’s Liz Gorman’s bday.

Quickly navigate Morning Reading List:


  • You are already over March Madness.


  • B&C reports, “Former Broadcasting & Cable editor in chief J. Max Robins is joining The Paley Center for Media, formerly The Museum of Television & Radio, as vice president and executive director of the center’s Media Council and International Council.”

  • Reuters reports, “The U.S. Supreme Court said on Monday it would take up the issue of foul language on the airwaves for the first time in 30 years, agreeing to review a ruling that undercut the way regulators define indecency on television.”

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  • Radar’s Full Court Press reports,Scott Shane and Steven Lee Myers wrote two of the most offensive stories I have read in a long time. Both appeared in the New York Times last week after George Bush vetoed Congress’ latest attempt to return the United States to the community of civilized nations by banning the CIA (as well as the military) from torturing its prisoners.”

  • Essential Information & Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility are hosting a fundraiser tonight with Jim Hightower, the author of Swim Against the Current, at the The Carnegie Institution Building at 1530 P Street, NW. The event costs $50 per person or $80 a couple for a VIP reception, talk and copy of book. For just the talk and the signing, it is only $20 a person. The reception starts at 6 p.m. and the talk starts at 7.

  • A reader says, “So Glenn rips Politico for this story last week and what do you know McCain makes a trip to Iraq this weekend. I guess Politico was on to something”

  • Ben Smith reports that it seems The New York Times has a form letter for Bill Kristol. The punch line — “You are correct, he was wrong.” And, Marc Ambinder writes, “Kristol Fails To Check His Sources, And So Bungles Key Fact In Anti-Obama Column”

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  • Portfolio’s Howell Raines writes, “Hedge funds are circling, but Rupert may be the one who forces a sale of the Gray Lady.”

  • A Friends of Tucker release announced,John Bertran, the Melbourne Florida investment counselor and insurance salesman who co-chairs Friends of Tucker Carlson today blasted MSNBC for canceling the show of conservative pundit, Tucker Carlson. … ‘The left-wing activists at MSNBC have succeeded in limiting the voice of the one independent minded conservative they have on the air,’ said Bertran. ‘Psycho socialist, Keith Olbermann, Tim O’Neil ‘butt-boy’ Chris Matthews and lefty hit man Dan ‘Danny the rug’ Abrams are trying to limit an important conservative and libertarian voice on MSNBC,’ the conservative activist said.”

  • TVNewser reports, “MSNBC has pushed back the start of Andrea Mitchell’s 1pmET show by a week. Mitchell is traveling this week. The heavy-on-politics hour is part of other programming changes that go into effect today”

  • Melanie Morgan goes “Inside the Green Room at Fox News Network”

  • Variety reports, “Last week, News Corp. firmed its first deal in the Arab TV market, with plans to launch two free-to-air English-language satcasters in the Middle East this year. Like many other News Corp. innovations, this one was engineered by James Murdoch. Just as Pier Silvio Berlusconi has emerged from his father’s considerable shadow to make his own mark on Mediaset, the 35-year-old Murdoch increasingly boosted his own reputation as a potential visionary.”

  • Tucker Carlson has been booked for the Q and A cafe for June 5 — right before Puerto Rico’s primary.

  • TVWeek reports, “CBS Television Stations today launched the CBS Local Ad Network, a partnership between the company’s local TV stations and local bloggers and social media Web sites in CBS-owned stations’ markets.”

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  • Reuters reports, “Slate, the online news and opinion magazine owned by The Washington Post Co, plans to join a bustling business news market with an analysis and commentary site expected to launch this summer.”

  • The AP reports, “Internet users in China were blocked from seeing on Sunday after dozens of videos about protests in Tibet appeared on the popular U.S. video Web site.”

  • Bloomberg reports, “Time Warner Inc.’s purchase of the Bebo social networking Web site may not fix the AOL Internet unit, which will find it difficult to lure new talent and ideas under current management, UBS AG said today.”

  • Silicon Alley Insider reports, “For the past few quarters, we’ve analyzed the amazing rate at which advertising spending is moving online. Now we’re able to look at full-year 2007.” Check out the highlights here.


  • Information Week reports, “YouTube Slowly Uploading High-Quality Videos”

  • Silicon Alley Insider reports, “For the past few quarters, we’ve analyzed the amazing rate at which advertising spending is moving online. Now we’re able to look at full-year 2007.” Check out the highlights here.

  • Information Week reports, “YouTube Slowly Uploading High-Quality Videos”

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  • New York Times reports, “As magazines and newspapers hunt for the new thing they need to be to thrive in the Internet era, some find that part of the answer lies in the old thing they used to be. Publications are rediscovering their archives, like a person learning that a hand-me-down coffee table is a valuable antique. For magazines and newspapers with long histories, especially, old material can be reborn on the Web as an inexpensive way to attract readers, advertisers and money.”

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  • The Hill newspaper is looking for a Business/Politics Reporter.

  • The Institute for War & Peace Reporting is looking for an International Media Development Summer Intern.

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    Hat Tips: DCRTV, TVNewser, IWantMedia, Romenesko, MediaBistro, JournalismJobs, JournalismNext

  • This Week In Pool Reports

    Protesters must be getting tired of Bush. It’s like they are not even trying to come up with new signs. It may as well be 2003. And the motorcade makes a questionable rush hour schedule.

  • “While on board, Carlton came back to tell us the decision was made to land the plane at Hagerstown. Fratto later explained that the president had been scheduled to helicopter from Andrews to Camp David, but those plans were cancelled because of the bad weather. It was decided it would be less disruptive to drop the president off in Hagerstown than to motorcade around the Beltway and up I-70 during rush hour in inclement weather, Fratto said. So your pool was in the unusual position of flying aboard the presidential aircraft for a brief time without the president.” — Michael Abramowitz, Washington Post

  • “The pool waited for the president inside Kaleidoscope, an arts and crafts center inside the building that the company makes available to schools. The center is brightly decorated with Disney-like tables in the shapes of flowers, animals and the like. Dozens of kindergarten kids from Horizon Elementary School in Shawnee, Kan., with teachers and helpers, created a cacophony. They wandered around or worked at stations, making puzzles, bags, cards in a sort of free-for-all taking place just above knee level.” — Steven Lee Myers, New York Times

  • “Most barely noticed the president’s arrival, being of the age when markers and scissors and papers merit far greater interest than politics or the president. Several kids, though, made their way to meet him, shaking his hands before returning to their projects. The president glad-handed his way through the crowds, posing with a couple of boys at one point and evidently enjoying himself. Much of the chatting happened out of the pool’s earshot, though the pool heard him ask one girl, ‘Are you having fun here?’ and then answer for her, ‘It’s exciting here.’” — Myers

  • “The president departed the event site at 10:22 a.m., passed about two-dozen protesters (sign: Bush Lied) as the motorcade pulled onto the main street, and arrived at the Tournament Hills gated community at 10:26.” — Jim Gerstenzang, Los Angeles Times

  • “After greeting the crowd and praising Charlotte as a free-market example for America, Cheney spent the first part of his address discussing the economic stimulus package and the state of the economy. The basic message: things are not as bad as they might seem, but nonetheless a short-term boost is needed to avoid long term problems.” — Dan Eggen, Washington Post

  • This Week In Pool Reports

    This week, the motorcade has some technical issues, POTUS is victim to an unfortunate seating arrangement and Politico makes a rare pool appearance.

  • “The White House Scottish terriers Barney and Miss Beazley were sitting on a sunny South Lawn chewing on something when the pool was led into the Rose Garden access corridor to the Oval Office.” — Bartholomew Sullivan, Scripps Howard News Service

  • “After his remarks, POTUS did not take questions. However, when asked if he was any closer to finishing the stimulus package, POTUS offered a wink in the direction of the questioner and slight smile.” — Daniel W. Reilly, Politico

  • “Not much to add to the president’s brief statement at the top of his meeting with Congressional leaders. He took no questions and replied rather firmly, ‘Thank you all’ when one was shouted about how quickly an agreement needed to be done to be effective. He sat between Pelosi and Reid. When the president spoke of the legislative body not being the most orderly, Pelosi raised her eyebrows in mock surprise, and said something to Boehner at her side that was inaudible. The president went on to say that the leaders were committed to getting an agreement and would do so quickly.” — Steven Lee Myers, New York Times

  • “They walked over to a group of elementary school-aged kids during story time. Wrapping up, the reader asked the kids how they could make the world a better place. With the throng of us gathered around, the kids remained silent. ‘Love your neighbor,’ President Bush volunteered eagerly. The reader nodded approvingly.” — Charles Hurt, New York Post

  • “The motorcade left the White House grounds at about 8 am. and the ride was uneventful for the President. POTUS arrived at Fort Belvoir at about 8:20 am. (The package was without Press One for most of the ride out. The van pulled over on 14th St. between the mall and the bridge. Passengers said they felt a thumping and it turns out there was ‘a hunk of metal’ in the right rear tire, as one photographer explained. The motor pool dispatched a replacement van, and Press One rejoined Press Two at 8:42 am. at Fort Belvoir, in time for coffee). Per usual, your pool did not see POTUS or the peloton on the course. They rode for about 1 hour, 45 minutes while pool held at a coffee shop.” — Kenneth R. Bazinet, Daily News

  • “Bush greeted, shook hands and posed for pictures with workers throughout the facility, and used ‘hola’ to greet the numerous Hispanic workers. At the conclusion of the tour, Bush delivered his remarks on the need for an economic stimulus package, and admiring the ‘Stander,’ asked Wright to ‘crank this sucker up.’ After receiving a demonstration from Wright, Bush took the reigns, going forwards and backwards on the ‘Stander’ while waving to the press corps. Bush called it a ‘fine looking machine.’ The motorcade departed the factory at 2:13 p.m., driving through Frederick (past a woman with a life-size cutout of Bush), and departed for Washington at 2:29 p.m., arriving at the White House at 2:51.” — Andy Leonatti, CongressDaily

  • This Week In Pool Reports

    Dubai is fancy fancy. POTUS gets his groove on and do you know what goat brain tastes like? Ask Mark Silva.

  • “Bush greeted, shook hands and posed for pictures with workers throughout the facility, and used ‘hola’ to greet the numerous Hispanic workers. At the conclusion of the tour, Bush delivered his remarks on the need for an economic stimulus package, and admiring the ‘Stander,’ asked Wright to ‘crank this sucker up.’ After receiving a demonstration from Wright, Bush took the reigns, going forwards and backwards on the ‘Stander’ while waving to the press corps. Bush called it a ‘fine looking machine.’” — Andy Leonatti, CongressDaily.

  • “Air force one took off at 2:29 after a fairly sluggish motorcade made its way past the Egyptian security guards staring out at the desert, the mountains and the sea. The security guards tried to stop our back part of the convoy at the airport, but only for a moment. No gaggle. In fact, no anything, except cheeseburger and fries, followed by lasagne, with a couple of movies in between.” — Daniel Dombey, Financial Times

  • “While a crush of about 40 mostly local photographers held a scrum on a stairway, a voice from the top of the stairs called out, ‘I would like to answer your questions! Any questions? Too late.’ And with that, POTUS turned around and disappeared into his meeting.” — Richard Wolf, USA Today

  • “The president wore a full-length robe, which was black, with bluish-silver trim, and he seemed eminently pleased. Only later, when he sat beside the king and took it off, did it become clear that the robe was lined with fur. A Saudi said that the robe is called a farw — the pool looked up the spelling. Ambassador Fraker, Bolton, Gillespie, Perino and Elliot Abams followed in their own robes, or fara. Abrams, when asked by Newsweek, said he was allowed to keep it, suggesting these were gifts for all. A few minutes after the main group, Rice arrived, fresh from Baghdad and wearing no robe.” — Steven Lee Myers, The New York Times

  • “Al Jandriyah Farm might have conjured images of the dusty scrub of Crawford, for those who have been there, or even horse country in Kentucky, but in fact it is a 2,000-acre of oasis in the desert, reminding the pool more of a golf resort than anything like last night’s desert encampment outside Abu Dhabi.” — Myers

  • Trainers lead out four of the king’s horses, which mostly just posed; they were very nice looking animals. Among them was Alysheba, the winner of the Kentucky Derby in 1987 (in a time of 2:03 2/5, for those who follow these matters). The horse, now 24, was said to be the king’s prized champion, and is a now a retired stud. Apparently his first owner was a Texan, but that requires further research. A foreign trainer there, whose name unfortunately the pool didn’t have time to get as the pool was rushed to the motorcade, said that Alysheba won $6.5 million ‘back when money was money,’ making the pool wonder what was considered money now, if not that.” — Myers

  • “Your pool caught up with the president at an arrival ceremony at the palace/museum open-air entrance area, as the program was already underway. With drums beating and performers chanting, he held a sword over his right shoulder, and swayed arm-in-arm to the music with his host, identified as Prince Salman, the governor of Riyadh. He seemed to get into the dance, leaning further to the right and then left and slightly dipping his shoulders as he shifted his balance. He displayed a sheepish grin. He was wearing a blue suit; no overcoat.” — Jim Gerstenzang, Los Angeles Times

  • “Each was asked to introduce himself and his/her company before speaking. The president went first and said: ‘I’m George W. Bush. I’m the president of the United States.’” — Gerstenzang

  • “The motorcade rolled from the cultural center in Dubai at 12:50 pm local and rolled out along Dubai Creek, with its relatively low high-rises, and then on through downtown, with its relatively high high-rises. What will be the world’s tallest building is only one among many with cranes atop them in a city that appears intent on building an instant high-rise skyscape. Dramatic curves and points and odd balancing acts seem to drive the edgy architecture. We headed to the legendary hotel, the Burj el Arab, and on the way we passed Ski Dubai, the indoor ski slope which contains five slopes and looks, from the outside, like an overblown air mattress. It’s supposed to be freezing cold in there. It’s warm and balmy out here. At the Burj el Arab, a white, tall, sail-like building on the beach, actually built out on a jetty jutting into the water, we marveled at the lofty helipad at the top where some tennis stars have played for a promotional event.” — Mark Silva, Chicago Tribune

  • “There was goat brain on the buffet in the pool hold in Dubai today. I cannot report what it tastes like.” — Silva

  • “The drizzle had ended by the dance’s end, and then four robed men came out with hunting falcons on their arms — fabulous big birds of light brown tones with dark markings, and they approached Bush, who briefly took a bird on his arm and handed it back. ‘Beautiful birds,’ Bush said. With this, we were led out and motorcaded to the cultural center past the famous Dubai creek, which was not active on this national holiday — declared so for the Bush visit. Your pooler dubbed it Freedom Day.” — Silva

  • This Week In Pool Reports

    Protestors just seem to be as fun as they used to be, Bill Plante is a snazzy dresser and the POTUS breaks his own precedent.

  • “While answering audience questions that were read by a moderator, Vice President Cheney was heckled by an anti-war protestor wearing a T-shirt that said: ‘End the War in Iraq Now.’ She stood up at the back of a very large, very full banquet room (at least 1,000 people) and said, rather half-heartedly, ‘Don’t attack Iran!’ It was not clear whether Mr. Cheney even heard the woman, who was led away without a fuss. A few minutes later, another protester, this one a man, shouted something similar and was also ushered out peacefully. (Sorry, no red-painted hands or screams of ‘Don’t tase me, bro!’) The vice president appeared to hear the second heckler because he paused for a beat, although he made no mention of the interruption. As for Mr. Cheney’s remarks, he at one point said, ‘I’m not a big Jimmy Carter fan.’” — Bill Sammon, The Washington Examiner

  • “The pre-dusk drive took about five minutes, and the pool then held at the vans for a little over an hour. We were given little white bags with dinner, not candy, inside (though as we walked up the South Lawn driveway upon return, holding the little baggies, someone remarked that we did look like a horde of well-dressed trick-or-treaters descending upon the president to demand candy, not answers!). The dinners included either roast turkey or grilled vegetable sandwiches, depending on your luck. One pool member’s verdict on the veggie sandwiches: ‘Cold and mushy.’” — Jon Ward, Washington Times

  • “The protesters were our old friends Code Pink-Medea Benjamin and the now infamous Desiree ‘bloody hands’ Ali-Fairooz, along with a few others. Another person wearing a Bush mask, with blood on the chin, a ‘war criminal t-shirt,’ and a black cape, of all things, walked around giving the Nazi
    salute.” — Ward

  • “POTUS took the unprecedented step this morning of inviting the pool reporters, sans TV cameras, into the Oval Office for a preview of the speech he will give at the Heritage Foundation this afternoon. This was the first time he has invited reporters into the Oval Office for a small pen and pad like this. It was POTUS’ idea to do this.” — Ward

  • “Mr. Bush declined to answer a question by Bill Plante of CBS, although he did remark to the newsman: ‘I like the way the hanky matches the tie.’” — Sammon

  • “The president stopped at the cashier and picked up an order, apparently placed in advance. It included, in full, three racks of pork spare ribs, Saratoga chips (kettle fried), onion straws and the inn’s barbeque sauce, according to the press office. The president appeared to insist on paying, but left it to someone else to settle the bill. The president’s aide, Barry Jackson, a local, said the ribs were the best in the world. The president carried them in a large white paper sack back to the motorcade, which arrived at the airport uneventfully, though the friendly crowd at the gate had grown considerably. Air Force One departed at 7:30 p.m. and returned to Andrews at 8:30 p.m.” — Steven Lee Myers, New York Times

  • Steven Lee Myers: Pool Virgin

    What a big day for the New York Times Steven Lee Myers! First, he breaks the big news of the day and then he goes on his first WH pool trip!

    From his pool report:

      This my first pool trip but I am assured by those more experienced that this pool holding center is the most charming, courteous and welcoming in memory.