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NJ’s Fournier Bids Farewell to Two Journalists

In an internal memo this afternoon, NJ‘s Editor-in-Chief Ron Fournier, expresses his sadness for the departure of two journalists — Susan Davis, a “quiet leader” and Managing Editor for Politics Kathy Kiely, a “gentle spirit.” Davis is off to USA Today. Kiely is going to work for the Sunlight Foundation.

Read Fournier’s heartfelt note…

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USA Today Swipes NJ’s Sue Davis

NJ‘s Susan Davis is headed to USA Today.

The internal memo to staff at USA Today reads like this:

Subject: Announcement

Importance: High

“Susan Davis will join us on December 5 as our congressional reporter.  Davis previously covered Congress for the National Journal, following three years as the lead writer for the Wall Street Journal’s ‘Washington Wire’ column.  Davis will be based in our Washington, D.C. office. Please join us in welcoming her to USA TODAY. — John, Susan, David.”

Congratulations to Davis!

VandeHei Voices Disdain for Habitual Tweeting

Mark McKinnon, political communications strategist and columnist for The Daily Beast, chatted with Politico‘s Executive Editor Jim VandeHei over the weekend at the Shorenstein Center’s 25th celebration at Harvard Kennedy School. What emerged might surprise you.

Among the topics: Twitter. Watch out Politico scribes. “I don’t like reporters tweeting when they should be reporting,” said VandeHei. “If they are doing it right, they are reporting.”

His own Twitter habits are anorexic. VandeHei has never written a single tweet, but has 716 followers and follows 144. In the mix of those he follows are USA Today‘s Susan Page, HuffPost‘s Michael Calderone, CBS’s Norah O’Donnell, GMA’s George Stephanopoulos, MSNBC “Morning Joe” Hosts Joe Scarborough and Willie Geist, NJ‘s Marc Ambinder and Susan Davis, CNN’s Candy Crowley, Dana Bash and John King, ABC’s Jake Tapper, NYT Jeff Zeleny, Mark Leibovich and Carl Hulse, WaPo‘s Ezra Klein, NBC’s Andrea Mitchell, and WSJ‘s Jonathan Weisman to name a few. He doesn’t follow every Politico reporter, but he follows usual suspects like Mike Allen, Jonathan Martin, Jonathan Allen, James Hohmann, Ben Smith and Jake Sherman. He’s also still following Kendra Marr, who was recently forced to resign for plagiarism.

In the Harvard interview, VandeHei noted that the problem with young recent grads he interviews today is they’re brilliant, but incapable of shifting through large quantities of information. He described many  as very smart but “incapable of coherence.” He went on to talk about the importance of oversight, saying, “editors are essential.” The Politico co-founder also  introduced uncommon journalism lingo into the conversation as he discussed “deeper dive” pieces. He calls them key to the future of journalism. He said Mike Allen has the most “readers” and “feeders.” He showered Allen with praise, saying he has a “special gift of getting people to talk. He’s nice, trusted.”

For those waiting fitfully for the day when VandeHei utters his first tweet he’s at @JimVandeHei. But don’t hold your breath.

Happy 15th Birthday MSNBC!

MSNBC President Phil Griffin and wife, Kory Apton

Former Democratic PA Gov. Ed Rendell and NBC’s Andrea Mitchell

MSNBC’s top brass pulled out the metaphorical pom poms Thursday night for the network’s 15th birthday party in downtown Washington. MSNBC President Phil Griffin dramatically climbed stairs, looked out at the crowd and profoundly praised some of the network’s top stars such as Andrea Mitchell, Chris Matthews, Ed Schultz and Chuck Todd.

On Schultz: “Honesty he’s got more heart than anyone on TV.”  On Todd: “Honestly the best political show in the morning after the 9 o’clock hour,” Griffin told a chuckling audience, making a clear reference to the popular “Morning Joe.” On Matthews: “He’s the heart and soul of MSNBC.” He praised Mitchell for being to go all over the world and back just to meet a deadline.

Matthews arrived at 7:45 p.m., an hour and a half after the party began, and left within 25 minutes. While awaiting his turn to speak, he folded his arms tightly to his chest and had a sourpuss look planted on his face — this is typical Matthews. Grumpy. Impatient. Glancing skeptically around the room.  He did manage dry humor. “Thank you for letting me speak freely, mostly,” he said pointedly, eying Griffin. Matthews then gave a shout-out to former Democratic Gov. Ed Rendell, a star in this D.C.-centric crowd. “He’s skinnier than he should be,” Matthews said. “I liked it better when he was fat.” At the end of his speech, his speech turned into a one-man pep rally with each passing word getting louder and LOUDER to the point where people turned to look at one another.

During Griffin’s speech, one chatty D.C. writer got the evil eye as he told the vast crowd to quiet down. “It’s like I am in high school. I was always getting yelled at for talking during the program,” the writer whispered to FishbowlDC.

Moving on to more unusual party topics: the Casey Anthony trial and CNN’s dumping of Eliot Spitzer. FishbowlDC polled a wide swath of journos at the party. We asked, “What did you think of the Casey Anthony verdict?” Most were happy to respond, even if their answer was that they purposefully stayed as far away from story as possible.

“That and synchronized swimming,” said MSNBC Contributor Richard Wolffe, naming topics besides the Casey Anthony trial that he doesn’t readily discuss. “Justice is blind and so am I.” Onto the topic of Spitzer, Wolffe remarked, “Inevitable. That was so predictable. Smart guy, but the show never took off. I don’t think you can find redemption  by anchoring a cable TV show. Redemption requires good deeds, community service and charitable work.”

Strangely, Schultz went mute on the topic of the trial and would not say a single word about that or anything. His amiable wife, Wendy, tried to coax him out of his shell. “This is a fun little event,” she said eating chips and guacamole. “Come on Eddie.” No budging. No speaking. Wendy kindly responded to our questions. She said neither she nor Ed followed the trial in any in-depth way.

The couple, who have been married for 13 years,  lives part-time in Detroit Lakes, Minn. and the rest in Manhattan. Wendy prefers Minnesota. She says she offers her husband feedback, but always makes sure it’s supportive. “I give him honest feedback,” she said. “A lot of it is pillow talk. I’ve always encouraged him.”

Read about the journo who got scolded by Griffin and see more photographs…

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Good Morning FishbowlDC Readers


Photograph by Politico’s Patrick Gavin posted this week. The dark clouds are meant to convey, however jokingly, congressional battles.

Bio of the Day

NJ‘s Susan Davis: “I’m a reporter. Despite that, people seem to like me.”

(Bios will be taken from Twitter and publication websites. If you have someone you’d like us to feature, write me at Your anonymity will be protected.)

Journo says father doesn’t pass gas

“Shopping for a Father’s Day card, I was shocked by the lack of quality, options. Come on, Hallmark. My Dad is not a farting, sexist drunk.” — WJLA-TV reporter Mike Conneen in the most comical tweet we came across on Wednesday.

Ezzy in dream world

“Had a dream in which dream-me realized I could save items I wanted to blog later by starring them in Google Reader. Pro tip, subconscious!” — WaPo liberal blogger Ezra Klein in a Wednesday tweet. We think he was awake when he wrote this, but we can’t possibly be certain.

Crystal ball prediction

“Anyone else feel like at this point a TMZ-Politico merger is almost a foregone conclusion?” — The Nation‘s Washington Bureau Chief Chris Hayes in a Wednesday tweet.

Chuck Todd questions sense of TV banner

“There’s a TV banner (thankfully not NBC fam) that said “Ex-Porn Star Joins Weiner Scandal”; Can u “join” a scandal? Really? Sign up sheet?” — NBC’s Chuck Todd in a Wednesday tweet.

Weiner’s inevitable future in TV?

“Then there is the inevitable foreshadowing of what might be a career in television: Weiner could cash in on his notoriety by moving to TV, as have others caught in similar scandals before him. He has been, after all, a ubiquitous presence on cable TV, coming across as an antsy, energetic liberal who is always willing to take on Republicans and conservatives.” — NJ‘s Billy House in a story about Rep. Anthony Weiner‘s (D-N.Y.) financial disclosure forms for 2010.

Definition of a successful press day

“We just got like 20 TV  Google alerts for @DarrellIssa within 1 minute. Wow, that’s a lot of coverage for the hearing today.” — Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) flak Becca Glover in a Wednesday tweet.

Radio host is all Weinered out

“I am seeking therapy for my compulsive behavior in following the Weiner story more closely than events in Yemen.” — NPR’s Scott Simon in a Wednesday tweet.

David Gregory was into rap (but not the ‘nasty’ stuff)

“A lot of suburban white kids like me were into that stuff,” — NBC “MTP” Host David Gregory told the Washington Examiner this week after Monday night’s GOP presidential debate. Growing up in LA, Gregory said he was big into rap, but stressed that he was never really into the “nasty stuff.” Read the full item here.


Good Morning FishbowlDC Readers


Weinerpalooza Rages On

The Daily Show’s Jon Stewart: “This is the weirdest story I’ve ever seen in my f–king life or the greatest episode of Maury ever.

“Has there ever been a sex scandal in Libertarian or Vegetarian parties?” — NPR’s Scott Simon in a Tuesday morning tweet.

“Press Secretary-ing 101: Do not let anyone else near the podium. Know how to cut the mic.” — NBC News Communications Director Erika Masonhall in a Monday tweet.

“Weiner rips off mask, revealing that it’s been Gary Condit all along!” — ABC News White House Correspondent Jake Tapper in a Monday tweet referring to ex-Rep. Gary Condit (D-Calif.), who left Congress in 2003 while embroiled in a scandal involving a dead intern, Chandra Levy. Condit had an extramarital affair with Levy. Last year Ingmar Guandique was convicted of the murder and was sentenced to 60 years behind bars.

“There are no new sins in Washington, only new means of committing them.” — ABC’s Karen Tumulty in a Monday tweet.

“As if male cat owners didn’t already look bad enough … #weiner” — Politico‘s infamous cat-owning Patrick Gavin in a Monday tweet.

“Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwkward…” — TWT‘s Kara Rowland in a Monday tweet.

“I think Andrew Breitbart needs a haircut and a tie. I wonder if he paid for the photos released today?” — Liberal syndicated columnist Karl Frisch in a Monday tweet.

“I picked a bad day to give up sniffing glue. #weinergate” — House Maj. Leader Eric Cantor‘s flack Brad Dayspring in a Monday tweet.

“Breitbart just totally bigfooted Rep. Weiner’s press conference. Say what you will about the guy, but that’s some gangster shit.” — Jared Keller, Associate Editor for The Atlantic and The Atlantic Wire, in a Monday tweet.

“Say what you want, but this is quite painful to watch.” — NJ‘s Ethan Klapper in a Monday tweet.

“This is like the OJ trial – I CAN’T TAKE MY EYES OFF IT!” — Conservative commentator Ann Coulter in a Monday tweet during Weiner’s hotel appearance.

“Grassley tells me he’s found a way to avoid Weiner’s problems on Twitter. ‘I don’t send pictures,’ he quips.” — Politico‘s Manu Raju in a Monday tweet from Capitol Hill after interviewing Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa).

“NEW RULE: Someone needs to yell ‘Were you fully erect?’ at end of every press conference.” – Slate‘s Dave Weigel in a Monday tweet in reference to the heckler who began shouting at Weiner just before he left the hotel.

“If I could be a fly on a wall today, it would be for the conversation between Huma Abedin and Hillary Clinton.” — NJ‘s Susan Davis in a Monday tweet.

“Weiner is definitely going to have some fences to mend. I think his wife is going to have to be part of the equation.” — HuffPost‘s Alex Wagner on MSNBC’s Cenk Uygur show Monday with substitute host Al Sharpton.

“No, I do not have offices at the Weinergate. It is @thewatergate, and it is perfectly dignified. #gatehate.” — The Atlantic‘s Garance Franke-Ruta in a Monday tweet.



Good Morning FishbowlDC Readers


CBS News Radio’s Mark Knoller: “Pres. Obama – in white tie & tails – is escorted into State Dinner at Buckingham Palace by the Queen.

Journos react to Bibi’s speech before Congress

“The whiteness of Boehner’s fingertips is extremely distracting.” — National Review Online‘s Jonah Goldberg in a Tuesday tweet.

“Bibi playing Congress like a violin. #bibilovefest.”  — Mother Jones Washington Bureau Chief David Corn in a Tuesday tweet. He later added, “Bibi turns US Congress into a prop. End of story.”

“Bachmann seated w/ DeMint in senators’ section for Netanyahu. Better visibility.” — NJ‘s Jim O’Sullivan in a Tuesday tweet referring to Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) and Sen. Jim DeMint (R-S.C.).

“Of all the members of Congress greeted by Netanyahu, only Sen. Frank Lautenberg, D-NJ, scored a cheek kiss. #bromance.” — NJ‘s Susan Davis in a Tuesday tweet. (After the speech we saw Rep. Ileana Ros Lehtinen (R-Fla.) get a European-style double cheek kiss.)

Roland rolls over Ingraham on Guinness remarks

“Laura Ingraham is whining about Obama drinking a Guinness while in Ireland. Seriously? Get a life!” — Washington Watch’s Roland Martin in a Tuesday tweet. Read here for more.

A vital question

“@jonallendc Are you using your morning political newsletter to hit on girls again?” — Fake Jim VandeHei in a Monday tweet regarding Politico reporter Jonathan Allen.

More from London…

Hillary is sitting next to Prince Charles. Kind of think he has more in common with Bill.” — Politico‘s Jennifer Epstein in a Tuesday tweet.

“#Obama w/ Sasha/Malia tidbit. Royal carriage ride on palace grounds for First Daughters.”What I did on my spring break” essay will be easy.”– NBC Capitol Hill Correspondent Kelly O’Donnell in a Tuesday tweet.

Journo thinks outside the box

“If Dems can’t find a candidate to run against Scott Brown, they should run John Kerry‘s hair. It could get at least 30% of the vote.” — NJ‘s Susan Davis in another Tuesday tweet.




Good Morning FishbowlDC Readers


Mustache Mania: “IMF and World Bank now both headed by men with fantastic mustaches.” – Slate‘s Annie Lowry in a Monday tweet with the accompanying photographs above. From L to R: Robert Zoellick and John Lipsky.

Journo has keen eye for actor playing Levi Johnston

“Does the world already know that the guy playing Levi in Game Change used to date Miley Cyrus? This seems important.” — RealClearPoliticsScott Conroy in a Monday tweet. Underwear model Justin Gaston is playing Johnston.

Rikers in Francais changes tout (Franglish for Rikers in French changes everything)

“Even Rikers seems prettier in French?” — Politico‘s Meredith Shiner in reaction to AFP‘s Stephane Jordain who wrote: “DSK emprisonné à Rikers Island, au large du Queens (AFP).”

AP Style touts cuisine

“The @APStylebook updates are making me hungry: amuse-bouche, Beaujolais, couscous, kielbasa, sashimi, tzatziki.” — CQ Roll Call‘s David Meyers in a Monday tweet regarding AP Stylebook’s brand new Food Guidelines section.

And the DSK jokes begin…

“Euro Zone endorses Draghi as head of the European Central Bank. No word on if he chases maids down the hall.” — RedState Editor and CNN Contributor Erick Erickson in a Monday tweet in reference to Italy’s Mario Draghi. The not quite so funny part is that IMF Director Dominique Strauss-Kahn is being held without bail on rape charges.

Journo suffers asthma attack

“First asthma attack of the year. Dammit. Can think of better ways of starting the morning.” — NPR Online Producer Andy Carvin in a Tuesday morning tweet.

A new day, a new political sex scandal

“So basically, this is a bad week in men.” — Bloomberg TV’s Lizzie O’Leary in a Tuesday morning tweet in reaction to former Cali Gov. Arnold Schrwarzenegger fathering a love child with a member of the couple’s household staff a decade ago. Causing NJ‘s Susan Davis to say: “Hasta la visa baby!”

D.C. journo compliments Grenier

“Just watched Teenage Paparazzo–damn good documentary, nice work, I’m impressed.” — The Daily Caller‘s Alex Pappas in a Monday tweet to actor Adrian Grenier. Oh….by the way? Pappas is back at The Daily Caller after about five months away at The Washington Examiner.

Good Morning FishbowlDC Readers


“Crimes and misdemeanors in the press gallery.” — NJ‘s Susan Davis in a recent tweet with the accompanying photograph. She’s referring to the press gallery on Capitol Hill. “Everyone is a suspect,” she said in a follow-up tweet.

Ezzy feels ‘pity’ for Romney

This isn’t pompous at all: “This speech made me feel immense pity for Mitt Romney. It’s a choice between policy he’s believes in and is proud of and his career.” — WaPo‘s illustrious Ezra Klein in a Thursday tweet. There you have it Fishbowlers. EK has spoken.


“That is just wrong.” — WaPo‘s Jonathan Capehart deadpan reaction to hearing of a vague plan to throw him in the pool at last night’s Metro Weekly party at Donovan House. More on the party later.

Unfortunate Sen. John Ensign Tweets in retrospect

“Time for action not childish name calling.” April 5

“We need courage and leadership to get our fiscal house in order.” March 11

Tschida on fat people

“Still only 1 working escalator at Mcpherson square! How can metro commuters be overweight? With all that climbing.” — ABC7′s Stephen Tschida in a Thursday tweet. Anything Tschida wants to say is fine with us.

Come on, is Matt Yglesias really ‘famous?’

“It’s always been my dream to be a minor part of random social science.” — Lefty blooger and Center for American Progress Fellow Matt Ygelsias in a Thursday tweet referencing this story on Gawker late Thurday regarding a Yale student who subjected himself to a gadget search by fellow students. He has CNN’s Eliot Spitzer, a former Mexican prez, “Famous Blogger Matt Yglesias” and Reddit Founder Alexis Ohanian in his cell phone contacts. If Yglesias is what passes for “famous” these days then he had better start shoplifting, carry around a purse dog and get going on that sex tape.



Good Morning FishbowlDC


A “Juicebox Mafia” Passover: “It’s beginning to look a lot like Pesach,” Center for American Progress fellow and liberal blogger Matt Yglesias wrote in a Monday tweet accompanied by the beautiful photograph above. He also wrote, “Preparing a seder dinner is giving me a newfound appreciation for the efforts of Jewish homemakers throughout the ages.” And this: “How does Manishevits [sic] manage to make such bad wine? It’s way off the charts.” Traditional spelling of the wine is “Manischewitz.”

Uh oh.

“Things I don’t like to hear from my cab driver: ‘I remember you. I know where you live.’” — NJ‘s Susan Davis in a Monday tweet.

Luke watches Lifetime?

“After the #Sabres #fail I’m drowning my sorrows in #williamandkate on Lifetime. I’m only going to watch 1 scene.” — NBC’s Luke Russert in a Monday night tweet. Lifetime aired “William and Kate” last night, the love story of Prince William and Kate Middleton. We hope Luke enjoyed the scene where, after a big break up, Kate jumps in the water and swims to William while he stays dry on the dock.

Buttry’s apathy toward Royal Wedding

“Things I care less about than a royal wedding: No, can’t think of anything.” — TBD Community Engagement Director Steve Buttry in a Monday tweet. Good thing he’s not doing what he does in the UK — you know, not a very engaging thing to say.

A presumably urgent question

“Hey, Vegas folks: Can someone report whether @mattapuzzo is alone at a bar, wearing a tiara & telling folks it’s his birthday? Thnx!” — AFP‘s Olivier Knox in a Monday tweet about AP investigative reporter Matt Apuzzo. Apuzzo responds, “If only. I’m at my kitchen table eating Cheerios and prepping for work.”

Trump Hair Joke of the Day

“Is there any person on the planet ignored more than Trump’s barber?” — Syndicated op-ed columnist and FishbowlLA Editor Tina Dupuy in a Monday tweet.

A blogger’s beer recommendation

“The perfect springtime beer.” — Washington Examiner‘s political blogger Lachlan Markay in a Monday tweet paired with this picture.

Dana Perino aspires to color-coordinate like Laura Bush

“Not much happenin’, so I’m organizing closet, switching out winter for spring. Color coordinating like @laurawbush, super-organizer.” — FNC Contributor Dana Perino in a Monday night tweet.

Journo takes in spring

“It’s 71 degrees outside still and marvelous; I’m taking my office to the courtyard. Thank you, Washington, D.C., this is sort of spring.” — Politico Assistant Editor/Web Producer Jedd Rosche in a Monday tweet.

Fake Jim V. gets threatening

“Oh for chrissake andy, never say that again” — Fake Jim VandeHei in a reactionary Monday tweet to Politico‘s Andy Bar who writes, “Greta’s sweet spot.” Barr’s referencing FNC’s Greta Van Susteren who writes, “Bill Ayers calls Senator McCain a WAR CRIMINAL.” We also liked this one from Fake Jim: “Staff, I appreciate everything you do. But if we don’t win a goddamn Pulitzer this year get ready for a summer without air conditioning.”

Pulitzer envy

“I realized on the drive home that the reason Pulitzer coverage is interesting is that the stories are tinged with desire and envy.” — Steve Myers, managing editor at