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Examiner Hires Second Scribe for Yeas & Nays

The Washington Examiner has made a hire on that second Yeas & Nays gossip columnist post that needed to be filled.

It’s Katy Adams, a four-time Emmy winner from FOX 5. The lead columnist will continue to be Nikki Schwab.

Noteworthy backstory: Editor Steve Smith grew frustrated in the process of replacing former columnist Tara Palmeri, who’s now at NYP‘s Page 6. We’re hearing that if this hire hadn’t happened, Smith briefly considered shifting the hiring responsibility to editor Jacque Bland. Smith tried to hire Nick Ballasy, who apparently said he wanted to continue to do more “serious” journalism (to which some at the Examiner rolled their eyes in response). Ballasy works for the news web site Cybercast News Service.

See Smith’s announcement e-mail after the jump. It includes a second hire, Lisa Gartner, who will cover the less flashy beat of “Virginia.” She comes highly qualified and is also award-winning…

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A Farewell Toast to Examiner’s Palmeri

Jenkins, Palmeri, and Kathleen Jenkins

Palmeri and McFly

Brown, Palmeri and Kownacki

On Friday night, a gaggle of journos, media and pr types convened at L2 Lounge in the Georgetown for a farewell gathering for one-half of the Washington Examiner’s gossip duo, Tara Palmeri. As many know, Palmeri is headed for Manhattan where she’ll work for NYP‘s Page 6.

The bar was low-lit and hipsterish full of, for some reason, overly drunken women. They weren’t all tied to Palmeri’s going away fest, but as the night wore on, they wove and bobbed in and out of Palmeri’s party space.

Palmeri was well behaved, though many wanted to buy her cocktails. In the crowd were Nikki Schwab (the other half of Yeas & Nays), their intern, Jesse McLean and the Associate Editor of Commentary J.P. Freire. FNC’s TV and Radio personality Griff Jenkins and his wife, Kathleen, came to wish Palmeri well. Also in the mix (pardon the pun) was MIX 107.3 FM’s DJ Tommy McFly, Quinn & Gillespie’s Chris Brown, blogger and PR rep Janet Donovan, TWT contributor Emily Miller, Brendan Kownacki and PR maven Wendy Gordon, president, Hisaoka Communications.

Throughout the evening, rumors flew on who might succeed Palmeri. Some said the paper’s editors had already determined who it would be. Some who wanted it and didn’t get it clearly knew as much. But not even Schwab and Palmeri would cop to knowing who it was.

Some partygoers remarked on Palmeri’s often spicy reporting style that included a good number of public arguments, a couple of Sean Penn run-ins, at least one firing and a plethora of Salahi reportage. Others advised Palmeri on her upcoming gig in New York. “I think it’s good to be a little nervous going into something new,” she remarked.

Grindr, Please. Your 15 Minutes is Grinding to a Halt

grindr.jpg Folks apparently didn’t get enough of Grindr the first time around when ex-Washington Examiner reporter Tara Palmeri took to the mean streets of Washington, to the Capitol and Pentagon, to test out the new techno dating phenom for gay men. Then Metro Weekly spoofed it. (If memories are fading, watch here.)

Now, four weeks later, we have to endure yet another look at Grindr by Politics Daily‘s Delia Lloyd – who’s in London no less.

Think of Lloyd’s version of this story as the sophisticated “Mrs. Doubtfire” – a little Rated G sex talk minus much raunchiness. She does bring up STD’s and a study linking social networking and syphilis. Unfortunately, there’s no video, no Lloyd walking around Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, cathedrals and abbeys looking for young gay men on the prowl for one another.

Too bad. A London spoof on Grindr would have been ideal.

Check out an excerpt from the Politics Daily piece after the jump…

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All (Oliver) Stoned Out


Washington has been saturated with Oliver Stone this week.

Here’s a glimpse of the Hollywood director on one leg of his whirlwind press tour around town to promote his new film, “South of the Border.” On Thursday he entered blogger Carol Joynt‘s Q & A Cafe.

Joynt offered guests to the Georgetown Ritz’s Cafe a brash, entertaining interview with Stone as well as an exquisite plate of sea bass, frisee salad and chocolate cupcakes. She began the interview by saying, “I consider you a good-looking man.” She then asked the director about everything from his mustache, to his contempt for the media to his befriending and directing leaders like Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez.

Joynt asked if CBS’s “60 Minutes” had ever approached him. Stone said, no, they hadn’t. “Maybe they’ll do a superficial picture of my career at the end of my life.”

The Ritz restaurant is upscale, both Joynt and Stone went for the relaxed look, clad in blue jeans. Joynt wore a dark shirt, dark jeans; Stone donned jeans, a dark blazer and powder blue button-down-shirt paired with a dark tie and hard black lace up shoes.

Journalists who showed up to the event included Washingtonian‘s Shane Harris and Editor-in-Chief Garrett Graff, former TWT gossip scribe Stephanie Green and the Washington Examiner’s Tara Palmeri.

The food was delicious and guests appeared to be amused by Stone’s presence and the interview. “Feel free to say I had two cupcakes,” remarked Green.

On the subject of the Washington media and Stone’s attempt to get press this week, Stone was unabashed. Though his male suited publicist was determined to whisk him out of the hotel restaurant as quickly as possible without speaking to reporters, Stone had something to say about D.C. coverage of him this week:

“Get what you can,” he told FishbowlDC with a wide smile.

Watch Joynt’s interview on D.C. Cable/Channel 16 this weekend and throughout next week.
In the meantime, watch it also here.

stone 3,jpg.jpg
Joynt and Stone

Stone 2.jpg
Palmeri and Green

Good Morning FishbowlDC Readers

Quote of the Day

A remark on HuffPost’s soiree

“Lovely Huffington Post party tonight.”
–Former scribe Matt Cooper, now with financial crisis commission, who mingled on the gorgeous rooftop of HuffPost‘s Pennsylvania Avenue office Thursday night.

Sean Penn blocked from Washington Examiner scribe

“It would have been a better story had they gone to fisticuffs.”
-A PR rep at the HuffPost party Thursday night regretting (a little) that actor Sean Penn and Washington Examiner’s Tara Palmeri were blocked from interaction at HuffPost’s party. (Backstory: Palmeri was thrown out of a D.C. event on Haiti earlier this year where Penn appeared. Palmeri posed a few questions that he and flacks didn’t like; the scribe was thrown out of the event.)


Weigel Faces More Grief as New Anti-GOP E-mails Surface on The Daily Caller

b56965e8a302eb7215f54c4d92a501c2.new_.jpg The heat is on WaPo‘s Dave Weigel.

Weigel, who writes the conservative blog, “Right Now,” faces another uphill battle today with The Daily Caller‘s story fresh out this morning about Weigel’s “savaging conservatives” and “rooting for Democrats.” In it, Daily Caller writer Jonathan Strong unearths more e-mails that Weigel wrote that blast conservatives. The Daily Caller asserts that these e-mails reveal a “personal animus” from Weigel toward conservatives. In one reported e-mail, he calls Matt Drudge an “amoral shut-in.” Read the story here. (FishbowlDC got word of the story around midnight Thursday from a key GOP operative that such a story was in the works.)

The Daily Caller story comes on the heels of FishbowlDC’s Thursday piece that Weigel had unleashed scathing thoughts on conservatives on a liberal listserv called JournoList. For example, he wanted Drudge to set himself on Fire — which Drudge then posted on his site.

Since then, Weigel has apologized (a mea culpa that also landed Weigel on Drudge). Note to readers: When I sought comment from Weigel for FishbowlDC’s story Thursday, Weigel said he’d be “happy to comment.” Instead, he delayed and delayed, saying, “One sec, I’m on the phone.” Within 15 minutes he wrote to say that in lieu of a response he had published his own apology and ran the quotes that FishbowlDC had sent him for confirmation. FishbowlDC’s item had previously published.

Mediaite also weighed in late yesterday afternoon, publishing a story Thursday about a so-called feud between me and the duo gossip columnists at the Washington Examiner, Tara Palmeri and Nikki Schwab and Weigel. (Note to readers: There’s no feud. I reported a story on a member of the political media – one that was contentious, no doubt. Reporting on the political media is the purpose of FishbowlDC.)

So far, WaPo is backing Weigel. In this Politico story published Thursday, WaPo‘s Managing Editor Raju Narisetti said it’s “time to move on.”

Narisetti told Politico: “Dave’s apology to readers reflects he understands, in calmer hindsight, the need to exercise good judgment at all times and of not throwing stones, especially when operating from inside an echo-filled glass house that is modern-day digital journalism,” said Raju Narisetti, the architect of the Post’s latest moves into the blogging space. “Time to move on.”

Tense Times Ahead at HuffPost Party?


Tonight’s HuffPost rooftop party in honor of “HuffPost Hill”, the evening newsletter e-mail dispatch, could get uncomfortable if not explosive (probably not as intense as our picture, but one never knows).

Especially if the Washington Examiner‘s Tara Palmeri, a constant on the party circuit, and HuffPost‘s Jason Linkins, editor of Eat the Press, cross paths.

Linkins tweeted two days ago of Palmeri: “Ugh. Last line. @tarapalmeri is just the fucking worst.”

(Linkins was reacting to a FishbowlDC item in which Palmeri and Jen Corey, Miss D.C. 2009 were battling it out. Corey was oddly off the charts upset over an Examiner item that actually backed her barroom behavior and not challenged it as she presumed. The last line uttered by Palmeri was: “I’m happy for Jen. She gets another day of publicity.”)

Ready to Rumble: Miss D.C. ’09 V. Examiner’s Palmeri



Page 6 here she comes! Washington City Paper‘s “The Sexist” columnist Amanda Hess has unveiled a nasty squabble brewing between Miss DC 2009 Jen Corey and the Examiner‘s gossip columnists Tara Palmeri (who’s fleeing to the New York Post‘s page 6 in a few weeks) and Nikki Schwab over an item today.

Miss D.C. 2010 Stephanie Williams is asked if she, too, would “slam a man.” (Corey said she had been sexually harassed in a bar.) Keeping things classy, Williams told the columnists she’d slam a man (meaning she’d beat him up) but wouldn’t “take up pole dancing.”

The heated “she says she says” battle takes place over Twitter. Palmeri says a Yeas & Nays intern Jesse McLean wrote the story and that it was factual. Miss DC 2009 says, “Pretty sure that’s your job.”

The Examiner’s J.P. Freire steps in and comes to Yeas & Nays defense: “@JPFreire @MissDC2009, in cases of sexual assault, the approp. thing to do is to get away as fast as poss. You’re arguing something diff.”

Palmeri strikes back at “The Sexist”: “Way to ask the Examiner for comment, great reporting or just plain lazy RT @TheSexist: Examiner defends its reporting @JPFreire.”

The Examiner scribe remarked to FishbowlDC: “There’s nothing negative in there about Jen. …My intern wanted to write the item and she asked the new Miss D.C. what she thought about Miss D.C. 2009 and the bar fight and she wrote the item up. Miss D.C. 2010 defended what Miss 2009 did so there was nothing negative.”

Palmeri adds: I’m happy for Jen. She gets another day of publicity.”

Watch Out Page 6! Here Comes Palmeri

tarapalmeri.jpg It’s a dream come true. (Well, one of them, anyway.) In three weeks time, the Washington Examiner’s Tara Palmeri heads to Manhattan where she’ll go to work for the New York Post’s splashy Page 6 gossip column. She replaces Neel Shah and will work under Richard Johnson and write for other sections of the Post. Shah is moving to LA to be a TV writer. Johnson has overseen the column for more than two decades.

“LOVED it there,” Palmeri wrote to FishbowlDC of her time at the Examiner. “I’m so thankful I had the opportunity to discover my love for gossip reporting at the Examiner, but New York is calling.” And, she joked, “The Salahis forced me out of town.”

More seriously, she noted, “I’m excited about this new adventure, but will miss Washington and its gossip.”

A co-columnist for the Examiner’s Yeas & Nays column since last September, Palmeri previously worked as an assistant in CNN’s political unit. She began her journalism career as an intern at Voice of America.

Palmeri is undoubtedly in for the wild ride. Once asked what makes a good Page 6 item, her new boss, Johnson, replied, “You need sex, money or violence – or all three.”

For anyone who has seen Palmeri, the gossip scribe, in action, it’s a funny, nervy sight to see. We know the unabashed Palmeri will take her distinct take-no-prisoners party style to New York and wish her all the best.

Washington Examiner Reports on Blogger’s Dancing

WaPo conservative blogger Dave Weigel appeared to be having a rough day Monday because of grief he was getting for calling Rep. Bob Etheridge’s (D-N.C.) interaction with the college student a “hug.”

By the day’s end, Weigel sounded ready to disappear from the planet for awhile. But no, the day wasn’t over quite yet. “OK, this day needs to end. RT @NikkiSchwab Post blogger Weigel likes to waggle, sweat,” he tweeted.

Weigel was referring to this item that appears in the Washington Examiner today that makes fun of all things — his dancing. The headline reads: “Post’s Weigel likes to Waggle, Sweat.”

Could the Wapo scribe be vying for a future spot on “Dancing with the Stars?”
(Maybe Weigel’s Wednesday will improve.)

> Update: Weigel is upset by my characterization of his use of the word “hug.” He writes to FishbowlDC: “I demand a correction. I did not suggest that the interaction was a “hug.” I used the word “hug” to describe the action of Etheridge pulling the man into his arms after grabbing his camera and grabbing his wrist. This is a sizable error of omission.”

I stand by my use of Weigel’s use of the word hug and hope sincerely that he will never attempt to “hug” me or anyone I care about. According to the free online dictionary, “hug” means, “To clasp or hold closely, especially in the arms, as in affection, embrace.” Weigel wrote in his original post: “The second camera rolled as Etheridge, irritated, held the wrist of the first cameraman, then pulled the student to his side and grabbed him in a hug.”

> Update #2: The Examiner‘s Timothy Carney challenges the Examiner’s Yeas & Nay’s item on Weigel’s dancing. “Weigel is a friend,” he writes in an opinion column today. He outs himself as a source on the Weigel dancing item – he attended the wedding at which the Weigel dancing occurred and dished to Yeas & Nays. He wrote, “Seeing the distress this caused, I’ll never dish on friends to a gossip page again. And if you see Dave Weigel, give him a hug.” (We hope he doesn’t mean the apparent neck grabbing kind.)

> Update #3: Weigel is not pleased with Yeas & Nays’s Tara Palmeri. He tweeted this morning, “People-to-block Tuesday: @tarapalmeri”