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NJ Loses Beard to WaPo

Nearly a year to the very date that he arrived to NJ, David Beard is leaving for WaPo. He left the Boston Globe last year around this time to go to work for NJ as Digital Editorial Director.

Does Beard have ants in his pants? Could WaPo finally be getting serious about addressing their digital issues?

“It’s true!” confirmed NJ Spokeswoman Taylor West. “He’s been a valuable member of our team, but we’re very happy for his new opportunity. His excellent deputy, Alissa Swango, will take over the day-to-day operations of the digital team and will help us with the hunt for a Digital Editorial Director whose focus will be on long-term strategy. That search has already begun.”

Congratulations to Beard. The journo joins Terence Samuel, the beloved editor who also recently left NJ for WaPo.

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Good Morning FishbowlDC Readers


NBC Washington’s Jim Long takes this morning photograph. He calls it “Sunrise over Washington.”

A new avenue for the Biden gaffe: Twitter

“Welcome to twitter Joe Biden, @VP, or at least Joe Biden’s press staff.” — TIME‘s Jay Newton-Small in a Tuesday tweet.

Journo Mysteries

“Just got third email today (4th since last week) saying someone is trying to reset my Twitter password. Freaking out a little.” — Reason Magazine’s Mike Riggs in a Tuesday tweet.

The Fashion Consultants

NJ’s Amy Harder: “Casual Tuesday? Sen. David Vitter, R-La., walks onto Senate floor in khakis and plaid shirt, no suit jacket.” She added, “And Sen. Mark Udall, D-Colo., is in jeans. Maybe the casual attire is a bipartisan protest of being in session this week.”

WaPo‘s new Deputy National Editor Terence Samuel: No suit jacket or no jacket? And did he have a tie?

Reporter starstruck by Politifact founder

“Saw@politifact’s Bill Adair on CNN while picking up a rental car in Chicago. I was starstruck!” –D.C. Digital Journalist Chris Montgomery in a Tuesday tweet.

Tread carefully around this journo today

“Late night headache. Kill. me. now.” — WaPo Social Media Producer Katie Rogers in an extremely early morning tweet.

Reporter flees scorching heat of her apartment

“Nothing motivates a girl to be up, out of the house and ready to work by 6:40 like having no A/C in her apt in DC in July.” — Roll Call‘s Meredith Shiner in a Wednesday morning tweet.

Breaking up with your BlackBerry is hard to do

“I need to figure out how to tell my BlackBerry at the end of this month that I want a divorce, and that I’m leaving it for a Droid or iPhone.” — The Hill‘s Michael O’Brien in a Tuesday tweet.

WaPo Swipes NJ’s Terence Samuel For Deputy National Political Editor

WaPo has hired NJ‘s Managing Editor of Congressional Coverage Terence Samuel to be their new Deputy National Political Editor. We’ve heard countless positive things about the “august” Samuel and anticipate that WaPo reporters working under him will approve of their new leader.

See the internal memo that contains some unusually entertaining details on dancing…

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Good Morning FishbowlDC Readers


The BEST Person in the WOOORLD is BACK! Ex-MSNBCer Keith Olbermann debuted on Current TV last night. It’s apparently the ex-MSNBCer club. When he can’t make it in, David Shuster will.

Journo got V-curious

“Just had to Google ‘vajazzling.’ Kinda wish I hadn’t. #mustbegettingold” — The Daily Telegraph‘s Toby Harnden in a Monday tweet.

Bio of the Day

Journalist: Politico‘s Molly Ball. Twitter handle: @mollyesque Part of bio that intrigued us: “Molly’s accomplishments include being awarded the Knight-Wallace journalism fellowship at the University of Michigan and winning $100,000 on ‘Who Wants to Be a Millionaire.’”

The Daily Show’s Weiner segment name from Monday night: The Schlong Goodbye; Underneath his photograph: “Weiner Resigns, Unhappy Ending”

Scandal Surprise

“A good Queens law firm: Weiner, Lee, Massa, Spitzer and Fosella.” — NJ Managing Editor Terence Samuel in a June 6 tweet. Yes, late, but we think still worthy of a mention.

Angry Sports Talk

“What the fucking shit is happening in Boston? A ten-run 7th??” —‘s Spencer Ackerman in a Monday night tweet.

Blogger tries headstand

“Yoga teacher made us attempt headstand tonight. There are so many words to describe how poorly that went.” — Vintage thrift blogger Lisa Rowan in a Monday tweet. Correction: Previously I called her a “conservative” blogger. That was incorrect. She writes a site called My apologies for any harm or heartache that may have caused.

A picture of Sen. Rand Paul (R-Really?), a.k.a the D.C. tourist, is worth at least 1000 words: Visit here.




The FishbowlDC Interview with NJ’s Jim O’Sullivan

Say hello to NJ Daily’s Chief Analyst Jim O’Sullivan. Over steel-cut Irish oatmeal, I pepper the blond-hair, blue-eyed scribe with questions about his career trajectory, whether or not he’s ever been arrested and what he thinks of Hollywood’s minor obsession with films set in Boston. I got answers to most of those questions, but not all. He has an unusual response to questions he doesn’t care to answer. Suddenly he’s the editor and insists that this intro is supposed to be brief.

The clean-cut O’Sullivan believes in old-school journalism principles and takes professionalism seriously. But back in February he wrote and filed a story with the following nut graph: In many ways, the base warfare is the embodiment of a political reality already apparent in the 112th Congress: despite the president’s sermons of bipartisan optimism, and the likelihood that at least some mutation of is essential to alleviating the country’s fiscal ills, it’s still a place where people like to fuck with each other.  His editor, Terence Samuel, promptly emailed him the offending words in blown up War font. O’Sullivan meant to change that “fuck with each other” part.

O’Sullivan grew up in Cohasset, Mass., 15 miles south of Boston. He has seen all the Boston-made movies and says you can’t believe everything you watch: “They try awful hard, but you sort of have to detach yourself from any local knowledge because otherwise the accents and the high speed chases through the North End render the whole thing pretty unbelievable,” he says in his own faint Bostonian accent. By far the most interesting thing about him, he says,  is his college roommate. “Like how is that not one of your lead-off questions?” he says in a subsequent email, apparently shifting back into editor mode. His roommate at Boston College was Kofi Kingston, a Ghanaian-born professional wrestler and WWE Intercontinental Champion. (Watch Kingston wrestle in a spectacularly skimpy green getup here.)

O’Sullivan came to NJ from State House News Service in Boston in September 2010. He had never lived anywhere else apart from a term abroad to Galway, Ireland. He won’t talk specifics about the interview process in Washington. “If you like covering politics then this is a pretty damn good place to be,” he says, explaining that the publication’s “tight, balanced” coverage of government drew him to the job. His career began at 14 covering sports when a neighbor got him a big break with one of the local papers.

Aside from that college roommate, O’Sullivan has had other brushes with famous people. His next door neighbor in college was “The View’s” Elizabeth Hasselbeck. O’Sullivan was nothing but chivalrous concerning the shoveling of her driveway.

If you were a carbonated beverage which would you be? OK Cola.

How often do you Google yourself? I did before answering this question, to make sure I was still CEO of Mazda. Dude probably gets some of my hate mail.

What’s the worst thing you’ve ever said to an editor (or vice versa)? Just about every time I’ve ever had a correction sticks with me and none is a pleasant memory. “I got it wrong” is pretty much as bad as it gets.

Who is your favorite working journalist? My older sister. If my younger sister would stop healing the sick and get into the family business, I’d have to call it a tie. But for now, Kate O’Sullivan (Williams) of CFO Magazine.

Do you have a favorite word? Negative [Meaning he doesn’t haven’t one.]

Who would you rather have dinner with – First Lady Michelle Obama or Bestselling Author and former V.P. candidate Sarah Palin? Organic FLOTUS or Super Bowl FLOTUS? Because if it’s the former, I’d have to say Palin. But the White House spread on Super Bowl Sunday was enviable.

What’s the name of your cell phone ring? Vibrate or silent, usually.

When did you last cry and why? Tuesday. Completely spontaneously.  Walking past Tortilla Coast and just lost it.

Find out why he considers himself  “passively Irish.”

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Terence Samuel Joins NJ

Terence Samuel, veteran reporter, editor and author of “The Upper House: A Journey Behind The Closed Doors of the U.S. Senate,” has joined the National Journal Group as Managing Editor in charge of Congressional coverage.

Samuel is a former national correspondent and New York bureau chief at the Philadelphia Inquirer and Washington Correspondent at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. From 2000 to 2005 he was the chief congressional correspondent for U.S. News & World Report. Samuel also served as director of editorial programming for AOL Black Voices before joining the Washington Post Company in 2007 to help launch

Samuel’s “The Upper House” Celebrated

book - heil strickland.jpg
Roll Call’s Emily Heil and MSNBC’s Ken Strickland.

A slew of journalists gathered at the Tabard Inn last night to raise a glass to Terence Samuel and his new book “The Upper House,” a behind-the-scenes journey with the Senate’s ’06 freshmen class.

Present were Senator Jon Tester and Senator Amy Klobuchar who both recounted amusing stories from working with “Terry.” Klobuchar, who once took Samuels to a butter carving contest in Minnesota was shocked by everything that she had shared and “had forgotten until the articles and book came out.”

Spotted at the event were Roll Call’s Emily Heil, Chicago Sun Times’ Lynn Sweet, David Corn of Mother Jones, WaPo’s Mary Ann Akers, Garance Franke-Ruta and Perry Bacon, Newsweek’s Mike Isikoff, MSNBC’s Ken Strickland, Glenn Simpson, Evan Perez and Mike Crittenden from the WSJ, Tim Burger and CBS’ Christine Delargy.

book - klobuchar.jpgbook - samuel.jpg

L: Sen. Amy Klobuchar R: Terence Samuel