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Morning Chatter


Unsolicited advice for Gov. shutdown jokesters

“The time for easy shutdown jokes is past. Any shutdown jokes after now had better be very good and original. Otherwise leave it at home.” — The Washington Examiner‘s Senior Political Columnist Timothy Carney.

imagesNews from the Ladies Room on Capitol Hill

“AoC staff cleaning/stocking ladies room as I type. Thanks to the poor staffer who is working without pay!!” — The Hill’s Features Editor Emily Goodin.

Some serious This Town namedropping

“Look forward to interviewing Pres Obama 4 pm tomorrow @CNBC at such a big moment – as Washington grapples w/shutdown/debt economic threats.” — CNBC and NYT’s John Harwood. After actress Morgan Fairchild sent him a note congratulating him on the interview, a follower wrote Harwood, saying, “Dems love you. Wonder why.” Harwood replied, “Admit it dude – you WISH Morgan Fairchild sent you a msg. Ha!”  Fairchild had written him to say, “Congrats, John! Can’t wait to see your interview.” Harwood retweeted that (of course) and wrote, “You are nice, Morgan.” Ex-White House spokesman Tommy Vietor wrote him to say “No Kanye banter please.” Harwood replied, “Jackass.”  (To put this all in some context, Fairchild has also conversed with online news junkie Marty Rudolf on Twitter.)

Anderson Cooper sympathizes with Dana Bash

“@andersoncooper to @DanaBashCNN, ‘It just doesn’t seem like anyone in Washington actually answers questions…must be frustrating for you.’” — CNN’s Kari Pricher, editorial producer for AC360.


This could get ugly.

“Going to spend a week on an African charity hospital ship, telling people to fuck off if they don’t speak English.” — David Waldman, contributing editor, Daily Kos. He’s reacting to this remark from FNC’s Dana Perino: “Offering Obamacare in 150 languages is absurd. If someone can’t speak enough English to fill in forms, what will they explain to a doctor?”

Uh oh.

“OH: ‘I see @daveweigel’s nipples…’” — Asawin Suebsaeng, a reporter in Mother Jones Washington bureau.

Life’s little pleasures

“Ok guy riding on a bike, holding delivery, talking dirty. Thanks for that.” — Marketplace fill-in host Lizzie O’Leary.

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Morning Chatter

Quotes of the Day

“Just got to the green room @LiveKelly! Hanging with Buck & Rory, everyone’s so nice! #cohostsearch” — Markette Smith to appear on ABC’s “LIVE! With Kelly Ripa” this morning at 9 a.m. Smith is a top 10 finalist in the contest to be Ripa’s co-host. She reports on the radio for the NPR affiliate WAMU 88.5FM and on-camera as an entertainment correspondent and red carpet host for AMC Theatres.

Journo catches man choking chicken in public

“Yo, guy on P st., masturbating in your Lexus near a park with kids and joggers, I took your plate # and called the cops.” — CNN’s Lizzie O’Leary.

Jason Mattera: classy as ever

“The dude who got head in the Oval Office now doesn’t seem like such a bad president after all #WhatObamaTaughtMe.” — Author and conservative spouter Jason Mattera.

Russert V. Hamby: Ratings competition?

@PeterHambyCNN I’m in for @WillieGeist1 on Way Too Early. I challenge u to a ratings dual good sir.” — NBC’s Luke Russert, who is also scheduled to be in for MSNBC’s “The Daily Rundown’s” Chuck Todd on Monday. (Psst Chuck, Luke is making White House Soup of the Day bland. We need you back and soon!)

Kiss Kiss

“Gotta admire @chrislhayes‘ Javert-esque dedication to nerdfighting. 20 min with the Bain guy, and still no @MittRomney questions. #uppers” — Mediaite White House Correspondent and Chairman of the I love Chris Hayes Fan Club Tommy Christopher.

Something else we couldn’t care less about…

“Email from Mrs. Oster my kindergarten teacher! ‘Saw u on TV. U have the same name & smile as a girl I taught Kindergarten to. Are u her?’” — The Daily Caller‘s Michelle Fields.

And now for something genuinely cute…

“My 5-y/o watching McLaughlin Group: ‘how do you know when it’s your turn to talk?’” — Washington Examiner Senior Political Columnist Timothy Carney.

Roland’s mom gets down with Beyonce

“Why is my mom in the middle of my young nieces on Beyonce’s ‘Single Ladies’? She’s been married 45 years! Crazy sightings at #familyreunion” — CNN Commentator and Washington Watch’s Roland Martin.

Journo weighs growing beard

“In my time off, I flirted with growing a beard. Now it’s time to shave these three whiskers and head to the studio for @washingtonweek” — ReutersSam Youngman.

Weiner fever ignites

“The Weiner-for-mayor rumors are now swirling. I say, why not run? He made a personal error and lied. That’s not disqualifying for all time.” — New York Daily News Opinion Editor Josh Greenman.

Crumpling Howiella? Oh no!

“Friend told me he crumpled my face as he used copies of The Hill to pack up his moving boxes. Sweeter words have never been spoken.” — Howiella Kurtz (a.k.a The Hill‘s Judy Kurtz.)

Peter Ogburn and Eddie Scarry contributed to this report.

Good Morning FishbowlDC Readers

Quotes of the Day

A Personal Heartfelt Request

Dear Readers: I know we get attached to email addresses and once they are locked into your computers they are tough to change. But please, for the love of God, change my f@&king email address from to I have two email accounts exploding with duplicate messages and it is driving me mad. To all you nerdy types out there who are just itching to give me unsolicited advice on forwarding accounts or any other technological garble, don’t. Just use my new address. Thank you for attending to this important matter.

Thank you POTUS and FLOTUS

“SO deeply honored President Obama & the First Lady invited me to perform tonight @ the State Dinner! Hosting S. Korea!” — Janelle Monae.

BREAKING: If anyone missed the Politico plagiarism story from late last night, read here.

Arianna Wants Zzzzz’s

“In Istanbul 12:50am, still on Blackberry. wish there was another Blackberry outage so I could sleep.” — HuffPost/AOL Editor-in-Chief Arianna Huffington.

WaPo‘s Karen Tumulty on Michelle Obama‘s dress: “Awesome. I’m not usually a fan of FLOTUS & belts.” See here. (Especially compared to the elegant pink garbage sac worn by the Korean Prez’s wife, Kim Yoon-ok, yes, FLOTUS’s purple gown is exceptional.)

Buttry’s nephew has hip surgery

“Thanks to all who suggested gifts for my great nephew w/ the 3/4 body cast (following hip surgery). Crowdsourced gift: Nerf gun.” — Steve Buttry, lifetime Community Engagement Director and JRC Employee.

Youngman gets bumped from Greta

Youngman to FNC’s Ed Henry: “You’re off the hook. Schedule change and no appearance for me on @gretawire tonight.” Henry replied, “Whew.” Correction: It was The Hill‘s Sam Youngman who got bumped from Greta. He was going on the program to discuss the confrontation between Ed and POTUS. Apologies… We’ve changed the above to accurately reflect what happened.

A Convo Between Two Media Types

Washington Examiner‘s Timothy Carney: “Who thinks I should get David Frum’s spot on NPR?” Former Examiner writer J.P. Freire: ME AND EVERYONE I KNOW, PLS. (Freire is now the senior comm strategist for New Media Strategies and an American Spectator blogger.)

Weather woes

“Bad sign: Just got email from D.C. emergency alert system with subject line ‘Protective Actions for Tornadoes.’” — WCP‘s Managing Editor Mike Madden.

Is an ice cream flavor really big news?

“BREAKING: ABC News reports ‘Black Walnut’ is indeed a Haagen-Daas flavor of the month. Glad we got to the bottom of that.” — The Daily Caller‘s TV writer Jeff Poor. The limited edition ice cream flavor is gaining traction ever since mentioned by GOP presidential contender Herman Cain, who says it’s his favorite flavor.

Boybander speaks up for female journos

“Magazines should hire women to write about things other than sex, marriage, and babies.” — Obvious women’s rights champion, Boybander and liberal blogger Matthew Yglesias. He links to this Slate story that slam’s The Atlantic‘s cover story on women and marriage.

Why can’t Hazy speak without sounding like a human thesaurus? “Precipitating a dramatic confrontation with the authorities is the absolute best thing Bloomberg can do for #OWS’s momentum.” – MSNBC’s Chris Hayes.

Unnecessary Tweet of the Day

“Since I got back from NYC, all of my foursquare checkins have been at work or at home. I’m officially boring.” — Roll Call‘s Jessica Estepa back in the reigning position of this feature. (We kid because we love Jessica, at least in this instance. We are, however, horrified to learn that you regularly foursquare.)

Washington Examiner Reports on Blogger’s Dancing

WaPo conservative blogger Dave Weigel appeared to be having a rough day Monday because of grief he was getting for calling Rep. Bob Etheridge’s (D-N.C.) interaction with the college student a “hug.”

By the day’s end, Weigel sounded ready to disappear from the planet for awhile. But no, the day wasn’t over quite yet. “OK, this day needs to end. RT @NikkiSchwab Post blogger Weigel likes to waggle, sweat,” he tweeted.

Weigel was referring to this item that appears in the Washington Examiner today that makes fun of all things — his dancing. The headline reads: “Post’s Weigel likes to Waggle, Sweat.”

Could the Wapo scribe be vying for a future spot on “Dancing with the Stars?”
(Maybe Weigel’s Wednesday will improve.)

> Update: Weigel is upset by my characterization of his use of the word “hug.” He writes to FishbowlDC: “I demand a correction. I did not suggest that the interaction was a “hug.” I used the word “hug” to describe the action of Etheridge pulling the man into his arms after grabbing his camera and grabbing his wrist. This is a sizable error of omission.”

I stand by my use of Weigel’s use of the word hug and hope sincerely that he will never attempt to “hug” me or anyone I care about. According to the free online dictionary, “hug” means, “To clasp or hold closely, especially in the arms, as in affection, embrace.” Weigel wrote in his original post: “The second camera rolled as Etheridge, irritated, held the wrist of the first cameraman, then pulled the student to his side and grabbed him in a hug.”

> Update #2: The Examiner‘s Timothy Carney challenges the Examiner’s Yeas & Nay’s item on Weigel’s dancing. “Weigel is a friend,” he writes in an opinion column today. He outs himself as a source on the Weigel dancing item – he attended the wedding at which the Weigel dancing occurred and dished to Yeas & Nays. He wrote, “Seeing the distress this caused, I’ll never dish on friends to a gossip page again. And if you see Dave Weigel, give him a hug.” (We hope he doesn’t mean the apparent neck grabbing kind.)

> Update #3: Weigel is not pleased with Yeas & Nays’s Tara Palmeri. He tweeted this morning, “People-to-block Tuesday: @tarapalmeri”