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Timothy Geithner Undergoes Stress Test at Sixth & I

Last night at Sixth & I Synagogue, Politics & Prose hosted former US Secretary of the Treasury Timothy Geithner in conversation of his new book Stress Test. The evening was moderated by Ben Bernanke, former chairman of the Federal Reserve.

“In 07, when the crisis started to burn here, it wasn’t a crisis that was limited to the United States,” said Geithner during his talk. “You had this initial, slow-burning run on the periphery of the system – gathering momentum, reinforcing itself – and ultimately leading to the New York collapse in the fall of 08. It was very different because what was happening in the largest, most important economy of the world, at a time when other parts of the world were very exposed too – Europe’s a good example – and therefore much more dangerous to the world, much greater shocks on the world as a whole…it’s something the world hasn’t seen in a major economy, really. And haven’t seen on a global scale in more than 70 years.”



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Sunday Shows So Far…

• We told you late yesterday David Plouffe will be joining David Gregory on “Meet the Press” this Sunday. President Obama’s presidential campaign manager will be discussing his new book, “The Audacity to Win,” which hits stands next Tuesday. We also learned today Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner will join the program.

Bob Schieffer will be joined by White House senior advisor David Axelrod and Sen. Joe Lieberman (I-CT) on “Face the Nation” Sunday.

• And on “Washington Week” with Gwen Ifill and the National Journal, you can expect to see Slate and CBS’ John Dickerson, WaPo‘s Ceci Connolly, McClatchy’s Nancy Youssef and NJ‘s Marilyn Serafini.

Digg Secretary Geithner?

Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner will be featured on online-video series Digg Dialogg next week.

Digg members can submit and vote on questions until Thursday afternoon. WSJ deputy managing editor Alan Murray will then sit down with Geither for a Q&A, which will be available on next Tuesday.

(h/t WebNewser)

FishPoolDC: Our Insider’s Notes from Today’s Press Briefing (Banking, Birthdays & Bowling)

No Thanks to Larry and Timmy: WH Press Secretary Robert Gibbs spent a good chunk of today’s briefing recalibrating the headline generators from the Sunday morning talk shows as the president’s NEC Prez Larry Summers and Treasury head Timothy Geithner had seemed to leave the door open to a tax increase on the middle class in an effort to revive the economy. Gibbs maintained, “I know the president’s been clear on this,” repeating “clear” about a dozen more times in the course of the briefing. But the prospect of a broken campaign promise kept the discussion alive, as reporters wondered how the two Obama teammates got off message. “Promising that everybody’s going to be on message may be a bar that’s too high for me to leap over,” RG said. Noting that both attended this morning’s economic briefing with POTUS, Gibbs said Obama reiterated his campaign pledge with the group but that “this wasn’t a sort of ‘school is in’ type of thing.” As Gibbs grew exasperated with the skepticism in the room, he fired: “If you don’t trust what I’m going to tell you, I don’t understand why we do this.” When one reporter closed the topic by asking why the two rogue officials weren’t clearer, RG replied: “They left it to me.”

The First Birthday Boy: Gibbs opened with the announcement that POTUS will host a luncheon for Senate Democrats tomorrow afternoon. His explanation: “It’s the president’s birthday and Chuck E. Cheese was booked.” Later, he clarified that POTUS had already done a little celebrating with friends this weekend at Camp David, where they dined, hooped, and… bowled. Bowled?! Gibbs claims a 144 on behalf of the boss — which is a HUGE improvement from his campaign-trail 37 in Pennsylvania. RG said he told POTUS that with a 144 in PA, “my life would have been a little easier.” Of note… it’s also one Ms. Helen Thomas‘s birthday tomorrow.

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Minority Broadcasters Lobby Geithner for Aid

More than a dozen minority broadcasters sent a letter to U.S. Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner today; urging him to provide financial assistance to help them weather the current economic and credit crisis. The letter asks him pay attention to the minority broadcasting industry, which has had difficulties continuing to access the capital markets.

Today’s appeal follows a letter sent in June from several House of Representative members that requested the Treasury department to take actions to support minority broadcasting with:

Enactment of an investment facility similar to the Auto Supplier Support Program to help restore credit flows to the broadcast sector.

Consideration to temporary bridge financing or government-backed loans (with warrants) until the economy improves.

The group lobbying Sec. Geithner includes media execs from National Association of Black Owned Broadcasters, KXTD Gaytan Broadcasting Media, LLC, Lazer Broadcasting Corp., Norsan Media, Carter Broadcast Group, Inc., Access.1, Taxi Productions, Inc., T&W Communications Inc., Cutting Edge Broadcasting Company.

See the letter to Geithner after the jump.

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Treasury Secretary Geithner Discusses WaPo Op-Ed

Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner and Time’s Richard Stengel. Photo courtesy Time Warner.

CNN, Fortune and Time Magazine are co-hosting a half-day economic summit in New York today.

The keynote conversation was with Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner and moderated by Time managing editor Richard Stengel. Geither discussed his op-ed in today’s WaPo, co-written with Larry Summers.

Geithner: “What we’re trying to do is focus on the things that were at the core of our problems we saw in the first place. There are a range of other aspects of our system that you would not put in place today if you were starting from scratch. There are a bunch of things that would be nice to do if we had time and if we had capital. But we’re trying to focus on the practical issues that were at the core of those problems.”

Other speakers at today’s summit include T. Boone Pickens and Christie Todd Whitman; CNN’s Chief Business correspondent Ali Velshi, Fortune’s managing editor Andy Serwer and CNN’s Christine Romans are all on hand to moderate these discussions. You can tune in live from DC here.

Anyone Who Says ’40′ Isn’t Fab, Hasn’t Met Jon Meacham

Named editor of Newsweek at only 29 (clearly, I have some catching up to do), Jon Meacham turns 40 tomorrow and things are certainly looking good. The “new” Newsweek hit news stands yesterday while Meacham grilled Treasury Sec. Timothy Geithner at the National Press Club (and on Facebook). Last month, Meacham landed a Pulitzer and he recently scored an interview with the Prez aboard Air Force One that appears in his mag’s relaunch issue. If that’s what turning ’40′ is all about, sign me up. Happy Birthday, Jon!


President Obama, Meacham, Robert Gibbs and Tammy Haddad

Watch Newsweek’s Geithner Interview Live on Facebook Today

Today at 1 pm EST, Newsweek Editor and Pulitzer Prize winner Jon Meacham will interview Sec. Treasury Timothy Geithner at the National Press Club.

Can’t make the event? No worries – it will be available via live stream on Facebook.

Check it out here: Newsweek live feed.