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Morning Chatter

Quotes of the Day

LOOK CLOSELY: “Since it’s photobomb sharing day, here’s me creeping up on Newt.”BuzzFeed‘s Kate Nocera.

Actor Richard Belzer tells Politico newsroom to SHUT UP

“Richard Belzer to noisy POLITICO newsroom: “We’re working here … we’re on fucking TV.” Once done taping: ‘OK, you can start talking now.’” — Politico‘s Jennifer Epstein.

Female editor gets suggestion to be a man

“Just got an email suggesting I publish my columns under a male pseudonym.” — Syndicated columnist and Editor-in-Chief of Tina Dupuy.

How to Make it All About Me

“Pretty awesome that I can knock the entire @DSCC communications shop off message for an hour with a single tweet. Sucks for @EdMarkey tho.” — NRSC Spokesman Brad Dayspring.

Editor restrains himself on “shit” headline

“Tempted to title this working piece ‘immigration reform: shit just got real’ but wholly realize that is inappropriate.” – Townhall Managing Editor Kevin Glass.

Dieting tips from Newt Gingrich

“McDonald’s grilled chicken McWrap at 250 calories is both a dollar and pound bargain.” — Former plump Presidential hopeful Newt Gingrich.

Tale of the waistband

“Feb 5 – Christie eats donuts on Letterman. Feb 6 – tells frmr WH doc to stop saying his weight is dangerous.The next week – lap band surgery.” — ABC Producer Emily Friedman.

Editor can’t sleep, then oversleeps

“Could not sleep last night. Now I’ve overslept. And I am late for an 8 a.m. meeting in the office. Rushing through the rain.” — MetroWeekly Editor-in-Chief Randy Shulman.

Not for Attribution: “Oh my heavens, I just put the nastiest thing in my mouth, some rounded chocolate almond imposter that was in the People gift bag. I literally just spit it out. It tasted like wet sand.”


New Political Pub Launches on Eve of RNC

The online news org is launching a new political publication into beta mode just in time for the Republican National Convention. The news org, owned by, a Minneapolis-based software company, draws from more than 100 blogs, submissions and original reporting.

They’re not limiting themselves. So it’ll move from local to international — “from Mars to your backyard”, the announcement from Editor-in-Chief and syndicated op-ed columnist Tina Dupuy reads. True to their name, the writers are citizen journos and seasoned professionals. The project, briefly known as, has been in test stages since June and is now ready for its debut.

The site is a possible venue for writers. “We’re always looking for new and interesting blogs and writers,” said Dupuy. See here.

Morning Chatter

Quotes of the Day

ENGAGED! My beautiful bride to be @augstums, and me, in Aspen.” — Todd Harris, media consultant and GOP political strategist.

The Observer: Did Rich Lowry have a manicure?

“Anyone else disturbed by Rich Lowry’s nails? You think they’re always that done or did he just gussy them up for #MeetThePress?” — Miss Spot.

Self-appointed media critics

“That was the interview? Well, at least Breaking Bad is on tonight.” — WSJ‘s Neil King.

“Takeaway from 60 Minutes interview: Romney and Ryan have a clear rapport with one another. Romney less antsy than during other interviews.” — The Hill‘s Managing Editor Bob Cusack.

“The 60 Minutes interview with Romney/Ryan: Bromancing the White House.” — Syndicated op-ed columnist and Editor-in-Chief of Soapblox Tina Dupuy.

“One major problem is that Paul Ryan speaks so f—ing fast, tough to transcribe.” — HuffPost‘s Sam Stein.

“Just For Men has apparently perfected robotic hair color#Watching60MinutesAds #PiningforTivodelay” — TPM‘s Evan McMorris-Santoro.

Coming to his rescue…

“Haha, @RichLowry totally nailed @maddow on her answer. Don’t know why she pretends to be an innocent bystander in politics.” — WMAL Exec. Producer Heather Smith.

But wait, not so fast…

“If Rachel Maddow broke Rich Lowry’s nose right now, that would be the best thing NBC has aired in months.” — Chuck Sudo, a Chicago viewer.

Mom’s verbiage makes editor uncomfortable

“My mother is referring to her flip-flops as ‘thongs.’ This makes me uncomfortable.” — HuffPost Deputy Editor Erin Ruberry.

Journo gets drunk

“Haven’t had this much to drink in a long time. My brain feels fuzzy and that feeling is awesome.” — WaPo page designer Tim Wong.

And another is on his way…

“Vacation cocktail #1″ — TPM‘s Brian Beutler.

Hungover Boybander sure loves his band mates

“I’m hungover in coffee shop so you’ll have to Google the links but@ezraklein@daveweigel wrote excellent pieces on politics of Ryan pick.” —’s Spencer Ackerman.

A date to remember

“Me and my baby boo @THERealLyndaDC enjoying a hot date@FSWashington with each other!” — Paul Wharton Style’s Paul Wharton and ex-Real Housewives of Washington star Lynda Erkletian.

Romney VP news added work for journos

“I know I said I was sleeping in today but how abt a lil Romney veep pick special w/ @wolfblitzer instead?” — CNN’s Brianna Keilar.

Reporter’s aunt was confused

“One of my liberal aunts went to a Ryan town hall last year. Left there wanting Ryan as Obama’s VP.” — The Weekly Standard‘s John McCormack.

Enthusiasm is…

“Cannot succinctly explain the adrenaline rush and stress of producing four hours of breaking news coverage. Or maybe I can: Awesome. #CNN” — Jeff Simon, Assoc. Producer for “State of the Union” With Candy Crowley. We don’t want to worry about Simon too much, but later on in the weekend, he added, “Entering delirium. I feel like I was deep in REM and someone called me and asked me to explain quantum mechanics. Need to snap out of it.”

Uh oh.

“And now I hear I am selling iPADS. My account has been hacked. What do I do about this? Anybody?” — Washington Examiner‘s Mark Tapscott.

Morning Chatter

Quotes of the Day — Behind the Curtain in Des Moines

The Rachels: RealClearPoliticsScott Conroy says on Twitter, “What they’re watching at Santorum’s party #iacaucus.” The Rachels tortured us early Wednesday morning with a very special episode of “Up With Chris Hayes” at 1 a.m.

Fishbowl Des Moines (Adios, Mike Allen, we’re taking back the night.)

Luntz’s puffy coat

“Frank Luntz on Fox News has the biggest, puffiest down jacket I have ever seen in my life.” — Zach Wolf, ABC News Political Unit. (Photo credit: Yahoo! News’s Chris Moody.)

Confusion on the campaign trail

“Ron Paul staffer gets confused thinks I work ‘the times’ instead of ‘in these times’ asks if I want to speak to the Congressman.” — Labor journo Mike Elk.

Journo loses his belt; disaster averted

“At the lovely Capitol in Des Moines to join @BretBaier. Fortunately we’ll be seated so my lost belt shouldn’t result in YouTube hilarity.” — ReutersSam Youngman.

Birthdays: “Happy 1st birthday to Wee-Bey, the dog. The one year old goldendoodle will be celebrating by licking his balls.” — FBDC’s Peter Ogburn. (h/t Ogburn and h/t Mike Allen for h/t) Asked about presents, Peter remarked, “I did get Wee-Bey a present. The exciting new E-Book from Politico, The Right Fights Back.”

The Beauty Experts

Sarah Palin‘s half-beehive is back!” — Politico media writer Keach Hagey. (Photo credit: Business Insider’s Glynnis MacNicol.)

“Loser or not, Michelle Bachmann looks fabulous.” — HuffPost‘s Christina Wilkie. Wilkie also observed Ron Paul‘s wife, saying, “Carol Paul is rocking a fur collared coat. A big one. Indoors. At a campaign event. Thoughts? #iacaucus.”

“First time a presidential candidate’s on-stage surrogate has EVER has a neck tattoo. #iacaucus” — WaPo‘s Aaron Blake.

Lizza lets loose

“Can we all agree the Iowa Straw Paul is f*cking stupid now?” — The New Yorker‘s Ryan Lizza, who also wrote, “I picked a terrible night to be on deadline for a 10,000 word piece not about GOP politics.” But our favorite Lizza from the night is by far this: “What’s on Marcus’s lips?” (In reference to Michelle Bachmann’s hubby, Marcus.) On another note entirely, what the f$%# was Marcus doing buying their dog, Boomer, sunglasses in Iowa?

Tapper pays Busey a compliment (wink! wink!)

“I cannot understate the importance of the Gary Busey endorsement, then withdrawal of said endorsement, of @NewtGingrich.” — ABC News Senior White House Correspondent Jake Tapper.

Spotted: Journos being  journos

“Spotted in Des Moines, midnight Central: A bunch of reporters who thought they would be drunk and/or in bed right now.” — The Atlantic‘s Molly Ball.

Watch out. Harwood’s caffeinated.

“Modern media life: Up 4 am in Iowa. 19 hours of live shots. Charter flight to NH. Arrive hotel. Now, coffee…then more live shots.” — CNBC’s and NYT‘s John Harwood.

Arianna cracks on CNN’s John King

“Waiting for John King to get sucked into his Touch Screen Map, Poltergeist-style.” — HuffPost/AOL Editor-in-Chief Arianna Huffington.

And back in Washington…

The weather outside is frightful

“NEVER GOING OUTSIDE AGAIN and also other irrational things because it’s just so so cold.” WaPo‘s Lindsay Apple.

An evening in

“Leftover palak paneer? Check. Bottomless iced tea? Check. Power outlet? Check. Bring it on, Iowa. #caucus” — NPR’s Andy Carvin.

The TV Critics

“Fox News discussion hours before the caucuses: Are reporters who tweet full of themselves?” — Tribune‘s Mike Memoli.

Bret Baier back on this ‘guy in a truck’ thing…what the hell? Enough already.” — The Times of London‘s Matt Spence.

“I thought it was odd when Sanford signed off his Fox News interview with, ‘Tienes los ojos más bonitos del mundo.’ — National Review Online‘s Jim Geraghty on former S.C. Gov. Mark Sanford‘s punditry appearance on FNC last night.

“Gingrich translated: ‘If the truth hurts, fuck you.’” — Metro Weekly Co-Publisher Sean Bugg.

Marcus Bachmann would have made a lovely first lady. #iacaucus” — Crooks & Liars’ Tina Dupuy.

“As Ron Paul speaks, Rand is standing behind him looking like he’s at a funeral.” — The Atlantic‘s Molly Ball.

“I think we can all agree that Boomer Bachmann getting new sunglasses was more interesting than this speech.” — FNC Democratic political analyst and Daily Beast columnist Kirsten Powers.

Teeth brushing or Romney speech? That’s easy.

“How captivated was I by Romney’s stump/victory speech? Half-way through, I ran to brush my teeth.” – Roll Call’s Shira Toeplitz.

Why Santorum? Well, for one thing…

“I am rooting for Santorum to win because, as far as I am aware, he has not strapped a dog to his car while driving long distances.” — Activist and former DCist writer Dave Stroup.

Hawaiian Pool Duty comes to a close

“Just checked out of my room in Hawaii. The president’s vacation is over for him and now for me too. I’m relieved.” — Politico‘s Jennifer Epstein.

Makeup lady on Roland Martin

“Doing @rolandsmartin makeup. He’s bringing some soul to the makeup room!” –  Stevie Martin.

Boybander pledges quality

“My pledge to you: writing on a short deadline does not give me license to mix metaphors. Danger Room: Where Quality Is Job #1.” — Wired‘s Spencer Ackerman.

Tracy gets racy

“No, I will not be CAUCUSING tonight. Sounds a bit perverse.” — Cheoff Geoff Tracy, husband to CBS Chief White House Correspondent Norah O’Donnell.

Holy S#%t! Tschida’s got rats

“So exterminator confirms I have very SMART rats. They dodge the traps and gorge on bananas. Just realized… I’d prefer ghosts.” — ABC7 reporter Stephen Tschida.

Convo Between Two Journos

The Guardian‘s Ana Marie Cox: “Fox News turning out to be a really good source for news about the bottom four candidates.” Lizza: “Future on-air talent.”


“I won’t do a ‘Must Credit BuzzFeed.’ But please do credit BuzzFeed. We’re a fragile young thing.” — BuzzFeed Editor Ben Smith on their exclusive that Sen. McCain plans to endorse Romney today.

Unnecessary Tweet of the Day

“I hate politicians who say they aren’t politicians. Even if they’re wearing a super-cute blue blazer.” — Metro Weekly‘s Mr. Bugg. Congrats Bugg! You’ve won back your crown.


Good Morning FishbowlDC Readers

Quotes of the Day

We’re calling this ‘Coziness With Matt and Gabby.’ As some may recall, FishbowlMatt first developed a crush on Gabby Sidibe at a party during the weekend of the 2010 WHCA Dinner. In this photograph Gabby is thinking, ‘Pass the salt and pepper. I am going to eat this boy.’ (QGA’s Meghan Smith is responsible for the above artwork.)

Reader to WaPo: Transparency please

“Dear @WashingtonPost, you should update @EzraKlein’s bio to include ‘Democrat Media Strategist’…. you know? Full disclosure?” #tcot #p2 — Senior Fellow at The Right Sphere and Big Journalism Contributor RBPundit.

Are Zzzzz’s hurting this journalist?

“These late evening naps feel great, but deep down I think they may be screwing me up just a little bit.” — C-SPAN’s Jeremy Art.

Meghan McCain issues a warning

“I’m a lover not a fighter. But I’m also a fighter, so you’d better watch it.” — Daily Beast Columnist and MSNBC Contributor Meghan McCain.

On Cain’s latest accuser…

“Just let me know when there are nine women so I can just make the joke and call it a day.” — Crooks and Liars Managing Editor Tina Dupuy.

“Place your bets: Does Cain fire his lawyer, or does Cain’s lawyer fire Cain?” — WaPo‘s Karen Tumulty.

Stephen Colbert on last night’s The Colbert Report: “John King’s touchscreen now touches him back,” he said in the show’s intro, referring to the CNN correspondent.

Journo in search of sunlight

“I didn’t see the sun at all today. It did come up, right?” — NJ House Race Hotline Editor Jessica Taylor.

NBC Goofs Up Christie Breathing Problems

Photo Credit: TIME

Could have been worse.

NBC Nightly News apologized for the following message on Twitter regarding New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie being taken to the hospital for breathing problems related to asthma. They initially wrote, “NJ Governor Chris Christie taken to hospital for breaking problems.” Minutes later, they offered, “Apologies for typo it is breathing problems. Thanks to all who corrected.”

But not before the peanut gallery came roaring in. “Nice typo,” snarked Crooks and Liars Managing Editor and former FishbowlLA’s Tina Dupuy.

We don’t think this is a joke, but Potomac Flacks blogger Matt Mackowiak retweeted the news, with one word: “Praying.” Human EventsTony Lee, meanwhile, wrote this note of hope: “In all forseriousness, I wish Chris Christie well — no one should have to go thru breathing probs — here’s to no medical f–kups.” And we knew this was coming. One woman on Twitter wrote, “For what, inhaling a sandwich?” This just in from another: “Maybe Chris Christie had trouble breathing considering he’s 400 pounds.” And finally, there was this relevant Washington-directed message: “Chris Matthews is going to feel awkward for saying on Monday that none of the heavy-set GOPers were running for president.”

Farewell to FishbowlLA’s Tina Dupuy

Here at FishbowlDC we don’t often get to interact with our sister sites of FishbowlNY and FishbowlLA, but in the instances that we do it makes for a delightful engagement. Today we say goodbye to FishbowlLA Editor and syndicated columnist Tina Dupuy with a mixture of gratitude, melancholy and good wishes as she heads to Crooks and Liars to take up the post of Managing Editor. When I first started FishbowlDC she was a godsend of advice for whatever hole I had fallen into that day. As a comedian, she kept me in stitches with her profanity-laced emails when way too serious was not the way to go. While sifting through old emails, in one inexplicable instance she wrote, “Dude, if you’re faking the flu – which I don’t want to know if you are – I have much respect. In fact – that is hilarious of you. If you are actually sick…feel better. Sorry to hear.” For the record, cough cough, I don’t feign illness as a general principle because it’s the surest way to get sick. Dupuy answered an obscene amount of questions day or night and counseled me on ignoring online nastiness, or rather, clued me in on how to engage it.

We caught up with Dupuy today for an Exit Interview of sorts. Want more Tina? Follow her at @tinadupuy.

1. Why are you going to Crooks and Liars? It covers national politics which is what I was told I would never be able to make a living at writing about. So suck it person who said that to me.

2. What are your top few memories at FBLA? I covered Comic Con one year, knowing nearly nothing about comics or pop culture stuff there. It was quite literally alien with people dressed as aliens.

3. What will you miss most? Book parties. Free books and food! I hope I still get invited to those. Hint. Hint.

4. What will you miss least? I hate reading click-throughs and I hate hiding posts (i.e. Hiding half of posts. Only showing one paragraph. If a post is longer than a paragraph it gets hidden. Your predecessor, Patrick Gavin, was the king of click-thru posts. What’s with all the clicking to read?! Hate.) Hate it. Let those posts free! Let your freaky long posts fly! There – I said it. No “more!” That’s a joke for you formatting nerds. Seriously. That bugged me.

5. What’s your take on the current state of politics in this country? I think we should all note what the word “schadenfreude” is in Mandarin. Think about it.

Good Morning FishbowlDC


A “Juicebox Mafia” Passover: “It’s beginning to look a lot like Pesach,” Center for American Progress fellow and liberal blogger Matt Yglesias wrote in a Monday tweet accompanied by the beautiful photograph above. He also wrote, “Preparing a seder dinner is giving me a newfound appreciation for the efforts of Jewish homemakers throughout the ages.” And this: “How does Manishevits [sic] manage to make such bad wine? It’s way off the charts.” Traditional spelling of the wine is “Manischewitz.”

Uh oh.

“Things I don’t like to hear from my cab driver: ‘I remember you. I know where you live.’” — NJ‘s Susan Davis in a Monday tweet.

Luke watches Lifetime?

“After the #Sabres #fail I’m drowning my sorrows in #williamandkate on Lifetime. I’m only going to watch 1 scene.” — NBC’s Luke Russert in a Monday night tweet. Lifetime aired “William and Kate” last night, the love story of Prince William and Kate Middleton. We hope Luke enjoyed the scene where, after a big break up, Kate jumps in the water and swims to William while he stays dry on the dock.

Buttry’s apathy toward Royal Wedding

“Things I care less about than a royal wedding: No, can’t think of anything.” — TBD Community Engagement Director Steve Buttry in a Monday tweet. Good thing he’s not doing what he does in the UK — you know, not a very engaging thing to say.

A presumably urgent question

“Hey, Vegas folks: Can someone report whether @mattapuzzo is alone at a bar, wearing a tiara & telling folks it’s his birthday? Thnx!” — AFP‘s Olivier Knox in a Monday tweet about AP investigative reporter Matt Apuzzo. Apuzzo responds, “If only. I’m at my kitchen table eating Cheerios and prepping for work.”

Trump Hair Joke of the Day

“Is there any person on the planet ignored more than Trump’s barber?” — Syndicated op-ed columnist and FishbowlLA Editor Tina Dupuy in a Monday tweet.

A blogger’s beer recommendation

“The perfect springtime beer.” — Washington Examiner‘s political blogger Lachlan Markay in a Monday tweet paired with this picture.

Dana Perino aspires to color-coordinate like Laura Bush

“Not much happenin’, so I’m organizing closet, switching out winter for spring. Color coordinating like @laurawbush, super-organizer.” — FNC Contributor Dana Perino in a Monday night tweet.

Journo takes in spring

“It’s 71 degrees outside still and marvelous; I’m taking my office to the courtyard. Thank you, Washington, D.C., this is sort of spring.” — Politico Assistant Editor/Web Producer Jedd Rosche in a Monday tweet.

Fake Jim V. gets threatening

“Oh for chrissake andy, never say that again” — Fake Jim VandeHei in a reactionary Monday tweet to Politico‘s Andy Bar who writes, “Greta’s sweet spot.” Barr’s referencing FNC’s Greta Van Susteren who writes, “Bill Ayers calls Senator McCain a WAR CRIMINAL.” We also liked this one from Fake Jim: “Staff, I appreciate everything you do. But if we don’t win a goddamn Pulitzer this year get ready for a summer without air conditioning.”

Pulitzer envy

“I realized on the drive home that the reason Pulitzer coverage is interesting is that the stories are tinged with desire and envy.” — Steve Myers, managing editor at

Good Morning FishbowlDC Readers


Rep. Gabrielle Giffords and husband hold hands 

Journo feels touched

“Heartwarming: pix of Giffords’ husband holding her hand now becoming available.” — Politico‘s Jonathan Allen in a Tuesday tweet.

A note of thanks to FishbowlNY

One of our sister sites, FishbowlNY, published this kind note to us yesterday. We’ll let you know if you need to gather the troops. Love the sentiment. They write, “FishbowlDC: The publicist for Angelina Jolie isn’t happy with our counterparts in DC. We’re down to brawl if needed, FishbowlDC. Just say the word.” (See here to review story.)

Chuck Todd promotes friend’s cookie company

“My friend Marla has made great baked goodies for my kids’ b-days. Used to do it the side, now she has web site” — MSNBC’s Chuck Todd in a Tuesday tweet.

FBDCer gets in touch with his inner Metro

“There’s a reason I ride the metro only a few times a year and I’m fully in touch with it right now.” — FBDC and QGA’s Matt Dornic in a Tuesday tweet (the same day, by the way, that his car was inundated with bird shit). He also wrote that day: “Why do people holding umbrellas feel entitled to more of the sidewalk and expect others to yield?”

Snow snafu and early trainer: life sucks

“My car is stuck in the snow. Great.” — Human Events Editor and Ambusher Jason Mattera in a Tuesday tweet. His other striking tweet that day: “Why the freak does my trainer demand that I get to the gym by 6:30 a.m. for a workout? #blamepalin”

Scribe celebrates life without cigs

“I have now stopped smoking for 5 years, 12 seconds. That translates into 73,053 cigarettes NOT smoked, for a savings of $16,436.95. Gross.” — FishbowlLA Editor and Op-ed syndicated columnist Tina Dupuy in a Tuesday tweet.

Rocky times

“Pilot on flight to Vegas: “We’re about the head over the Rockies, and hoping for the best.” That didn’t inspire confidence. Alas, we landed.” — Former TBD GM and now consultant Jim Brady in a Tuesday tweet.

Erickson quells Arizona talk for the night

“Phone lines are open. I cannot bring myself to talk about Arizona any more tonight. 1-800-WSB-TALK.” — and CNN Contributor Erick Erickson in a Tuesday night tweet four days after Giffords was shot in the head.

No more MSNBC for this scribe

“Think i need to stop watching msnbc. for the sake of my sanity.” — NationalReviewOnline‘s Kathryn Lopez in a Tuesday tweet. She adds, “It’s going off now. Really.”