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This Week In Pool Reports

The Bushes celebrate the festival of lights, and taunt the pool with food they can’t have.

  • “The Oval Office had a festive atmosphere, with a Christmas tree decorated with large golden ornaments beside the Rose Garden door and an arrangement of large pine cones above the fireplace. Officials milling behind POTUS’s desk included Hadley, Negroponte and Perino. Bush said he was looking forward to lunch with the president but warned it may not be as good as the food he enjoyed during his last trip to Italy.” — Andrew Ward, The Financial Times

  • “The president marked the Jewish festival of lights at Hanukkah reception. About a hundred guests filled the Grand Foyer for a 20-minute candle lighting ceremony. Six festive Christmas trees were in the corners, but the focus of the tableau was a menorah that once belonged to the great-grandfather of slain Wall Street Journal correspondent Daniel Pearl. Pearl’s parents sat in the front row with the First Lady as Mr. Bush recounted the miracle of Hanukkah, and the stories of Daniel Pearl and the family candelabrum. The transcript has already moved. The president drew a parallel between Maccabees’ fight against religious oppression, and Pearl’s ‘lifelong pursuit of truth and tolerance.’ Two Jewish cabinet members were on hand, Michael Chertoff and Michael Mukasey. Like most of the men in the crowd, they wore yarmulkes. The who’s who included Elliott Abrams, Ken Mehlman, Josh Bolten, Rep. Eric Cantor, and White House chief of protocol Nancy Brinker. A man sitting in front of Mehlman wore a yarmulke decorated with a “W” and the words ‘The President.’” — Todd Gillman, Dallas Morning News

  • “What’s a party without a nosh? The feast reportedly included potato latkes, apple latkes, baby lamb chops and smoked salmon. Alas, the pool was ushered out and didn’t get to partake.” — Gillman

  • Apparently a light rain did not stop the president from riding. The bikes that they pulled off the back of the cars back at the white house were quite muddy.” — Jason Embry, Cox Newspapers

  • The POTUS sat, lips zipped and smiling, afterward, as the pool was being ushered out and an intrepid pooler called out the question: What are the American people to make of the CIA’s destruction of videotapes? And the pool, which had been asked not to ask questions, was shown the door. The president’s body language, however, appeared positively upbeat.” — Mark Silva, Chicago Tribune

  • This Week In Pool Reports

    What do you do when you are in an accident with the motorcade? Ask an elderly man and woman in Maryland. And President Bush gave GOPers a much needed pep talk.

  • “Potus strode briskly across the enormous plant floor as his guides explained what was going on. Plant workers gawked from a distance as potus walked through. His first stop was to inspect a hybrid engine that was on display for the occasion. It is the same engine that will be in the saturn aura, which goes on the market shortly. The conversation was out of earshot but potus nodded as the mysteries of the hybrid were explained. Potus then shook hands with several plant workers, and threw his arm around another as a gaggle of co-workers looked on approvingly.” — Michael Fletcher, Washington Post

  • “A wild ride through the snow to Camp David. Left White House at 2:12 pm and the motorcade wove in and out of bumper to bumper traffic in rain and sleet, often using breakdown lanes. At 3 pm, just south of the Urbana exit in Frederick County the motorcade was involved in an accident when a motorcade suv and a private car spun off he road into the median strip. The potus vehicle not involved and we continued without stopping into steady snow to Thurmont without further incident.” — Jack Farrell, Denver Post

  • Brian Cole of Fox News was in the front passenger seat of our van and describes accident this way: ‘we were on the right shoulder…it looked as if the motorcade suv either slid or tried to avoid something, careened across the interstate and hit a car in the left lane and pushed it’ into the median. The motorcade did not stop so we cannot say if there were injuries but the photos of the car taken as we went by do not show extensive damage. I cannot say how fast we were going at the time of the accident. we were hitting 60 or 55 mph at times. But brian estimates we were at 30 mph when accident took place. The second press van turned back at that point and passed the site and emailed us to say there apppeared to be two people in the hit car — an elderly man and woman and that afp and getty photogrphers in that van got photo of driver out of car talking with man from white house suv. They saw no ambulances at that time. We were on 270 south of urbana exit when the accident took place.” — Farrell

  • “They shook hands. Bush got a standing ovation and launched into a pep talk aimed at the depleted GOP ranks in the House. ‘I thank you all for recognizing that it’s in the best interest of the United States of America that John Boehner become the next speaker of the House of Representatives,’ said Bush, who had lunched with the Democratic speaker earlier today. Notes that he once lost a West Texas congressional race and bounced back to become president. ‘The key is to learn from every election and to come back stronger, and with your help that’s exactly what we’re going to do in 2008. … I believe that we can retake the Senate and the House and hold the White House in 2008.” — Todd Gillman, Dallas Morning News

  • This Week In Pool Reports

    In this week’s episode, the First Dogs frolicked in the snow, Obama wins the little discussed playgroud primary and President Bush loves teasing the poolers.

  • “The pool enjoyed a brief respite from the icy weather when we walked through the White House to the motorcade past a small fragment of spring: dozens of daffodils in tubs awaiting planting. Back into the cold: In the Rose Garden, there was evidence of the First Dogs frolicking in the snow,(pawprints, not yellow snow). But clearly the icy grounds were considered too much for their delicate paws, as in front of the White House there was a specially plowed 20 foot area for them.” — Caroline Daniel, Financial Times

  • The following exchange was overheard by another pooler, between younger boys at the first table, as the president schmoozed elsewhere. Sorry, names weren’t collected.
    1st kid: ‘He’s my favorite president.’ (referring to Bush)
    2d kid: ‘My favorite president is President Obama.’
    1st kid: ‘Who’s that?’
    2d kid: ‘He’s the first black president.’
    Todd Gillman, Dallas Morning News

  • Last note: As we were ushered out of the Oval, Bush took note of New York Times’ photographer Doug Mills’ dome. ‘May I suggest a hat on your bald head?’ Bush joked. ‘He always gives me grief when I don’t have a hat on,’ said Mills. He showed Bush he indeed had a fleece cap; Mills just wasn’t wearing it inside the Oval. ‘Every president since Reagan has made a comment about his bald head,’ mused fellow AP shooter Ron Edmonds.” — Tara Copp, Austin American-Statesman

  • “A day after Barack Obama launched his presidential campaign invoking Abraham Lincoln, President Bush toasted ‘the incredible life of the man who saved the union.’ The occasion was a black-tie dinner in the White House’s State Dining Room marking the Ford’s Theatre’s celebration of the 198th anniversary of nation’s 16th president.” — Finlay Lewis, Copley