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Morning Chatter


The Personal Edition

Unknown-3Journo is sick as a dog

“Hard to sleep when you can’t stop coughing. Anyone else got this cold?” — Politico‘s Ben White at 12:07 a.m. One follower, Maureen Kirkwood, had hugs for him all the way from Scotland. “Got it this side of the pond as well,” she wrote. “Feel better soon m’dear…*big Scottish hugs*”

WaPo copy editors save food writer’s ass

“Thank God for @washingtonpost copy editors! One just asked me if I *really* had @romenesko on a plate of leeks sauced with romesco.” — WaPo‘s Tom Seitsema.

Uh oh.

“Normally just do body weight workouts. But did free weights yesterday and I’m paralyzed. Help.”  — TheBlaze‘s Eddie Scarry.


Goin’ dove hunting?

“Yes! Wrap the breasts in bacon and pan sear.” — CNN “Crossfire” host S.E. Cupp to a follower who asked, “Goin’ dove huntin’ tomorrow. Got any good recipes?”

Politico Playbook Publish Time: 8:33 a.m.


“I’ve been fixated on mortality lately, but I’m comfortable knowing my best years are ahead of me.” — TWT”s Jessica Chasmar.

Huh? “Love how emails I send myself end up in my spam.” — CQ Roll Call‘s Shira Center.


Putting his life in his hands?

“Ok. So oysters at Newark Airport prolly wasn’t the smartest thing I’ve ever done. But…. YOLO!!!” — Jeremy Cahill, National Security Correspondent for The Nation.

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Morning Chatter

Quotes of the Day

Rachel-Rachel: “Rachel Maddow was a guest on Rachel Maddow tonight. Err, I mean Rachel Maddow was a guest on Up with Chris Hayes tonight. Errr, wait, it’s Wednesday. Chris Hayes was a guest on Maddow tonight. I think I got it right?” — caption from a D.C. journo who prefers to remain anonymous.

Modern Journalism: Ask now, worry about editing later

“Regardless of the rightness (or wrongness — is that a word?) of the
Obama decision, what is [sic] amounts to politically is a pressing down of
the gas pedal in this ongoing game of political chicken.” — WaPo‘s Chris Cillizza in a Wednesday story on “Fast and Furious.” A reader wonders on the writer’s question to himself, “Aren’t you supposed to find that out before you publish?”

A big Happy Birthday shout-out to Politico‘s Mike Allen, the man who owns birthdays in Washington.

GBTV’s S.E. Cupp on her frightful plane ride from Vegas to NYC: Cupp called the plane a “vomitorium.” Read and watch here.


Ezzy opines on Obama gaffe: No more news conferences!

“What Obama no doubt learned from his ‘gaffe’ news conference is that he shouldn’t do many news conferences. The downside risk of a poorly phrased, extemporaneous comment vastly outweighs the likelihood that whatever serious message he seeks to convey will make it through the media’s filter. What Romney learned from Obama’s news conference is that, if he’s lucky enough to become president, he shouldn’t do many news conferences, either.” — WaPo‘s Ezra Klein for Bloomberg View regarding the President’s “private sector is fine” gaffe. Read full story here.

AnonymASS Tipster of the Week

“Hey Betsy: How do you know so much about Michelle’s page???
YOU ARE BUSTED BITCH!!!” — AnonymASS. (Memo to ASS: I know as much as you do about The Daily Caller‘s Michelle Fields’ Wikipedia page, but any moron can look at the IP address and realize at least what part of town the changes are coming from. You can be that moron!) The tipster was in a tizzy about this story from yesterday.

How to handle rudeness on Twitter

“When someone w/ few followers is rude to you on #twitter U should post at least five successive replies explaining how cool you are. #protip” — Newsweek‘s Eli Lake.

Self-appointed media critic

“I’m looking forward to ‘The Newsroom’ joining Tom Friedman in ranks of things that everyone mocks relentlessly” — Wonkette and Salon‘s Jim Newell.

Necessary Tweet of the Day: Is Gene Weingarten now a food critic?

“Just had cold bing cherry soup topped with whipped goat-milk cream and duck shavings, at Pound in Cap. Hill. Beyond great.” — WaPo‘s Pulitzer Prize winning Gene Weingarten, who apparently thinks he’s Tom Seitsema this week. We’re sure you’ll get back to your newfound workouts at the gym soon.

But Gene’s not alone…Washington City Paper star photog Darrow Montgomery had this to say about a meal yesterday: “Brown ‘n Serve sausage smells like the ganja while browning.”

ICYMI: Vagina Journalism

“For TV, let’s all agree to stick with ‘vagina.’ That is, unless everyone can rally behind ‘pikachu’ or ‘tamagotchi.’” — TV industry insider from this story.

WaPo Scribes Dissect Sit Room Photograph

WaPo offers a unique look at the famed Situation Room photograph today by having a wide range of reporters analyze the drama in the room. For example, food critic Tom Seitsema assesses what they ate and why they ate it. Dance Critic Sarah Kaufman takes on body language while David Ignatius, espionage expert, tackles tech. But they don’t stop there. Judith Martin (a.k.a. Miss Manners) handles etiquette and what would be “unseemly” and TV Critic Hank Stuever takes on TV Situations Rooms versus the real one.

White House photog Pete Souza snapped the picture.

Let’s find out more….


Fish Food

(A Sprinkling of Things We Think You Ought to Know…)

*From the NBC green room in New York, Chris Matthews, Ed Schultz and Rachel Maddow.

*The Parnes-O-Meter is on fire today. Unfortunately. In today’s installment, Politico‘s Amie Parnes inexplicably cushions the blow for FLOTUS, who gets love tapped by ABC GMA host George Stephanopoulos‘s comedian wife, Ali Wentworth. “Who has a garden?” Wentworth asked an audience at a White House mentoring event. The story worsens. Get this, Parnes reports that White House aides were in on the joke. They’ve gotta be in on a joke like that and she has to report that they were in on it? She also reminds us that Obama has an anti-obesity campaign going on. We’re going to die a thousand garden deaths if we have to read this again. Kisses: 8.5.

*Eating With Your Fingers: WaPo‘s Food Critic Tom Seitsema deals with a delicate question today. A reader who dined at Rasika wants to know if it’s always acceptable to eat with ones fingers at an Indian restaurant. Apparently yes, it’s okay but only with your right hand, and only bread for dipping. So forget about diving in to the Chicken Vindaloo or Lamb Tikka Masala without a fork. Lefties can suffer.

Good Morning FishbowlDC Readers


D.C. blogger chills out in Caribbean

“Last full day and night in then back to cold and real life!”–Washington/LA “Pamela’s Punch” blogger Pamela Sorensen in a Monday tweet. She’s traveling in Mustique, an island in the southern Caribbean.

More importantly: Coburn’s beard is gone

“Am very disappointed Sen. Coburn decided to shave. Come on senator! The facial hair caucus needs more members.” — NBC’s Chuck Todd in a Monday morning tweet on Sen. Tom Coburn (R-Okla.).

Less importantly: Coburn ‘disgusted’ by media

“I’ve pretty well been disgusted by all the media, right and left, after this episode,” Sen. Coburn declared Sunday on NBC’s MTP.

Networks and outlets compete for preconception

“..Americans increasingly customize their information, picking up radically different perspectives from whichever sources they trust – Fox News or MSNBC, Newsmax or Huffington Post. There is very little shared experience in the nation now; there are only competing versions of the experience, consumed in such a way as to confirm whatever preconception you already have, rather than to make you reflect on them.”– NYT writer Matt Bai in a Sunday “Week in Review” piece.

Not sex, Twitter followers

“Just joined the Mile High Club…by which I mean thank you to my 5280th follower.” — TPM‘s Brian Beutler in a suggestive weekend tweet.

Buttry gets anal

“Even I am not anal enough to fix the typo in my last tweet when it was the night before (but still anal enough to let you know I noticed).” — TBD‘s Community Engagement Director Steve Buttry in a sequence of words we’re sure he intended due to his surname. The stinging mistake? “Excellent piece on violence, not viokent rhetoric.” (Considering the sensitive nature of his weekend — “I just had blood drawn and spat into a tube to contribute DNC for a genetics study” he wrote, citing leukemia and MDS in loved ones as the reason — we hope things went as well as possible.)

Blind quote…

“And Pareene? What a d–k…” — A longtime D.C. journo remarking on Salon’s Alex Pareene after we published this item late last week.

Reporter contemplates tattoo

“I wonder what kind of tattoo I should get now that my story assignment has been changed to the DC Tattoo Expo.” — ABC7 Reporter Mike Conneen in a weekend tweet. Conneen told FishbowlDC that he never wound up with one. “I’m still tattoo-free,” he DM’ed me. “But I did get a free bottle of sea salt nasal spray. …Apparently it has some connection to sea salt moisturizer and other products for new tattoos.”

WaPo’s correction of a correction

“Classic: WashPost correction today says that the paper misspelled the Washington Capitals as the ‘Capitols’ in a previous correction.” — U.S. News & World Report‘s Paul Bedard in a Monday morning tweet.

Scribe meets Roller Derby

“First time I’ve ever been to a roller derby. This is pretty cool, though I have no idea what’s going on or who’s scoring.” — NJ “The Hotline’s” Executive Editor Reid Wilson in a weekend tweet.

Journo’s fantasy is shattered

“Just was FB friended by someone named Lani Anderson. For a sec, I thought it was Loni Anderson, and that my boyhood dream had come true.” — former TBD GM and digital consultant Jim Brady in a recent tweet. (This one fell through the cracks. It’s from last week.)

NBC reporter claims he handled White House snack drawer

“Hey @savannahguthrie @chucktodd @athenajones let the record reflect that on 1-15-11 @ 1641 viq did replenish the snack drawer in WH booth” — NBC’s Mike Viqueira in a weekend tweet.

The Sweet’N Low Police

“Well-dressed old woman trying to steal sweet’n low at my local deli. ‘They fell!’ she says, when caught. They didn’t fall.” — Digital Producer for CNN’s “Piers Morgan Tonight” Steve Krakauer in a weekend tweet.

Tschida is so ‘DOPE’

“Photographer keeps calling me DOPE! but kinda weird. Think it’s a term of endearment. Seems to be enjoying himself. laughing a LOT!” — ABC7′s wild train rider Stephen Tschida in a tweet from last Friday. 

Weird coincidence

“‘Restaurant critics pay in cash,’ the stranger next to me at lunch tells her friends — just as I’m peeling off twenties for my meal.” — WaPo‘s Food Critic Tom Seitsema in a Friday tweet.

Unnecessary Tweet of the Day

“Buying thinner socks so I don’t have to go home and change. #tbdnight” — (M. Rumsey i.e. xmattiusx) in a weekend tweet. (A shining example of why local journalism is working so well.)

Good Morning FishbowlDC Readers


No special treatment, please

“To the chef who gilded my designer pizza w/ a heapin’ helpin’ of osetra caviar: I assume *everybody* gets that much? That’s what I’m writing.” – WaPo Restaurant Reviewer Tom Seitsema in a recent tweet.

Weigel’s relocation request

“I humbly request that downtown DC be relocated to Puget Sound so I can live in Seattle forever.”  — Slate‘s Dave Weigel in a recent tweet.

Olbermann preps Fineman

MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann: “I’m loosening you up for Huffington Post.” To which newly hired HuffPost Senior Political Editor Howard Fineman replied, “Thank you very much, I need it.” –an exchange on MSNBC’s “Countdown” Monday night.

A journo proclamation

“That’s it, Comcast, I will see you in Hell.” — The Hill‘s White House correspondent Sam Youngman on Monday on Twitter. (When I sought more information on this, Youngman quoted Snoop: “If it aint one thing, it’s the motherf–in’ other. Word to my granny and my daddy and my mother.” Youngman explained that last night, “It was broken remote, non-working On Demand and a customer service rep simultaneously talking to me and his co-workers about the Redskins.”

Good Morning FishbowlDC Readers

Quote(s) of the Day

A sh-tstorm of the word shi–y

“Sad to say I did not win Chris Dodd Bingo. But I did extract a promise that on his last day @senchrisdodd will say ‘shitty’ for me. — Bloomberg TV’s Lizzie O’Leary in a tweet this morning, referring to the abundant use of the word “shitty” in Senate Subcommittee hearings Tuesday.

“Rhymes with ditty,”
– MSNBC “Hardball” Host Chris Matthews on his Tuesday show referring to the “shitty” phrase Senate Government Affairs Subcommittee on Investigations Chairman Carl Levin (D-Mich.) used repeatedly Tuesday when grilling the Goldman Sachs Exec.

Access into parties has journo wound up

“I haven’t got anything and I’m starting to get worried!”
–Anonymous political journalist in an e-mail about getting into WHCA Dinner parties. Update: The journo has since secured an invitation to at least one party of choice.

Journo enjoying conference pastries

“Delicious coffee and pastries at this conference about how we should cut Medicare and Social Security and raise taxes.”
WaPo’s Ezra Klein in a Wednesday morning tweet. (Klein may want to get a little guidance on breakfast cuisine from WaPo food critic Tom Seitsema.)