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What’s Yesha Tweeting?

In last week’s edition of “What’s Yesha Tweeting”, we became all too familiar with the eating habits of Yesha Callahan. Yesha, best known for blogging and, more importantly, being on the receiving end of sexy cam shots from former Rep. Chris Lee (R-NY), tweets so often about so much, that we couldn’t help but check in with her again.

This week, Yesha is lamenting the way kids are dressing these days. After receiving an email from her child’s school reminding parents of what is appropriate dress and what is not, Yesha says, “I saw one girl, with a skirt hardly covering her butt…middle school isn’t what it used to be.” She then lets us know that when SHE was in school, “hell I didn’t even wear skirts.” (Please note: The above is not Yesha, but a woman in a short skirt to depict the subject matter.)

Fresh off of lecturing the youths of tomorrow, Yesha turns her attentions to the three-day weekend. That’s where she runs into some unexpected bad news. She tweets out, “And just like that..I’m sick…fever..chills…headache…germy ass day party.” Those germy ass day parties will do it everytime, Yesh. We prefer the parties with BBQ and beers.

Sadly, Yesha’s weekend didn’t get any better. Earlier today, she tweeted that her uncle only has three days to live. Apparently, he was estranged from the family and went to live on an Indian reservation. Yesha was able to track him down and says, “Today my heart sunk when I was told he only has 3 days to live…I still have toy he gave me after my mother gave birth…”

Keep your chin up, Yesha. We’re thinking of you. We KNOW you’ll keep us posted.

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What’s Yesha Tweeting?

Our ongoing series examining the tweets of Washington journos is about to take a wild turn. Last year, Yesha Callahan was looking for a relationship on Craigslist and Rep. Chris Lee (R-NY) replied in the creepiest way possible: flexing his shirtless arms while showing his face. The whole scandal ended Lee’s political career. Callahan continues to blog and tweet at lightning speed on JUST about everything under the sun. It’s a blistering Twitter feed that pulls no punches on ANY topic. So, let’s take a look to see What Yesha is Tweeting today.

Yesha’s first few tweets of the day seem to focus on semen. If that bothers you, then read no further, because we are about to submerge ourselves in baby batter. Yesha tweets, “I swear women need to stop swallowing all willy nilly & for recreation…got men out here expecting it from other women like it’s a given.”

Wait. Where the hell are all the women who are “swallowing all willy nilly”??? Is that REALLY a rampant problem? Yesha continues, “My best guy friend from hs….apparently told me that it’s expected from anyone he dates.” It’s EXPECTED???  We hate to go all Penthouse Forum here, but if you find someone who loves sack sauce THAT much, you may have just found marriage material.

Callahan isn’t done shooting her load quite yet. She tweets, “I posted the article abt the semen cupcake on fb…here’s Carla’s sister ‘where can I get one of those?’ Grosd.” A semen cupcake? We must have missed that recipe on the latest episode of Paul Wharton’s TV show.

Editor’s note: Stay tuned for more episodes of “What’s Yesha Tweeting?” In the meantime, Peter is gargling with Purel.

Morning Chatter

Quotes of the Day

NBC Washington meteorologist Tom Kierein: “Piercing sunrise over the Potomac in a clear sky this chilly Friday morning as seen by NBC4 HD City Cam at 6:05am”

“I need a drink.”Politico Congressional reporter Seung Min Kim.

Drudge Whoring

“Drudge just linked up my retrospective of O’s high school experiences.” —’s Ben Shapiro.

Roland Martin is addicted to ‘Scandal’

“If you aren’t hooked on @ScandalABC, you’re brain dead. Catch up watching @kerrywashington on” — CNN Contributor and “Washington Watch” host Roland Martin.

Depression is… “Twitter says I’ve tweeted 11,000 times. That’s about 183 hours I’ll never get back. #twitterblackhole” — NYT‘s Weekend Washington Editor David Joachim.

National butter warning

“Note to self: do not put pats of butter in pocket of fleece while carrying lunch back to office and then forget about them.” — Erika Niedowksi, formerly with The Hill and now with the AP in Providence, R.I.

Quote Taken out of Context

“And now I realize why in the past 20 minutes why I’ve had hundreds of Google hits about Lisa Turtle to my site..damnn..” — Blogger Yesha Callahan on the “Saved by the Bell” star. Some may better know Turtle, whose real name is Lark Voohries.

Journo makes a huge admission

“Guilty pleasure — judge away #NowPlaying I Want It That Way by Backstreet Boys on #Spotify” — WTOP’s Neal Augenstein.

Words to Live By

“If your Twitter name is @Obamamamadingdo it might be time to look in mirror.” — BuzzFeed’s Andrew Kaczynski.


Morning Chatter

Quotes of the Day

“Senator, the pornographic material has been removed from your desk.” — the note that “Veep” actress Julia Louis-Dreyfus said she left in Sen. Al Franken‘s (D-Minn.) desk on the Senate floor. She broke the news to Jon Stewart on The Daily Show last night.

Perino’s mesmerizing Pack

“The shiny backpack is memorizing [sic] to airport security. Looks great on he X-ray belt.” — Fox News Contributor Dana Perino. We’re pretty sure she meant mesmerizing. As some readers know, we’ve been having some fun with Perino’s sequined backpack this week after FNC’s Greg Gutfeld razzed her about it.

Yeah sure, Eddie

“Guy on bike actually hit me as I was running but my spidey senses kicked in and I was able to minimize the damage to my spinal cord.” — FBDC and The Blaze’s very imaginative Eddie Scarry. We’ll check for bruises later to make sure he’s okay.

Journo gets delayed by buggy, bonnet wearing woman

“Why yes, I did get delayed en route to Lancaster, PA, when I got stuck behind a horse-drawn buggy driven by a woman in a bonnet. America!” — The Atlantic‘s Molly Ball.

Leibo’s words of wisdom: ‘”Cartagena could be buzzword for wild behavior in political-roadtrip context. Usage: ‘The staff went all Cartagena at the victory party.’” — NYT’s Mark Leibovich.

Those were the days…

“Just reminiscing that when I covered the Clinton White House, it was the Secret Service that was embarassed [sic] by the president. Times change.” — CNBC’s Eamon Javers referring to members of the Secret Service purchasing prostitutes in Colombia.

Dolly Parton has a fan in the Washington Press Corps

“I’m never going to be a Meryl Streep. But then, she’ll never be a Dolly Parton either. Be true to you! :) ” — Dolly Parton. This was retweeted by Newsweek senior reporter Daniel Stone. The Hill‘s Amie Parnes then weighed in, saying, “I love that you RTed that.” Stone then felt compelled to reply: “Yep. Anyone who would apologize for RTing @Dolly_Parton aint a real fan.”

Juana attends ‘Nerd Happy Hour’

“Epitome of #nerdhappyhour w/ @ZekeJMiller, @evanmc_s and @ethanklapper.” — Politico‘s Juana Summers. As most know, Zeke Miller works for BuzzFeed, Evan McMorris Santoro for TPM and Ethan Klapper is at HuffPost.

Yesha on the phone

“My friend on the phone, ‘I’ve had sex with 3 women’..umm…thanks for that info…you’re not my type…she’s ridiculous.” — D.C. web designer and blogger Yesha Callahan, who later added, “She’s such a weirdo.”

By the way…HuffPost‘s David Wood, who won a Pulitzer, has a fan at Politico. It’s his wife, Assistant Managing Editor Beth Frerking.

Cryptic Convo Between Two Journos

Politico‘s Jonathan Martin to no one in particular: “Why won’t xxx apologize to xxx for xxx.” And this: “Xxx is saying xxx bc they don’t want to talk about xxx.”

Leibovich to Martin: “It’s a sign of desperation.”

Martin: “Mark Leibovich, it’s sad that xxx is turning to desperate negative attacks…’sad’ is good. ‘disappointing’ my fave. ‘unfortunate’ not bad.”

Leibovich: “Jonathan Martin, I’m finding all of this deeply troubling. I’m desperate to change the subject.”

Fish Poll Results: Yesterday we asked what you thought of DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz‘s (D-Fla.) new hairstyle and color. Most of you like it. In fact, 60.23 percent chose “Love it. She looks good with straight hair.” A reader named “Gussley” wrote in the Comment Section, “Hair, like chests, should be neither too big or totally flat on a woman.”

Peter Ogburn contributed to this report.


Morning Chatter

Quotes of the Day

Spring has sprung

“#DC forecast: Spring arrives. Few a.m. showers possible. Highs: 71-76. Stray p.m. shower. Overnight, 51-57. #Weather” — WTOP




Santorum’s wife wrong about God

“Santorum says his wife’s first response to idea of him running was: ‘I will not pray about it. God cannot possibly want you to do this.’” — HuffPost‘s Jon Ward.

Nasty Convo Between Two Journos

MSNBC and Mother JonesDavid Corn: “So Rush took a shot at me. (Audio coming.) If only he’d called me a ‘slut,’ then book sales would explode! #Showdown.”

Daily Caller‘s Jeff Poor: “Hi, I’m @DavidCornDC and I’m not accustomed to attention beyond the 50 viewers tuned in to MSNBC.”

Publicist urges Piers on questioning Karen Santorum

“Please say Piers Morgan has the balls to ask uber-pro life Karen Santorum about the time she lived w an abortion doc 30 yrs her senior.” — Publicist and former ABC “This Week” Producer Courtney Cohen.

Yesha humorously remembers her middle school bangs

“My bangs were always frozen when I was in middle school…I’m sure we helped ruin the ozone layer in 7th grade.” — Yesha Callahan. Callahan is the female blogger to whom ex-Rep. Chris Lee (R-N.Y.) emailed a shirtless picture of himself on CraigsList. She writes for Blogher and The Fresh Xpress.

The extent of Weigel’s compassion for Seamus

“That’s kind of where I’m at. I like dogs, agree that this was a creepy thing to do, but 29 years later…” — Slate‘s Dave Weigel on GOP Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney strapping the family dog to the roof. He also admitted he doesn’t have a dog and remarked, “Unless the dog suffered some long-term damage, why do I care.”

Craigslist Founder Joins Board of Center for Public Integrity

Craig Newmark, founder of, has joined the board of directors of the Center for Public Integrity, a nonprofit investigative news organization.

Newmark launched Craigslist in 1995. The site reaches far and wide — including the halls of Congress. Craigslist recently grabbed headlines in Washington when then-Rep. Chris Lee (R-N.Y.) flirted with Washington blogger Yesha Callahan, and sent her a shirtless photograph on Craigslist. She went off about it on, her personal blog.

In a release, CPI announced a “major” new initiative called “,” a 20-year plan to connect and protect organizations (including the Center for Public Integrity) that are doing good worldwide via the Internet.

Congressman’s Would-Be Mistress: ‘I’m the Bad Woman’

Bad girl Yesha Callahan has written what she claims is her “first and last” blog post on the subject of Ex-Rep. Chris Lee (R-N.Y.). Late last night, WaPo‘s Reliable Sources broke the identity of the woman who the now infamous congressman sent his shirtless photograph to on Craigslist.

Now she spills all on her personal blog, The luscious Callahan has freelanced for, which sent us the latest news. In short: “Sure I received the photos, yes I sent them to Gawker.”

Read her lengthy post entitled “Owning My Shit” here. She posted about an hour ago.

Yesha is a serious bad ass. She writes, “Excuse me for not realizing asking “Do you have something that doesn’t look like a JCPenney Ad” is considered enticing nowadays. Maybe I’ll use it more often. Maybe it’ll keep me off of Craigslist. Maybe it’ll yield me a financially & emotionally stable man. I mean anything is possible right?”