What we almost missed today…

You’ve got [fan] mail: Jonas Bros. hit AOL’s company picnic this weekend.

Frustrated Journos Take On Off-the-Record: Paul Bedard‘s got the scoop at Washington Whispers.

Bob Woodward was at the White House today.

It’s a hard knock life: Bloomberg reports that McGraw Hill may be putting Business Week up for adoption.

• While reporting on President Obama and the economy tonight, “Hardball” used this photo of the President’s Senate successor Sen. Roland Burris, instead of Obama himself. Oops.

• Webnewser has this wrap of online media’s coverage of day one of Judge Sonia Sotomayor’s confirmation hearings.

Bob Woodruff‘s first report from Iraq was scheduled to air on “World News” tonight, but a severe sandstorm in Kirkuk has interfered with satellite capabilities and producers on the ground are unable to feed material. He’s scheduled to report for tomorrow’s “Good Morning America,” weather permitting.