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WSJ update: If you don’t come in on Saturday…

…don’t bother coming in on Sunday. People working in the ever-expanding hallways of the Journal empire tell Fishbowl that until recently, journos there have been griping about being leaned on to crank out that vaunted new Weekend Edition, a.k.a. That Damn Extra Day A Week We Lose With The Kids, which pops on Sept. 17. Solution: WSJ acquired both CBS MarketWatch and, more recently, hip Brit financial column – the latter of which is editored by Winston Churchill’s great-grandson Hugo Dixon and will appear in the new weekend paper.

Now WSJ journos are tweaked that the new tenants are stealing their thunder and that they should be cut in on the new action. Hey, guys, which is it? Are you in an overworked Gulag, or are you jealous of your new fellow inmates? Can’t have both.

Peter Jennings has lung cancer.

TOCjennings.gifCNN just reported on its air that ABC World News Tonight anchor Peter Jennings has lung cancer and will receive chemotherapy treatment. According to the network, he will stay as anchor while being treated. Stay tuned.

Jets vs. Cablevision

New York Jets Stadium_open roof1.jpgNBC just reported that the MTA board voted to accept the Jets’ stadium bid over Cablevision’s, even if the Madison Square Garden owner offered more money.

Scoreboard: Bloomberg 1, waiting for the call from the Olympic Committee. Any day now, Mike.

In Touch with your anger: Houriet out?

intouch.jpgA Fishbowler somewhere inside the InTouch Weekly hive told us that news director Susan Houriet abruptly left that august publication earlier this afternoon without giving notice.

Meanwhile, over at Inside TV, TV Guide’s soon to be launched direct competitor, editor Steve LeGrice (himself let go once from In Touch) might be the beneficiary of all this tsuris. (sp?) Because our loyal eyes tell us that’s precisely where Houriet (and whomever may go with her – we heard “half her photo staff” are being wooed) is headed. Bad blood? Coincidence? Memorex? A pipe dream? Separate the wheat from the chaff by using your little anonymous tips box. G’wan. Try it, Dear Reader. It really is what it says.

Shooting? Oh, right. But first, this news:

WDJT Breaking News.jpgThere are days when NPR seems almost hip. This morning, when Fishbowl listened to Morning Edition and heard Tom Brokaw (yeah, he really does sound like William Hurt in “Broadcast News” when you don’t look at him) do a guests stint in the interviewer’s chair we thought, okay, that’s kinda cute. But then we looked at the NPR website:

While the rest of the MSM are running around in Atlanta like a coopful of chickens seeing the farmer coming with the axe (thanks, Dan), the suede-patch news provider chose to lead with the fact that the new SATs are released tomorrow. Talk about Your Priorities, Rearranged. Guys, ever hear this one: If it bleeds, it leads? Just here to help.

Didn’t CNN have a point, after all?

malkin.jpgCan we we take a beat to point out the obvious? Michelle Malkin is still crowing about her part in the blog-hunt that brought down CNN’s Eason Jordan, and continues to whack CNN for its coverage about the bungled rescue of Il Manifesto’s Giulia Sgrena, during which an Italian operative was killed. But, Mich, wasn’t Jordan’s point (beyond the disputed assertion that GIs deliberately target journos) that too many reporters are killed in Iraq? And isn’t it still happening? Isn’t the reason one more journo isn’t on the slab the simple fact that the guy who died this time did so protecting Sgrena? You might think Berlusconi is a twit for trying to pay off the kidnappers, but have a smidgen of respect for the dead. You’ll find the word “respect” sandwiched between “resourceful” and “respectable” in the dictionary. And you might consider picking one of them for yourself.

Wolcott Iraqs Andersen’s world (view)

kurt.jpgNice to see that James Wolcott apparently read Fishbowl’s (we’d like to think somewhat more civil) posting three weeks ago. Now, he’s taking all his ammo to poor Kurt Andersen, who suggested in New York Mag that Liberal Guilt has it even worse now that Bush allegedly is cleaning up in Iraq. We’ll leave the judgment of that theory up to you, Dear Reader, but here it is.

Score: Wolcott ahead by one point, but we’re taking it back because he uses Matt Taibbi as his go-between instead of wielding the pen himself. So the score is even, Fishbowl figures. Until Kurt weighs in, that is, most likely with more finely-tuned adverbs than any of us will be able properly to decipher without a dictionary. Stay tuned!

Bashir update: ABC does love him. A lot.

mabash.jpgAfter Fishbowl told you yesterday that Martin Bashir’s employer ABC seemed not to be giving him the requisite level of Corporate Love in his contretemps with the Santa Maria County judge presiding in the Michael Jackson trial, word has filtered down from said network that, no, ABC does love him. “We totally got his back,” one top-level ABCer told us. They’re even paying for the attorney who’s trying to keep Bashir out of jail for contempt.

Fishbowl thinks that’s great. We also think ABC should consider referring to some of this outpouring of support on their website, which, apparently, still never heard of the guy.

Advantage: The Judge, who ain’t happy about having this kind of thing go on in his courtroom, but who also doesn’t want to blow the whole thing by sentencing Marty to jail before the trial is properly underway. It’s still a sixty-forty proposition in the Court’s favor, despite ABC stepping up for their guy. But at least the cavalry’s here.

Martin Bashir vs. State of California

bashir.jpgSeems like the “shield” protecting journos from jail is getting a bit worn these days. Martin Bashir, who joined ABC from the BBC recently, has refused to answer questions in Santa Maria Co. and could face jail time.

In an age where at least CBS is looking to get rid of troublesome employees, you think Bashir’s new employer’s got his back on this one? Fishbowl looked and looked all over the ABC website and found not one reference to Martin’s Last Stand. Hmm… Feel the company loyalty embracing you yet, Marty?

Prediction: If he doesn’t recant? Then it’s as our old friend Elvis Costello said once: “Let’im dangle.”

Free film school class with Bill! Enroll early!

1-2-Bill-O-Reilly.jpgNow that the Oscars are safely behind us, Fishbowl wanted to offer to its constituents a crash course in filmmaking by a scion of that popular medium, Bill O’Reilly. He had Clint Eastwood on his show right before the Awards, during which Mr. Bill lauded Million Dollar Baby for being “fair and balanced” and for not trying to “brainwash” anybody. Eastwood, wisely, ducked and didn’t take the bait.

We’ll resist going for the jugular here, Bill, because we know you haven’t the foggiest idea that filmmaking and the kind of editorial advocacy-journalism that you’re engaged in have nothing in common except both genres use cameras.

Tune in next week, where Bill will discuss the ephemeral difference between “biased” and “just plain mean” with Roger Ailes. There will be a test on it later.