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UPDATE: Buzznet Employee Blogs About Prop 8 Arrest


For those of you left wondering about the two Buzznet employees who were arrested during the “Repeal Prop 8″ rally last week, Mark Oshiro blogged an update on Buzznet’s site. (That’s not him, by the way, that’s a photo he took of another beaten protester.)

One of the most remarkable things about Oshiro’s experience in jail was how he got out. Unable to reach anybody by phone to tell them he’d been arrested, Oshiro got creative:

After waiting at the Pacific Station for over an hour, Richard was booked in first. I was next, about 20-30 minutes later. While being booked in to jail, I was able to make this Twitter while they were logging in my possessions:


At that point, it was nearly 9pm. Almost 6 hours later, I still was not given the chance to make a phone call, contact a lawyer, or notify anyone that I was arrested. I actually had no idea if anyone knew where I was.

Changes In the LAT Washington Buro

PBS mug.jpg
Russ Stanton sent the following memo to staffers today, explaining some changes. Not mentioned in the following note is the fact that former Washington bureau chief Doyle McManus is officially an op-ed columnist in DC. We’re still not clear what Tom McCarthy, his #2, does. Stay tuned…


As you have seen, the company is making some changes to the operations of our Washington office, beginning with the naming of Cissy Baker to the new position of vice president of the Washington News Bureau of the Tribune Co.

More details will be unveiled in the coming days, but one thing that will not change is the mission of the bureau: to continue to break news and deliver unique and high quality enterprise, investigative and analytical stories to our readers — in print, online and over the airwaves.

Most of the staffing for the new operation will come from the Los Angeles Times and Chicago Tribune and we will continue to give our readers the top-notch journalism that they have come to expect from us.

Russ Stanton

[UPDATE: LAT issues press release about McManus which follows:]

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KTLA Captures Arrest of Two Buzznet Employees At Prop 8 Rally

We have it on good authority that the two guys being shoved and handcuffed by cops during yesterday’s anti-Prop 8 rally were Buzznet employees, Mark Oshiro and Rich Flores.

LAT In 90 Seconds

38857174-14120917.jpgNot Running: The guy who developed The Grove, Rick Caruso, has put an end to months of Internet whispering and said “he would not challenge incumbent Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa in the city’s March election.”

43161219-02145804.jpgGraph O’The Day: From a Kim Murphy piece about Sarah Palin: “With her vice-presidential carriage turned back into a pumpkin, Palin faces a return to a state rife with hard feelings, a sagging budget and rising political uncertainty. Will its powerful veteran U.S. senator hold on to his job despite a felony corruption conviction? And what can Palin do about her home-grown political adversaries, some of them showing a gleeful appetite for torpedoing whatever national political ambitions the governor may harbor?”

36942334.jpgAnd Now Back To Important Stuff: With the election over, reporters can now go back to reporting the stuff we really care about… like how badly Halle Berry dressed herself before she got a stylist. Don’t know what to do with yourself now that Obama’s in the White House? Enjoy this picture book thingy by Elizabeth Snead.

LAT Diggs With Stoopid

Our friends on Franklin Ave. today point out that the LAT is getting all proud of its Digg ratings. So proud, that they’ve forgotten to vet them before showing them off online. To wit, the fifth item down:


San Francisco Chronicle Cuts Anniversary Gifts

Fountain pen - 1s25w.bmpTo cut costs, the SF Chronicle has nixed its “Service Awards Program,” in which employees who have worked for the paper five, 10 and 20 years received a pen, gym bag and leather picture frame, respectively.

A memo explaining the change states “This is being done as a cost-cutting measure during difficult economic times and in no way reflects a diminished appreciation of your contributions to the organization.”

Instead, presumably, the Chron will honor milestones of service the way the rest of the nation’s papers now do: With severance packages.

Barack Obama Is Good For TV

According to Matea Gold at the LAT, a record 71 million watched Barack Obama’s historic win Tuesday. The breakdown:

*ABC captured 13.13 million pairs of eyes.
*CNN drew 13.3 million people watching overall – though 12.3 million watched the network’s coverage during primetime.
*NBC came in third with 12.02 million viewers.

People Still Lining Up For Yesterday’s News


LAT officials tell us people are lined up around the block at Spring Street for commemorative editions of yesterday’s paper.

LAT Prints Additional 100,000 Copies of Yesterday’s Paper

latfrsdsont.jpgFrom the LAT Readers’ Representative:

Jack D. Klunder, president of the Los Angeles Times Newspaper, says The Times is printing an additional 82,000 newspapers. (*Update: Klunder now says that The Times will print more — an additional 25,000 copies — and plans to produce today’s edition as long as demand continues.) They are being sold in stores around L.A., and from The Times’ two lobbies in downtown Los Angeles, where people started lining up at 11 a.m. (Vendors in the lobby on Spring Street said they’d sold about 1,500 as of early afternoon).

Here’s how it stacks up with other big-news-day sales: After the first day of the Persian Gulf War in 1991, The Times sold an additional 216,000 papers. The Space Shuttle Challenger explosion led to sales of an additional 118,000. Says Klunder, “We expect to sell about 100,000 additional papers today. Normal big-headline stories (fires, earthquakes, etc.) sell from 20,000 to 40,000″ additional copies.

That’s change American newspapers can believe in!

The Real Victors: American Newspapers


We haven’t seen lines forming at newsstands in L.A., but Gawker is reporting that NY stands are running out of papers.
Allow us to repeat that for you: Stands are running out of newspapers today!