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Tina Dupuy

Colbert Takes on Hollywood…And Atlas Shrugged

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Stephen Colbert on Atlas Shrugged, “I can explain further – but why should I care if you understand?”

Atlas Shrugged Part Two: The Trailer

This comes to us from our ol’ buddy Andy Cobb.

Atlas Shrugged, ‘Meh’

In a piece titled, “Paul Ryan and the New Politics of Sadism” in Esquire they draw a fascinating parallel:

In terms of their connection to actual human reality, the difference between the doctrines of Ayn Rand and the doctrines of L. Ron Hubbard is not substantial, and the fervor of their acolytes is almost exactly the same. Picking Paul Ryan to handle your political economy is tantamount to electing Tom Cruise to be pope.

We’ll add one more: In 2000 when Battlefield Earth, a movie based on a L Ron Hubbard novel, came out the reviews were universally bad and by and large hilarious.

Now Atlas Shrugged Part I is registering similar on Rotten Tomatoes. It’s ranking (as of this posting) is 6% on the Tomatometer. Reviews like:
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Freelancer Suing Huffpo Also Sued NYT in Supreme Court…And Won

Freelance writer Jonathan Tasini is suing Arianna Huffington. We’ve discussed how well she’s taking it.

Tasini wrote on his blog this morning:

There is little doubt that unjust enrichment has taken place. In society, our law tries to reflect our moral values, and vice versa. The thousands of bloggers created the value of the Huffington Post. Arianna Huffington created a tiny piece of that value—but she has declared that she, and only she, should benefit from the value of the sale to AOL.

I have no idea whether we will win the legal case. Judges do what they will do. It is a novel argument—as was the legal argument at the heart of the case I brought against The New York Times in 1993, which we won in the U.S. Supreme Court in 2001 (and, full disclosure, yes, Scalia, Thomas and Rehnquist also voted in our favor in the 7-2 decision—a fact I will have to live with). At the time, many pundits or “observers” opined that we had no chance. So, I suggest we all take the opinions of various people with a healthy dose of skepticism, or, at least, a “wait and see” attitude.

Wait – what?! His case against the New York Times went to the Supreme Court?! And he won?! Wow – we can’t even IMAGINE 7-2 decisions anymore…

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Multi-Millionaire Media Mogul Compelled to Publicly Scoff at Peon Suing Her

What is that bad taste in our mouths? Maybe it’s Arianna Huffington‘s post “above the fold” on the front page of Huffington Post cataloging all the people who agree with her and not with the lowly free-blogger suing her for non-payment.

She writes:

The lawsuit filed Tuesday by Jonathan Tasini is so utterly without merit, and has been so thoroughly eviscerated in the media — including being ridiculed as the “dumbest lawsuit ever”…

Yeah, remember back when Arianna was the voice of the downtrodden? You know when Pigs at the Trough didn’t sound like it could be an autobiography? You know, like December?

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LAT Op-Ed Chooses a Bad Comparison

We know it’s April 1st and this could be a joke – but we’re buying it anyway. Michael Walker compares the Huffington Post blogger pay dispute with the Comedy Store strike of 1979.

Like Huffington, Shore insisted that the Comedy Store was a showcase where comedians could get exposure that would lead to paying gigs elsewhere — talent agents and bookers for “The Tonight Show” were in regular attendance, she pointed out. The comedians were unmoved; without them, they argued, there would be no customers. But Shore was adamant. “The Comedy Store is a workshop,” she said, “and in that environment the comics don’t deserve to get paid.”

First off – Huffington Post’s main bloggers get paid by the organizations they work for. That’s a big chunk of the now free bloggers. Can’t say that for the Comedy Store.

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Daily Show: When Reporters Attack

Just in case you missed it. Because you really shouldn’t have.

Nancy Grace refuses to take science for an answer, and Steve Harrigan sends Joey Expendable to the Gaddafi compound.

FishbowlLA Editor Interviewed at E&P

Your favorite FishbowlLA editor (just face it) was interviewed in the new/old newspaper trade mag Editor and Publisher.

Rob Tornoe writes:

An irreverent yet unassuming humorist, Tina Dupuy, syndicated by Cagle Cartoons, has been making waves in newspapers across the country since starting her weekly column in 2010. An obsession with famed San Francisco Chronicle satirist Art Hoppe led Dupuy down the path of journalism, and her experience as a stand-up comedian has infused her strong liberal viewpoints with a sharp sense of humor.

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Wikileaks Billboard Spotted on Highland

This comes to us from LA Taco. The group Support Wikileaks Los Angeles raised enough money to put up their first billboard at Highland and Santa Monica. They are now asking for donations for a second one.

Great. Just what Jullian Assange needs – to become LA’s new Angelyne.

Maria Elena Fernandez Lands at Daily Beast

Former LA Times reporter, Maria Elena Fernandez has secured a new gig at The Daily Beast/Newsweek according to our sources. She’s set to start next month as their senior entertainment reporter. In addition to the LAT, Fernandez has worked at the Washington Post, Atlanta Constitution and Fort Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel.

Congratulations Maria Elena!