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Armchair Sociology

Big Government Publishes New Planned Parenthood Sting Video

Live Action founder Lila Rose has published a new–once again, highly suspect, highly edited–video on Andrew Breitbart‘s Big Government site, purporting to show Planned Parenthood workers in Virginia helping a “pimp” to circumnavigate the law to get abortions for his underage prostitutes.

Writes Rose:

Young girls are going into Planned Parenthood clinics every day, too many the victims of abuse. According to the Department of Justice, an estimated 300 to 400 thousand children are trafficked for sex every year.

Some are taken to Planned Parenthood clinics for secret abortions. Instead of reporting the abusers of minors and young women, Planned Parenthood is enabling pimps and predators with their refusal to report abuse and willingness to assist the pimp’s underage prostitution business.

Yuh, huh…

Well, that’s the biggest bullshit we’ve seen in quite some time. If what Rose says is true, then, as a journalist, the natural thing to do would be to find several of these trafficked girls and tell their stories. Then you send reporters out undercover to corroborate the girls’ stories. Instead of, you know, making the whole thing up.

This new video could not be edited in a more patchwork fashion. It reminds us of one of those Arnold Schwarzenegger soundboard phony phone calls.

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The SAG Awards: Jewels, Monarchs and Billionaires

Call us crazy, but what does it say about our culture that in the midst of a general American decline, on the eve of austerity measures poised to virtually eliminate the social safety net, and in the middle of a democratic movement in the Middle East that in a matter of months could potentially take away access to all the cheap, ill-gotten oil our society is built on, do we choose to elevate films about a power-hungry billionaire, a pitiable British monarch and ballet, while lavishing praise and attention upon an actress–Natalie Portman–for showing up to her celebration decked out in $2 million worth of jewels?

We’ll let you ponder that as you take a peak at the SAG Award winners from last night. After the jump:

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Us Weekly Cover With Elton John’s Baby Too Controversial for Arkansas

Ooohh boy. Apparently Us Weekly‘s most recent cover, featuring Elton John posed with husband and son, is too much for customers of the popular Arkansas chain store Harps. The store had to install a “family shield” in front of the cover to protect children from seeing THE GAYS!!!

In fairness, it doesn’t sound like the store took the initiative on this one. The website CoverAwards called the cashier at the Harps store in question, who said customers had been complaining about the cover, demanding something be done.

“We’re in a no win situation,” she said, adding she thought it was ridiculous that anyone would complain. “They’re going to have to know at some point [about gay families].”

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Bill Simmons Discusses Being ‘Out’ in the Sports World

Bill Simmons most recent podcast is a good one. Simmons had openly gay ESPN sports reporter LZ Granderson on to talk about longtime Boston Herald sports columnist Steve Buckley‘s recent “coming out” column. Simmons says he expected more from Buckley’s piece.

“In 2011, is it too little to come out and write a column that says, ‘I’m gay?’”

Granderson disagreed: “I’m certain his words touched someone that needed to hear those words. It was evident during the discussion surrounding ‘Don’t Ask Don’t Tell,’ we have a long way to go to discussing homosexuality in a rational way. So I’m happy he did it.”

Though Granderson has lived as an openly gay man for years–he was an out gay man before he was an out sports fan–he says, “I never wrote an ‘I am gay column.’” Though he certainly has covered gay issues in relation to sports, Granderson’s first column that addressed his own sexuality came after he was gay bashed at a party in New Orleans for the 2008 NBA All-Star Game. “My t-shirt didn’t reach my knees, so they thought it was too small,” Granderson says, of what started the incident. Eight to ten men then surrounded him, calling him “faggot,” until police broke up the scene.

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Matt Taibbi Surprisingly Instrospective Over Gabrielle Giffords Shooting

On his Rolling Stone blog, infamous rhetorical bomb-thrower Matt Taibbi seems to be feeling a tad guilty over his journalistic methods, in the wake of the Gabrielle Giffords assassination attempt in Tuscon.

As a member of the political media, and a vitriol-spewing one at that, the Tucson shooting immediately made me ask myself the question: do I personally do anything to add to this obvious problem of a hypercharged, rhetorically overheated political atmosphere? And the unfortunate answer I came up with was, maybe. I’ve always told myself that what I do is different from what someone like Rush does, because I don’t target classes of people and try not to exempt anyone (even myself) from criticism, or favor either party.

I’ve also counted on the belief that anyone who’s willing to devote the mental energy to even follow whatever wild rhetoric I’m using is probably also smart enough to tell the difference between reality and hyperbole. I also hope that anyone reading my articles will get the underlying message that I’m pretty sure — I hope I’m sure, anyway — I’m conveying at all times, i.e. that violence is irresponsible, that we should use our brains instead of baseball bats to solve problems, etc.

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Bill Maher’s Christmas Video

We don’t believe in Oprah but we’re afraid of her. Bill Maher‘s a brave, brave man.

Things That Make You Go ‘Ouch’

Here’s the full size image.

Here’s the Jon Stewart segment last night.

Hat tip Reddit

Sympathy for Credit-Challenged Celebs Maxed Out

Sometimes, the unlikeliest Internet content can surface from the unlikeliest of online sources. Take today’s Op Ed from the Austin, TX newsroom of, actually one of the more legitimate players in this field rather than a purveyor of search engine cluttering SEO content.

In pointing to upside-down SoCal big spenders such as Timothy Busfield, Heidi Montag (pictured) and Lenny Dykstra, contributor Ann Brenoff makes the very valid point that the public’s tolerance for such behavior in today’s decimated United States of Jobless Recovery America has waned. But what really caught our attention is the famous sidekick she tied the public opinion shift to.

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Vogue‘s Patronizing Treatment of Asian Models

December’s issue of Vogue features a two-page spread of eight high-profile Asian models, photographed by the legendary Steven Meisel. The mag, which has never once featured an Asian model on the cover of its American edition, declares that the women featured are “redefining traditional concepts of beauty.”

As of Jen Wang of notes:

Which raises the question, “traditional concepts of beauty” where, exactly? Because there are plenty of places in the world where, traditionally speaking, Asian women have long been considered beautiful. Like in, um, Asia, for example? Even in Western countries, Asian beauty, for lack of a more specific term, isn’t a new concept.

Having given the Asian models a little pat on the head, Vogue will surely have us back to our regularly scheduled parade of white faces by next month’s issue.

So, NPR is Just Like the Nazis?

Here’s one of those statements that really deserves a follow-up question: Howard Kurtz at the Daily Beast interviewed Fox News chairman Roger Ailes. Ailes offered about National Public Radio,”They are, of course, Nazis. They have a kind of Nazi attitude. They are the left wing of Nazism.”

Kurtz should have asked what Ailes thinks of CSPAN or the BBC – they have to be like tyrannical WWII mass murderers too, right? Totally the same thing?

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