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Election ’08

The Barack Obama Election Windfall Continues Online and in Print

large_BARACK-MICHELLE.JPGTurns out President-Elect Obama isn’t just selling newspapers he’s selling magazines and websites, too! The New York Post is reporting that Time and Newsweek, both of whom rushed election issues to the newsstands following Obama’s win on Tuesday, are selling out in metropolitan markets and are in the process of printing extra copies.

By late yesterday, Time, which published more than 100,000 extra copies, had already gone back to press, while Newsweek, which also added 100,000 to its print run, was very close to doing the same.

Meanwhile, on the Internets the Web experienced its highest traffic volume ever (ever is currently defined as the last three years, which is when the measuring of online traffic began). According to the Times “8.5 million visitors per minute clicked onto news Web sites worldwide from 11 p.m. to midnight…Several online news sites, including those produced by MSNBC, CNN and ABC News, said that Tuesday ranked as their most-visited day ever.” For some sites including the and traffic continued to surge post-election with both sites setting all time traffic records on Wednesday.

Report: Obama Taps Robert Gibbs For Press Secretary

081105_gibbs_297.jpgThat was fast! Partly in an effort keep from replicating Bill Clinton‘s troubled transition and partly because the world the Obama administration is going to encounter in January is such a mess, the President-Elect’s team is wasting no time! Yesterday news broke that Rahm Emmanuel (Raaaaahm in certain circles) had been offered the chief of staff position, and today comes word that Robert Gibbs has been tapped for the position of press secretary. Per Politico:

Gibbs was usually the senior official on Air Obama, the campaign plane. As communications director of Obama’s Senate office, Gibbs was a key strategist in Obama’s rapid move to the national stage…The announcement is likely to be viewed favorably by reporters because Gibbs has unquestioned authority, access and institutional memory.

Jon Stewart on the Election: ‘Oh Bush Impression, I’ll Miss You the Most’

Election Night ’08: Party Lines

236nop.jpgYou don’t need us to tell you that last night was a night for celebration! Parties abounded across the city. While FBNY was twittering the night away at the CNN Grill, a number of other media types stuck to Will Leitch‘s apartment in Brooklyn. By all accounts we missed a good time at HuffPo’s big 23/6 bash (pictured NYO‘s Matt Haber and Portfolio‘s Jeff Bercovici). And for a sense of the scene on the streets check this out.

Election Night ’08: The Speeches

On the very, very, very off chance that you were say, kidnapped by aliens last night and missed this here is Barack Obama‘s victory speech. John McCain‘s enormously graceful one follows after the jump.

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Newsweek Takes a Look Behind the Campaign ’08 Curtain: Wasilla Hillbillies and Russian Hackers, Oh My!

palmcccon.pngInevitably the next few weeks will result in many-behind-the-scenes, this is was really happened accounts, or book deals. Particularly, one imagines, from the McCain camp where, despite John McCain‘s gracious speech last night the finger-pointing must have already begun (Sarah Palin watch your back!). Newsweek appears to be getting a head start in their 2008 Special Election Issue and wow there’s some juicy stuff! From the report:

  • Sometime during the summer the Obama computer system was hacked into by a “sophisticated, unknown “foreign entity” (apparently from Russia or China). The Obama camp was unaware of how serious it was until the FBI and White House contacted them the next day to alert them: “FBI and White House officials told the Obama campaign that they believed that a foreign entity or organization sought to gather information on the evolution of both camps’ policy issues — information that might be useful in negotiations with a future administration.” The Obama campaign quickly secured the system.

The speculation is that the hackers were Chinese or Russian. Now back to Palin, who apparently spent WAY more than $150,000 (and you know this is only going to be the beginning of the Palin shopping-gate).

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Worth Repeating: The Onion on Obama’s Election

onnggriginal.jpgFrom the Onion:

Although polls going into the final weeks of October showed Sen. Obama in the lead, it remained unclear whether the failing economy, dilapidated housing market, crumbling national infrastructure, health care crisis, energy crisis, and five-year-long disastrous war in Iraq had made the nation crappy enough to rise above 300 years of racial prejudice and make lasting change.

Carrying a majority of the popular vote, Obama did especially well among women and young voters, who polls showed were particularly sensitive to the current climate of everything being fucked. Another contributing factor to Obama’s victory, political experts said, may have been the growing number of Americans who, faced with the complete collapse of their country, were at last able to abandon their preconceptions and cast their vote for a progressive African-American.

Covering President-Elect Barack Obama: The International Newsstand Edition

Barack Obama Elected President


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