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Vegas Journo Remembers the UFO Congressional Hearings That Almost Were

What nearly happened in Vegas. Not quite the famous local tourism slogan, but rather a perfect summary of the nugget at the center of a delightful Las Vegas City Life op ed by Peabody Award-winning KLAS-TV Channel 8 reporter George Knapp (pictured).

Picking up on the UFO “Citizen Hearing on Disclosure” event being held this week at Washington’s National Press Club, Knapp says that informal PR push is likely to be the closest thing we see in our lifetimes to an Area 51-focused Congressional hearing. But it’s not because elected officials weren’t once interested:

Only a handful of people know this, but in the late ’90’s there was a concerted effort to hold a limited-focus set of congressional hearings into UFO cases involving national-security matters. The impetus behind the proposed hearings originated right here in Las Vegas, the brainchild of some pretty smart and influential people.

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Columnist Takes SoCal Dailies to Task for Iraq War 10th Anniversary Coverage

Veteran journalist Frank Gormlie offers a long, hard look today in the San Diego Free Press at how well U-T San Diego and the LA Times marked the March 19 tenth anniversary of the Iraq War. Specifically, whether the publications clearly highlighted the lies upon which President George W. Bush and Dick Cheney‘s offensive was founded.

He gives both papers very poor marks. In the LAT’s case, he notes that while the op eds “Iraq War: Lessons Learned?” (March 17) and “The What-if’s of Iraq” (March 19) were better than anything in the U-T, the paper’s coverage still woefully and scandalously skirted around the fact that the American public was deliberately lied to. From Gormlie’s piece:

It was almost expected that the U-T would glorify the war, talk up the tribulations of our very own soldiers and marines and tell us how much we benefited in dollars because of the war. But the LA Times?

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Former Mayor’s Aide Sums Up the State of San Diego Media

Aides to big-city mayors can be a lot more frank about the media once the mayor they serve has left office.

Mayor Jerry Sanders vacated his post December 3, 2012. Last night, at an event sponsored by San Diego’s chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists, his former aide Darren Pudgil cheekily summed up the current local media landscape:

“There’s a wide spectrum. You have U-T San Diego, which is now kind of right of Reagan, and then you have San Diego CityBeat which … has been left of Lenin.”

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Arnold Schwartzenegger Stops By Reddit–Says Twins 2 Will Happen

America’s favorite philandering Austrian Governator swung by Reddit today to do an “Ask Me Anything” session. As of the writing of this post he was still going. So go ask him something if you’re so inclined.

Thus far, not a whole lot to life lessons have been imparted to the girly men boys of Reddit. We did, however, learn that Arnold knows to write in cursive–even if he isn’t particularly good at it. We also learned that Twins 2 is apparently a go, with Danny Devito and Eddie Murphy.

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Charlie Sheen, Antonio Villaraigosa Aren’t Really BFFs

You’ve probably seen the photo by now of actor Charlie Sheen and Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa sharing an awkward man-hug.

Well, the Mayor went on NBC’s News Conference to shed some light about how the two ran into each other.

Both guys were in Cabo San Lucas and Sheen asked to take a photo with Villaraigosa.

“I’m in the picture taking business,” Villaraigosa said on NBC. “I’ve never said no to anyone that wants to take a picture…I was on vacation. I deserve a vacation from time to time.”

Let this be a heads up to anyone who happens to run into Mayor Villaraigosa as he plays out his term — ask him for that picture and make sure to put it on Instagram.

[H/T LA Observed]

Porn Stars Are Happier Than You

Score one for L.A.’s other film industry. According to a recent study published in the Journal of Sex Research, porn actresses have higher levels of self-esteem than the average woman. They also report greater sexual satisfaction, to the surprise of absolutely no one.

The study was conducted to explore the popular notion that porn actresses “have higher rates of childhood sexual abuse (CSA), psychological problems, and drug use compared to the typical woman.” According to the results, the “damaged goods” label is bunk. Adult film actresses were found to be as psychologically healthy as the general public, and were no more likely to have been abused as children than the average woman.

But it’s worth noting that the study only interviewed Los Angeles porn actresses. Ours is the largest and best regulated porn industry in the world, where actors are afforded the same legal protections and rights as other American workers. In those places where pornography is underground and women do not enjoy equal rights, we kinda doubt that the porn actresses are all that happy.

The moral of the story? Buy American!

Pictured: The ecstatic Jesse Jane and Asa Akira. Hat tip AVN

David Horsey Illustrates President Obama’s Victory

Los Angeles Times political cartoonist and commentator David Horsey illustrated the above cartoon following Tuesday’s re-election of President Obama.

“The people have spoken. President Obama has won a chance to move beyond the stunted progress of his first term and, perhaps, become a historic president,” Horsey wrote on Wednesday. “On the losing side, the Republican Party remains shut out of the White House and has blown a chance to take over the U.S. Senate, largely because it catered to the narrow concerns of tea party zealots and social conservatives who imagined themselves as the only authentic Americans but who are, in fact, way out of step with most of the people in this country.”

This is where I bow out before the comments section of this post turns into back-and-forth political bickering. Save it for 2016.

The Dead Are Rising to Vote

Hands down, best election story we’ve read today. A Michigan man died while attempting to vote today, only to be revived and finish what he started.


“He was dead,” Ty Houston, the nurse who revived the man, told the Detroit News. “He had no heartbeat and he wasn’t breathing.”

After successfully administering CPR, Houston says the first thing the man asked after he had been brought back to life was, “Did I vote?”

No word yet on who the man actually voted for.

Harvey Weinstein Fashions Faux Mitt Romney Trailer

This afternoon, Harvey Weinstein has shared on The Huffington Post the kind of entry that brings back memories of the website’s earliest beginnings. Before the AOL acquisition, before the New York conference room SEO nanosecond expertise, before the third-party content mirroring, it was just Arianna Huffington’s celebrity friends posting their random observations.

Folks like Weinstein, who follows up last night’s lively appearance on Piers Morgan Tonight with a faux trailer for the Mitt Romney drama Hindsight. This Democratic ditty was put together with the help of John Stockwell, Meghan O’Hara and Weinstein’s Silver Linings Playbook star Bradley Cooper.

For good measure, there’s also some soundtrack assistance from Roger Daltrey and Pete Townshend. Enjoy or – as several already have in the HuffPo comments – dismiss.

Adult Performer Says Porn Industry Already a Step Ahead of Measure B

Tuesday’s Measure B, a.k.a. the County of Los Angeles Safer Sex in the Adult Film Industry Act, seeks to require health permits and mandatory condoms and-or dental dams for all X-rated film shoots.

Ahead of voting day, adult performer Richie Calhoun itemizes via Tumblr some very convincing reasons why the mandated use of condoms may endanger rather than protect on-camera talent. He also writes that his industry has already been in dress rehearsal for a “Yes” majority vote:

If you think the next scene from your favorite porn performer after Measure B’s passage is going to be a condom scene, you’re dreaming. They’ll shoot in a studio that doesn’t require permits. They’ll shoot in a secret location with a smaller crew. They’ll shoot in San Francisco. Companies already shoot in Vegas and Malibu anticipating this possible snag in LA production.

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