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Archives: March 2005

Paris Review update

New Paris Review editor Philip Gourevitch is already shaking things up at the magazine. Deputy Editor Lea Carpenter, who was brought in to oversee the business side of the publication after the death of George Plimpton, is leaving, as is Ben Ryder Howe, who, according to Gourevitch, viewed the transition as “an opportunity to pursue his freelancing.”

Senior editor Oliver Broudy has been promoted to Managing Editor, following the recent departure of Fiona Maazel. And now that intern Ryan Carr has been promoted to editorial assistant, Gourevitch says they’re reviving their dormant internship program. He’s also looking to fill two editorial positions and doesn’t know if they’ll expand the staff under his tenure, but says they’re “certainly not shrinking it.”

Departures in the wake of a new editor invariably raise questions about the possibility of a major housecleaning, but Gourevitch says he has no plans for that and has assured staff members that their jobs are secure. “I was very poorly informed about what went on before I got there,” he says. “Almost everyone had been considering their position as ‘tentative.’ [But] I’m really pleased with the people who are there.”

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The Exciting Lives of Los Angeles Freelance Writers, Part 284

Wow, Amy Alkon sure has a lot of time on her hands. And she sure knows impressive people, like someone “who does some PR for Halle Berry, whom [she'll] probably see at dinner tomorrow night” and her lawyer who works “for a pretty huge Hollywood entertainment firm, and is in charge of the legal work for a TV network,” both of whom she’s going to sic on a disabled seamstress in Wisconsin who, unlike Alkon, is unaware of various finer points of intellectual property law. Be sure to check out the image on her site of the devil poking Alkon with a pitchfork.

(If Amy sues me for quoting from her website without permission, I’ll be having a garage sale on Sunday. Pick up rare Go-Betweens records and out-of-print Erving Goffman books at bargain prices.)

UPDATE: Langdon has taken down the page with the purportedly copyright-infringing Alkon photos. A victory for intellectual property patriots against the vicious syndicate of crippled, impoverished manual piece-work laborers in Wisconsin college towns!

The Game: Yummy

In the new LA Weekly, Jonathan Gold makes another rare foray into music writing, profiling rapper The Game. He makes it to paragraph three before mentioning a restaurant. (Okay, so the restaurant is Taco Bell, in the context of holding one up, but it’s still food.)

It’s actually a good article, a notch or two above a lot of the Weekly‘s music coverage. But I hope Gold isn’t getting bored with the food beat. Speaking of which, can someone please explain to me what the hell Arty Nelson is talking about every week? Citybeat should include a decoder ring.

Jets: 1, Dolans: 0

The Jets bid $720 million for the Hudson Rail Yards and MTA approved it. The Dolans of Cablevision bid $40 million more, but lost and are reportedly considering suing as a result. So stadium it is, then.
MTA votes unanimously for Jets [Crain's]

Jets vs. Cablevision

New York Jets Stadium_open roof1.jpgNBC just reported that the MTA board voted to accept the Jets’ stadium bid over Cablevision’s, even if the Madison Square Garden owner offered more money.

Scoreboard: Bloomberg 1, waiting for the call from the Olympic Committee. Any day now, Mike.


dailynewscover.jpgThe New York Post <a href="alleges that the New York Daily News is giving away free papers.

Newsday claims that the New York Daily News alleges that the New York Post is giving away free papers (a story that we broke):

But the shocking news—the truly shocking news—that we’ve just uncovered is that the daily Metro, is giving away free papers on the street. We demand an audit bureau investigation into these free papers immediately!

Reports are also emerging that the Village Voice is also being given away free. The Onion is also very close to, if not in fact, free. And we also suspect that the New York Press may not be worth more than it costs.

[**yes, we're stealing that from Wonkette. Steal, steal, steal!]

But at Least Chico State is in Chico…

LAObserved notes (scroll down a bit) that shoddy reporting in this LAT article forced the paper to run a whopper of a correction. Most significantly, the guy reported as being dead is alive:

Cal State Chico
— An article in Tuesday’s California section about hazing at Cal State Chico mistakenly said that a pledge to a fraternity at nearby Butte Community College died of alcohol poisoning. He did not die but was hospitalized. The article also said Chico has a population of 35,000; according to the city, the population is 71,317. In addition, University President Paul Zingg was quoted saying the school would shut down its Greek system if problems with hazing did not abate. Zingg made his comments to a group of 850 students and others, and his remarks were quoted in the local media. He did not speak with The Times. Also, although the article characterized the school as being well-known for its basketball program, its winning baseball program may be best known outside campus.

I guess this is what David Shaw means about how a zillion editors check everything at the LAT.

(UPDATE: Jack Shafer takes note of this embarrassing incident coming right on the heels of Shaw’s blogging piece. Yay! Two months into blogging and I’m already having the exact same thoughts as Shafer. This media watchdog stuff is E-Z.)

Liz Smith Disses LA Times

lizsmith.jpgKausfiles reports that at yesterday’s AARP Hollywood luncheon honoring Smith, the gossip doyenne had some choice words about the LA Times:

[Smith] ragged gleefully on the L.A. Times for its pathetic, stuffy, circ-killing, even David-Shaw-like refusal to have a gossip column. Smith noted the LAT actually subscribes to her column but doesn’t publish it. “I guess the editors like to read it the night before.”

moreno.jpgOh, and Mickey Kaus adds this aside about the luncheon:

P.P.P.S: Best lookin’ senior celeb in person: Rita Moreno! Who knew?

Funny, that’s exactly what the email I just got from Moreno said about Mickey.kaus.jpg

UPDATE: A reader writes:

Guess Ms. Smith doesn’t read the Times. Her column IS carried. However all the really boring stuff is edited out and only the less boring stuff is printed. Zzzzzz….

ANOTHER UPDATE: Another reader writes:

You missed the real story about the AARP luncheon. What the hell was Mickey doing there with those alter kakhers?

Nintendo Lobbies Hollywood Walk of Fame

Franklin Avenue reports that Nintendo is circulating an online petition asking the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce to make video game characters eligible for Walk of Fame stars. You know, like, oh, for instance, Nintendo properties Mario and Zelda. Mario himself reportedly agitated for this cause outside Grauman’s Chinese this morning. (Any eyewitness accounts?)

I hope the Chamber of Commerce holds the line at pimping for lousy movies.

Nikki Does Danny

In her LA Weekly column tomorrow, Nikki Finke conducts a worshipful (and, yes, informative) interview with new Air America CEO Danny Goldberg. It’s not quite Deborah Solomon / Jonathan Safran Foer territory, but it’s close, especially for a journalist with a self-ballyhooed reputation for toughness:

What Goldberg vigorously emphasizes… and what Rush Limbaugh and his echo chambers (Sean Hannity, Tony Snow, Bill O�Reilly, Michael Medved, Michael Savage, Laura Ingraham, Michael Reagan, Dennis Prager and Larry Elder, ad nauseam) purposefully ignore, is that Air America and its Bushwhacking stepsister in the radio business, Democracy Radio, are now not only on solid financial footing but also informative and — dare we say it — even fun. And not just because of the Grateful Dead bumpers.

That’s why liberal talk is the radio industry’s fastest-growing format.

Not coincidentally (and not undisclosed by Finke in the piece) is that Finke is a frequent Air America contributor.