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Archives: December 2005

2005: Fishbowl’s Favorite Posts, in Pictures

delicious yellow grape tomatoes.jpgdarth tater ii.png arnold above the waist.jpgCottage.jpg
lion belt buckle.jpgfit is the new rich.jpgJolieNYC.jpgbea.png
hippo (1).jpg alt2.gif<img alt="9_28_procession_funeral.jpg" src="/fishbowlny/files/original/9_28_procession_funeral-thumb.jpg" width="163" height="115"
Fishy-fis.gifNew Orleans under water.jpgmap o' mikes.gif
sound-of-music.jpg Andy Coop, wet and weathered.jpg <img alt="shadow man.png" src="/fishbowlny/files/original/shadow man-thumb.png" width="96" height="115" class="alignleft"HP and the HBP.jpg

This is a bit of a mish-mash (aka a Hodge-Podge) of some of our favorite posts from the past year, basically an excuse for us to show off the fact that we learned how to make an image link to a post (9 months in and we’re learning, people!). It is by no means all-inclusive especially since there are none you can sing along to. Even so, a picture’s worth a thousand words and that’s good, because there are 18 of them and who wants to read an 18,000 word blog post? Exactly.

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2005: It ain’t over ’til it’s over!

Today is the last day of the last workweek of 2005, and let’s be serious – only me and my mom are reading this blog right now. So that’s it for today. BUT – we still have a few 2005 roundup posts on deck, and Lord knows we’ll all have hangovers to nurse on Sunday, so come back and let us wash away the pain! In the meantime, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Thank you so much for reading, and have an awesome weekend followed by a fantastic, wonderful and fulfilling 2006.

2006: Who knew only men could foretell the future?

It’s my job at Fishbowl to observe, comment on and critique the New York media world – if I’m to have any credibility at all in so doing, I have to be able to look at Mediabistro and its properties with the same eyes.

So I can’t let this go without comment: earlier this week, mothership (and my employer) Mediabistro published “2006: A Media New Year,” a list of media predictions for 2006 from eleven “critics, commentators, and industry reporters.” Here’s the thing: all of them were male.

Now, I have no doubt that the omission was unintentional – author David Hirschman is an absolute doll, and a friend – but that is still unacceptable, especially when there are so many intelligent, savvy, qualified and witty women who know the industry and have smart, informed opinions. It’s also an appalling message to send to the thousands of people who visit Mediabistro every day.

So on this, the last business day of 2005, I present th FishbowlNY round-up of some other expert prognosticators, with their thoughts on the coming year in this industry, by turns witty, intelligent, thoughtful, and insightful. Please note that this is NOT an exhaustive list; I only saw the article myself yesterday morning (my bad), and this is just who we were able to nab over 24 hours during a holiday week (one person even emailed from a boat in the Virgin Islands!). So stay tuned – I’ll be updating this post as stuff comes in.

And now, I give you “2006: The Year in Media Predictions” by a bevy of smart, expert industry observers and participants who also just happen to be female.

Lynn Harris, Salon/”Broadsheet” contributor; author of “Miss Media” and, for the record, not E. Lynn Harris:

  • CNN’s new format: “Anderson Cooper 24/7.”
  • The Times will break the following news, again: Reggaeton is hot, blogging is popular, the Eighties are back.
  • Also at the Times: the Styles section goes daily, replacing Science, Metro, and National.
  • Oxygen Media continues to fail to appear on anyone’s list of media
    predictions, or TiVo.
  • Going out on limb here: A.J. Jacobs tries something, writes book.
  • Mediabistro includes women in its 2007 list of prognosticators.

Myrna Blyth, NY Sun and NRO columnist, former editor of Ladies Home Journal, founding editor of More and author of “Spin Sisters: How the Women of the Media Sell Unhappiness – and Liberalism – to the Women of America“:

  • The internet will begin to take so much money out of print budgets that publishers will take a break from trashing each other and try to find new and ingenious ways to trash their web competitors. The MPA will commission a study to help.
  • The New York Times Book Review will check out their reviewers’ biases a bit more carefully but will continue to give conservative books crummy reviews.
  • Hillary Clinton will try to firm up her base support among women. Expect a Hillary and Chelsea mother’s day cover on some woman’s magazine in May.
  • Maureen Dowd will run a desperately seeking someone ad in the personal section of New York Magazine. Oh, sorry, she already did.

Wendy Shanker, author, “The Fat Girl’s Guide To Life” (which, btw, is “Vere Curve” in Italian and “D&#252nn Sein War Gestern!” in German)

  • Even more celebrity trash mags will come on the market, including massive flop Jessica Simpson Weekly, edited by the newly-free Janice Min.
  • Magazines will continue to post celeb photos asking, “Is she too thin?” next to “Butt Be-Gone in Six Days!”
  • “Lost” is actually autistic child’s inner world
  • TV ad industry sinks as digital video recording rules
  • Music industry sinks as downloading rules
  • Two of the “Desperate Housewives” will have to go to rehab for “exhaustion and dehydration” (put your money on Hatcher and Cross)
  • Maureen Dowd marries Kenny Chesney and/or Keith Urban
  • Americans continue to care more about celebrities than the state of the world
  • …and here’s one for the long-term: Oprah in 2008!

Rachel Pine, author, “Twins of Tribeca, and “Communications Director, Doubledown Media:

  • Journalists in all types of media will take what they learned from the coverage of the hurricanes and Plame and run with it. They have the power to wake people up and show them when their government is failing miserably, they possess the ability to move people in and out of office, and the responsibility to keep asking questions and not be satisfied with evasive or programmed answers. The fourth estate’s back, baby!
  • Advertisers will once again realize the power of print — not necessarily huge, mainstream publications, but they will begin to understand, embrace and champion affinity publications as never before.
  • Snarkiness will be replaced by leurve and compassion.

More fabulous female media commentators after the jump…suffice it to say that it is NOT an exhaustive list.

Read more

Fishbowl PSA: Let’s not get “Lost” on New Year’s Eve, shall we?

sf_0928.jpgAs some of you can attest from mediabistro gatherings, some of the journalists and film types who haunt FishbowlLA have been known to drink like fish on occassion, but you don’t have to be a brain sturgeon to know you never want to drive like ‘em.

(Have you ever seen a fish behind the wheel? Holy Mackerel! Scary! See below.)greetingsted.jpg

So, let’s all take a lesson from Cynthia Watros and Michelle Rodriguez and drive safely (i.e., not pie-eyed and glazed, doing 83 in a 35) this New Year’s Eve. The fin you save might be your own.

After all, we want to see you all reading Fishbowl in ’06 – Happy New Year to all, and may all your ‘bowl runneth over!

HELLO, CLEVELAND! Rockin’ Jon Fine in a TONY Best Band of 2005

Nerve118.jpgThrow those devil horns up in the air – BusinessWeek‘s Jon Fine is rockin’ the house! A close read of Time Out New York reveals that Fine’s band “Coptic Light” had not one but TWO of the “Best Albums of 2005″ in the TONY round-up. Music editor Mike Wolf said of the band’s eponymous album: “Could this Brooklyn trio’s ideas be that much better than everyone else’s? Rock & roll has rarely sounded so fresh and gripping.” Pretty good! The album also made the best-of list of music assistant Hank Shteamer, whose name inspires so many punchlines I can’t think straight (“I don’t even know ‘er!” is only the exciting, classy beginning). Fine, formerly of AdAge and the band “Bitch Magnet,” who also reportedly once had all sorts of long rocker-hot hair, recently came back from touring in Japan. “Coptic Light” is, in fact, big in Japan.

Disclosure: Fine is blissfully wedded to MB cyberhoncho Laurel Touby, but that’s not why I wrote this item. On the contrary, I actually don’t really know how she feels about “Bitch Magnet.”

FCC’s grand total in fines for 2005: $0.00

Clearly, there’s “post 9/11,” and then there’s “post nipple/04″.

After levying a record amount ($7.9 million) of fines last year, this year the FCC fined…no one at all.

This has the Concerned Parents of Earth, or whatever they call themselves, ready to riot, but it’s a sort of chicken-and-egg-argument: Did the FCC fine no one in 2005 because, having fined so many so much (thank you, Janet) last year, everyone was on their best behavior? (Well, except you, CSI.)
Or, could it be, as Reuters notes:150px-Kevin_martin_FCC.jpg

“[FCC chair Kevin] Martin has been hamstrung in part because the Bush administration has been slow to fill vacancies on the five-member commission. It was split with two Democrats and two Republicans until this month when one Republican resigned.”


We think it’s really because Martin, like Harry Potter, is still going through puberty, and it’s hard to hand out fines and still be able to get a date for Yule Ball. Having kids of their own, it’s something you’d think The Intergalactic Parents Against Televised Skin Balloons would understand.

Posting schedule

I’m about to get on a plane and won’t be posting again until late this afternoon. But check back later for exciting, exclusive, and as-of-yet undevised special year-end wrapup features! Or, relax and have a pleasant holiday weekend. We’ll still be here in 2006.

Wall Street to Warner Music: Drop dead

News yesterday that Warner Music had resolved its months-long spat with Linkin Park (not exactly a surprise) was still met with a Bronx cheer from Wall Street.


And understandably so. Warners’ crowing that its getting along with a top act is like a baker boasting that he didn’t burn the bread. It’s the bare minimum you can hope for.

True, digital downloading record year (even though that would seem to be an oxymoron), but that’s at the expense of the sale of actual records: 2005 saw a 7 percent decline in CD album sales, from 650.8 million last year to 602.2 million for the same period this year.

There was 148 percent increase in legal downloads from 134.2 million in 2004 to 332.7 million in 2005.

The problem here is that while 95% of folks still buy their music on little silver pieces of plastic, at this rate, the death of the album is immminent. incorruptibles01.jpg

And therein lies the big problem: Eliot Spitzer is turning into Elliot Ness of the record business. The mere mention of Spitzer’s name in conjunction with the word “music” means either an embarrasing settlement for record companies, or the promise of a new, painful investigation.

If record companies are employing the same scrupulous, above-board approach to Steve Jobs’ iTunes (which accounted for 80% of all downloaded songs) as they are to radio stations, we should see even more embarrassing settlements, if not outright indictments.

As Variety‘s Steven Zeitchik aptly points, out, the record business can’t win for losing. Even if Jobs does come around to the labels point of view and allow variable song pricing,

“labels risk criticism that they are artificially inflating revenue, as well as pushback from consumers who embrace the simplicity of flat pricing.”

Happy New Year, Warners!

2005: The Year In Random Unpublished Photos

Fishbowl takes her camera with her most places, so you’d best be looking sharp. Still, not everything makes it on our precious blog – sometimes we can’t upload for some reason or we get distracted or there’s real news. Every time a photo goes unpublished, it’s like a little arrow to the heart. So, today, on this last business day of 2005, I cast my quiver before ye in “The Year’s Most Random Unsorted Vaguely-Organized Photos That Didn’t Make It To The Blog.” It’s not that I don’t have more, it’s just that I’m kind. Vamanos, muchachas! Enjoy.

camp und gabe.jpg
Campbell Robertson und Gabe Sherman, “The Situation With Tucker Carlson” launch party. Am I biased or do they look like an adorable Tweedledum and Tweedledee of Media? No, I’m probably biased.

may 05 123.jpg
FishFriend for life (and authoress of many a fine post on this here blog) Elizabeth Spiers and BlackBook/NYT/many-things contributor Dana Vachon, both of whom are pictured in a moment of summer early-evening relaxation at the farewell-for-a-few-months party for Salon NY editor Kerry Lauerman. Both are working on their first novels, both of which involve finance n’ stuff. Fishbowl is a consultant on neither book.

Funkmaster Will Leitch (of Deadspin)

June 05 144.jpg
Fishbowls DC & NY, in the enforced Mediabistro dress code (just kidding – Garret Graff of FBDC was about to go speak on a panel; I was, er, not)

Mnook and Baldo.jpg
Seth Mnookin and Alan Baldachin of Hand Baldachin LLP at the Radar party back in May (Baldachin was part of the Radar legal team, and is Canadian and knew Fishbowl way back when)

Haden and guests.jpg
Anthony Haden Guest and, er, guests at the Radar party. I don’t believe any of them ended up in the pool.

bt kids.jpg
The Kids from Fame The Black Table: Aileen Gallagher (now MB associate EIC), Will Leitch, and AJ Daulerio, late of Oddjack

smoke 'em if you got em.jpg
Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em! Maer Roshan and friends at the Radar launch party – refraining from comment except to say, wow! You could smoke indoors! The Hotel QT really IS paradise!

Yessir, That's My Friend Jen's Baby.jpg
And now we bring you an adorable baby picture! Media significance: tenuous (I was staying with his parents when the Judy Miller mea-culpa-that-wasn’t-quite-a-mea-culpa ran, and that was where I wrote the posts that were cited here. Fishbowl: Proud to be #6. Hey, it’s the end of the year. I’m allowed.)

The next few photos are from a series I like to call “The People on the Telly are my Friends.”

October 2005 112.jpg
Oh, the ‘stache. Tom Friedman on I believe it was “Charlie Rose,” exuding manic energy and frequently giggling/chortling. I have it DVRd somewhere. I never did get a chance to use this photo, or the one I like to call “Thomas Friedman is crushing your head.” Sad.

Fareed Zakaria. Need more be said? This is smaller sized for some reason, but enlarging it via code makes it look all pixilated so you’ll get this version and like it. Is it me, or does Fareed somewhat resemble Willem Dafoe? Agree? Disagree? And what IS up with China these days, anyway?

Rachel 040.jpg
Best friend Jon Stewart with not-unattractive guest George Clooney back in late September. We half-blogged this but it was getting tiresome transcribing all the times Jon pointed out that Clooney was a handsome man (money quote: Jon telling Clooney that he was so handsome that he should be spreading his seed around; Clooney replying that he was doing his best).

June 05 117.jpg
Bob Herbert on Tavis Smiley, which I had half-blogged before I realized it was a repeat. Duh. Sometimes I do that.

Esq. 004.jpg
I was never at a party with any of these people, but they make me feel like part of their warm family every morning (just joking Miles, I’m yours). But these posters were all over the subway back in the fall (are they still?), in various permutations. Ah, Doozy.

Rachel 049.jpg
George Clooney again, just because.

i'd like to blog your blog.jpg
Heidi The Bitchin’ Bloggin’ Lawyer Whose Last Name Escapes Me und Overheard in New York’s Michael Malice, posing insouciantly at the Andrew Krucoff farewell party, which doesn’t seem all that long ago and yet he is now back. So wait, after you’ve been to Jerusalem does it vitiate the whole “Next year in Jerusalem” thing during Passover? Fishbowl is a Talmudic scholar.

Late November '05 056.jpg
Nikola Tamdazic, before the lens instead of behind it! You’ve probably all seen this guy’s work – he’s the crack photog who goes to parties on behalf of Gawker and snaps great-looking shots, sometimes of breasts (er, not anyone who has ever written for this blog). His work can be found at, but check out how cute he is, he looks like he just stepped out of the OC! Pictured with Fishbowl.

fresh-faced Radosh.png
Daniel Radosh at the Radar party (I know, these are randomly-sequenced). I call this pic “Fresh-Faced Radosh” because he is glowing with innocence and vulnerability.

tom tom.png
Tom and Tom: Toms MacFarland and Scocca from the Observer, rocking out in the upstairs room during the Radar after-party at Marquee. These two gentlemen know how to cut loose! Note the long, flowing flaxen locks formerly known as Scocca’s hair.

alex squared.jpg
Alex and Alex: The Alexes Ross and Balk (music critic New Yorker and music and all things critic at TMFTML respectively) at the infamous “Red Lobster” lunch in late July. Many people attended. Much grease was consumed. Yet the account remains unwritten. Sad. (That’s Nichelle of Nichelle Newsletter looking on at the right, btw. She always wears awesome hats.)

greta snaps doozy with rove.jpg
Doozy and Rovey (taken by Greta Van Susteren and culled from a random website recently). White House press holiday party. Where was Fishbowl’s invite? Hmph. (NB “Doozy” is my name for Fox’s Steve Doocey, who unwittingly inaugurated the concept of “blog synchronicity,” which has really taken off.)

Happy Host.jpg
Remember that Sync farewell party? My camera ran out of battery so I couldn’t take photos but the indefatigable Mark Remy, late of Giant and presently of the super-secret Time Inc. humor website, was on hand to help out, and he whipped out his equipment right then and there. Thanks Mark! This shot is of former Sync features ed. Matthew Schneiderman, who says that only his mom calls him Matthew. Okay, we’ll call you Matt, but only because we can now call this photo “The Matt in the Hat.”

Golf Mag Peeps.jpg
The gang from Golf Magazine! They were so fun. I have their names in my email somewhere, please hold. Update: Here we go! L to R: Seth Kelly, Lisa Taddeo, Mike Corcoran, Lisa Freedman. I’m pretty sure I got my Lisas straight.

Matt & Remy.jpg
Matt in the Hat rocks out with Mark Remy! Partying is FUN.

Nels Jr. and Cute Lisa.jpg
Here we have the lovely and wonderful Lisa from Men’s Health, whose last name escapes me (I will find and fix). But she was a peach. (UPDATE: Said peach was Senior Associate Editor Lisa Jones.) She’s with Tom Lippert, not a writer but a friend thereto, and also coincidentally the son of a partner at my former law firm, with whom I interviewed for my very first New York job. So, thanks Tom! Say hi to Nels for me!

Jon & Bill.jpg
Jon Stern of Penthouse, with Bill whose last name is somewhere with Lisa’s and the Golf Mag people (UPDATE: Schulz). People, just so you know, Jon Stern is hilarious (we were in a sketch class together), and also, he knows his Ragtime.

Seth & Tom.jpg
Seth Kelly of Golf Mag with Tom the not-media person but the yes-attractive person.

Scott and Remy.jpg
“Daily Show” writer Scott Jacobson, who has a cat, with Mark Remy. Fishbowl doesn’t really concern itself much with the Daily Show, so we were pretty breezy.

Mother tongue.jpg
Jon & Bill are friends. Aw!

Happy Menorah.jpg
Happy Chanukah! Latkes for everyone!

Do YOU have unpublished media photos for random barely-screened publication on Fishbowl? If so, send ‘em in!

LAT in 90 seconds

- China: a new niche audience for Hollywood product. And their taste in movies is even crappier than ours!


- Editorial page to government: stay away from our analog holes!