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Archives: July 2006

Liveblogging Tabloid Wars: Hud Morgan, Slain Cop and a Public Pool Wedding


  • 9:00PM EST: In the intro, Hud Morgan refers to his job as dealing with “lobotomized publicists.”
  • 9:03PM EST: Gunshot in leg. Kerry and his backpack are on the move. Why does this guy get all the sh*t assignments?
  • 9:06PM EST: Gratuitous shot of Hud Morgan‘s skull & crossbones slippers. Could that be Jared Paul Stern product placement?
  • 9:07PM EST: Morgan confirms to Lloyd Grove that Sheryl Crow is a “hot piece of ass.”
  • 9:11PM EST: Deputy editor Greg Gittrich refer to shot cop as a “gift from God” [see update below] — we are in New York right? Surely, there are better “gifts” — like Sheryl Crow blueballing Lance Armstrong, for instance.
  • 9:18PM EST: Tracy Connor. Worked for Post for a time. Confuses parents by toggling for papers.
  • 9:20PM EST: Pet store coverage, Daily News-style. Snakes on a m*therf*cking Tabloid Wars. OK, now this is a sh*t assignment. Lenore Skenazy interviews guy with no definition of personal space whatsoever.
  • 9:23PM EST: Hud Morgan’s Grandpa reads Gawker. Saw report that he was gay. Also, new NBC sitcom pilot premise, 2008.
  • 9:28PM EST: Cop shot equals cover.
  • 9:31PM EST: Hud: “If Tori Spelling is the second name on the list, things are looking kind of bleak.”
  • 9:32 EST: Hud Morgan’s not gay, calls glasses “fetching.” Discuss.
  • 9:32 EST: Adrian Grenier questions Morgan’s livelihood as not doing something for the greater good. Morgan scoffs.
  • 9:33 EST: Shirtless Hud Morgan. Sounds better than it looks.
  • 9:33 EST: “Very little of it is true, which makes it entertaining to read.”
  • 9:34 EST: Hud Morgan expected more of Hackensack. Going there for prostate screening event. Must-see TV.
  • 9:34 EST: Hud Morgan loses “Queens virginity” by venturing into the borough. Sounds better than it looks.
  • 9:44PM EST: Wedding in a public pool. Looks better than it sounds.
  • 9:46 EST: Hud Morgan has made-for-Bravo realization while covering prostate cancer story. “Ben and Jen stuff” inconsequential, he says.
  • 9:52PM EST: Gittrich wants to tell “the whole story” to “do right by this cop.”
  • 9:57PM EST: Morgan’s “earnest and sentimental because it has to be” cancer story. Feigned for the Bravo cameras? Your call.

    UPDATE: Deputy editor Greg Gittrich says he was referring to a reporter’s concession to stay late to work on the story as a “gift from God.” We must’ve missed that in Bravo’s quick-cut style. Our apologies to Gittrich.

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    Waiter Keeps Grubby Paws to Self, Editor Irked

    Bon Appetit’s online editor, Martha Simon, had a regrettable experience at a Los Angeles restaurant, and vents about it.
    FBLA was right there with her until this part:

    EXHIBIT B: Staff dotted the dining room in twos and threes, chatting, but when I later returned to my seat after a trip to the ladies’ room, nobody had bothered to refold my napkin.

    If the waiter touches one napkin, he touches 50. And that means germs from 50 other mouths are on his fingers. Let’s not have a visual of that. No one touches the FBLA napkin.
    And while speculation as to her dining location is running wild, it’s not a million miles from here.

    Ex-Wired Deputy Editor Collapses, Dies During SF Marathon

    Sad news via the San Francisco Chronicle:

    A runner died during the San Francisco Marathon on Sunday in what appeared to be the first fatality in the event’s 29-year history. William Goggins, 43, of San Francisco, collapsed from apparent heart failure after he passed the 24-mile mark of the 26.2 mile race, authorities said.

    Goggins, the longtime deputy editor of Wired magazine, had left the magazine earlier this year.

    “Think of him as being the smartest, fastest, wittiest person you’ve ever met,” Wired editor-in-chief Chris Anderson told the paper. “He was a guy who made everything better. His voice was the voice of Wired for about a decade. The headlines were very much his voice. He was the longest serving employee for a long time.”

    Get A Piece of Paris–on Ebay


    Ebay has some of Paris Hilton’s old let’s play dress-up stuff up for auction.
    Somehow, and we’re not asking any questions, the seller got the left-overs of her storage locker, after the moving company let the lease expire and the contents go to the highest bidder, as TMZ first reported.
    With a high bid of $21.50 and 6 more days to go, who can say what dizzying heights of financial carelessness might be reached? Could any of Paris’ DNA still be lingering on these items? Remember, friends don’t let friends bid drunk.

    Liveblogging of Tabloid Wars: Episode 2


    FishbowlNY programming note: We’ll be once again liveblogging Tabloid Wars tonight, airing 9-10PM EST on Bravo. Watch along with us. And send your live comments to fishbowlNY AT and we’ll add ‘em in.

    That means you, Adrian Grenier.

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  • Instant Karma for ‘Chameleon’? Boy George To Pick Up Trash

    boy_george_trash_2.jpgKeep an eye out in two weeks for former Culture Club frontman — er, let’s just say singer — Boy George, who will be out in the streets in late August for a week collecting trash from New York’s gutters as part of a made-for-late-night-monologue community service sentence he earned for falsely reporting a burgulary at his apartment. Armed with a shovel, broom, plastic bags and gloves, the singer could be assigned to pick garbage in Chinatown, Little Italy, Nolita or parts of the Lower East Side.

    He has until August 28 to complete the five-day sentence.

    Wired Promotes VP, Publisher

    wired_colbert.jpgJust in:

    Drew Schutte has been named Vice President & Publishing Director of Wired Media, it was announced today by Charles Townsend, President and C.E.O. of Condé Nast Publications. In his new position, Schutte will oversee the sales and marketing for both Wired magazine and the Wired News Internet business, which includes seven internet channels. Condé Nast purchased earlier this month reuniting, after eight years, the print and digital brands of Wired. In addition, Jay Lauf, was named Publisher of Wired magazine. He will continue to report to Mr. Schutte. These appointments are effective immediately . As a result of the recent acquisition, Paul van de Kamp will continue on as Director of National Sales for Wired News.

    EARLIER: Condé Nast Buys Wired News For $25M

    “Voice of Wired,” Dead at 43

    bill-goggins.jpgWired former deputy editor William Goggins collapsed during the San Francisco Marathon and died of apparent heart failure. He was 43.

    The avid runner had just passed the 24-mile mark of what was to be his first 26.2 mile race, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

    Wired editor-in-chief Chris Anderson told the Chronicle that Goggins’ “mark on Wired was profound.”

    “Think of him as being the smartest, fastest, wittiest person you’ve ever met,” Anderson said. “That’s Bill.”

    Video: Isobella Jade, 5’2″ Homeless Model-Apple Store Memoirist


    We discovered her, and now can finally present video evidence that Isobella Jade — the 5’2″ homeless model who wrote her 250-page memoir pitch about being a homeless model in heels in the Soho Apple Store — does exist, and does visit the Apple Store. She doesn’t look terribly short, though.

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  • Is Lloyd Grove’s Time at Daily News Running (Low) Down?

    Lowdown’s Lloyd Grove is on vacation. Gawker reports Grove won’t talk about his contract, which Gawker says is up today. Jossip reports Grove’s contract is up at the end of August and is not being renewed.

    Somewhere, Keith Olbermann and Tim Robbins just cackled simultaneously.

    EARLIER: Video: Lloyd Grove After Two Glasses of Wine

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