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Archives: August 2006

Time Out New York To Open Off Broadway Lounge


In a fit of branding not unlike Maxim‘s various brick and mortar projects, Time Out New York is set to launch an Off Broadway lounge, the aptly-named Time Out New York Lounge, located in the New World Stages. The TONY Lounge “will be open daily to the public and offer happy-hour specials,” including its own awkwardly-named signature cocktail: the MarTONY.

The weekly nightlife guide is making a push to gets in brand in front of go-go-goers of late — TONY recently launched a broadband video channel.

EARLIER: Time Out New York Launches Broadband Video Channel

E! To Spend Many Nights with Nicky Hilton–FBLA Prescient


FBLA doesn’t like to brag–much–but we’re glad to see that E! has taken our advice to make some money off all that red-carpet footage.

A new deal with Nicky Hilton, Paris‘s younger sister, calls for the networks to have a significant presence throughout her new Nicky O hotels, coming to Miami and Chicago.

An E! news ticker will provide entertainment info in the elevators. And just so no one misses an E! moment, a Live from the Red Carpet video wall will play in the hotels’ clubs. Computers will have E! Online as their home page. E! and Style Network will also be available in the rooms. The press release doesn’t say if other channels will be available or if guests have to watch endless re-runs of Clean House.

Astute readers may recall our very first post, back when we were just a Guest Blogger:

Let’s face it–E!’s chief treasure is an nearly endless supply of celebrity footage, so why muck that up with writing and editing? Just roll the raw tapes –like a sort of Celebrity C-Span. Add some trance tracks and you’ve got a whole new cable channel– Celebrity Surveillance.

So here’s our next prediction–a Nicky O drinking game–every time Paula Abdul shows up on the red carpet–you chug whatever’s on the table.

LAT in 90 Seconds

Object of our Desire: desire.jpgWe never thought we’d be rooting for News Corp., but, then, we never thought the company would be in the scrappy underdog position. So when it was announced that wildly underfunded MyNetworkTV was putting all its eggs in two telenovela baskets for its big launch on Tuesday (with the what-are-they-smoking hope that Bo Derek and Morgan Fairchild will snag the 18-49 demographic), we kinda had to wish it
&#161buena suerte!

His Name Is Barry. He’s Doing Better: manilow.jpgBarry Manilow is recovering in Palm Springs from hip surgery and expects to be walking by the end of the week. Manilow underwent surgery on Monday, the day after he won the Emmy for outstanding individual performance in a variety or music program. We don’t have a joke here. We’re just hoping The Colbert Report returns from vacation soon so we can hear what Colbert’s joke will be.

Superman’s Dad, Dead at 90: ford.jpgA top box-office draw in the 1950s, Glenn Ford died in his Beverly Hills home on Wednesday. He was 90.

Ford’s first feature film, Heaven With a Barbed Wire Fence, opened in 1939, with the director telling him he’d never make it in pictures (That’s back when directors said things like that). But he did, and the LAT notes, in 1978, he played Superman’s surrogate dad in the first feature-length film of the comic book character.

KNBC Launches Disaster/Info Site


In a move that’s either brilliantly clever or stupid beyond belief, KNBC has launched a disaster-relief wiki for the LA area media. We remember the LA Times’ fiasco with a public wiki. The invitation, sent by Colin Campbell, reads:

But what we would like is for some of the Southland’s web movers and shakers to (we hope) join with other journalists and media-types to participate in building this wiki into a useful tool for all forms of local media– new, old, and middle-aged.

Moving and shaking, FBLA notes that the site has a logo contest, a link to existing disaster plans, and a plea to brainstorm on potential disaster scenarios. In an attempt to be arch, the site considers an invasion of giant turtles unlikely, but a riot is of unknown likelihood. Good to know.

News director Bob Long greets visitors and confides that he dreamed this up at a DC think-tank conference. Despite that soul-sucking premise, what really struck him was the great work of the New Orleans Times Picayune website,, during Katrina. And he’s right and that’s cool. But if we’re to take this seriously, Long might want to edit some of the cuteness out of the tone. Actually–all the cuteness.

The site is supposed to be for media only, which in LA can mean anyone with a camera phone and a g-mail account. FBLA hopes that members of the Foreign Press Association didn’t get the invitation. Slow valet parking is not a disaster nor is the lack of chilled Evian.

Possible Presidential Candidate To Speak In Second Life


nytmag_mark_warner_sm.jpgFormer Virginia Governor and would-be Democratic presidential candidate Mark Warner, he of the scary New York Times Magazine cover, is scheduled to speak to the equally-scary-yet-fascinating alter-online universe known as Second Life this afternoon. The event is being sponsored by Forward Together, a political action committee of which Warner is an honorary chairman.

Will Second Life become a regular political campaign stop as important as Meet The Press? Could Warner become the first president with a Second Life account? The implications are as nerdy as they are endless.



  • The New Magazine Cover Aesthetic: Scare Us
  • Wilful Creatures: Aimee Bender Meets Luke Ford


    Aimee Bender, who’s up for a SCBA Award for her collection of strange and surreal stories Wilful Creatures, gets the Luke Ford treatment in an interview. Verging on surreal himself, Luke asks those questions that spring, unbidden,in everyone’s head, but most of us strangle the impulse to actually ask. To wit:

    Luke: “You’ve never done phone sex as a profession.”
    Aimee: “No, but even if I had, I wouldn’t tell you.”

    Bender, who teaches at USC, grew up in the Palisades and has an MFA from UC Irvine. Her story Quiet Please is right here, thanks to her publisher, which seems a generous thing to do. Her website has great child-like illustrations, but is a tich annoying to navigate.

    Luke’s interview technique see-saws between pick-up lines and genuinely insightful questions, and Aimee rolls with the pretend-punches and then responds to a real question in a way that’s thrilling:

    Luke: “Is there some force that pushes literary people to write despair?”
    Aimee: “Sometimes it is the honest place people go when they push themselves. When it is fake despair to join the club, that is even more despairing. One of the reasons people like Charles Bukowski is that he puts voice to these [despairing] feelings and it gives release and freedom.”

    Eat, Drink, Be Merry and Read–Author’s Feast Approaches

    Lil’ Kim Shown ‘Love,’ Food In Da Joint


    It appears Lil’ Kim ate well in prison.

    Via today’s Times:

    “They threw me this big party,” she said earlier this week at her rambling home in this affluent Bergen County town. “They made me this triple-layer cake out of popcorn and trail mix. They made a cake out of Oreo cookies. They made this high-heel stiletto shoe out of Jolly Ranchers,” she said referring to the candy. “It was crazy. They really showed me love.”

    Ya don’t say?

    Big House Didn’t Break Lil’ Kim, Rap Diva [NYT]


  • Lil’ Kim Accused Of Big Plagiarism By Jamaican Singer
  • Lil’ Kim Released From Prison Lil’ Early
  • Brian Williams On Katrina: ‘I Don’t Think There Has Been A Story Better Told By Television’


    Via our special feature on Katrina’s anniversary:

    He was inside the Superdome for the height of the hurricane. He left the shelter to anchor Monday’s Nightly News. He said the vacuum of information in New Orleans was “appalling.” “I think the despair set in around Thursday,” Williams says. “I later learned that our broadcast that night prompted a call to the president by an aide in the West Wing asking if he was watching.” (The president apparently wasn’t; an aide burned Bush a DVD of the coverage.)

    It happened like a slow train wreck. Williams calls it the “archetype television story.” “I don’t think there has been a story better told by television,” he says.

    A Year Later: TVNewsers On Katrina

    Mel Gets Hammered … By the Hebrews got a hold of the opening sequence of The Hebrew Hammer sequel, in which Mel Gibson’s anti-Semitic tirade end when the Hammer puts a bullet in his head, “spraying a bloody Star of David onto the windshield of his Lexus.”

    The film, written by director Jon Kesselman, has the Hammer confronting a time-traveling Hitler. The whole thing sounds hysterical. But will Gibson go for the gag?

    Kesselman told TMZ: “Young Jews love The Hebrew Hammer. I think if Mel wants to truly extend an olive branch to the Jewish Community as a whole, his on-screen death would go a long way in accomplishing that goal.”

    So would his not having said that. But Mel’s as likely to find a Way-Back Machine to undo the slur as he is to film his on-screen death.

    (Disclosure: Kesselman’s other project is an adaptation of Beemer TM, a book by, um, well, our husband.)

    YouTube Home To Vintage Charlie Rose Promos

    And this one, fueled by a delicate yet swanky jingle, we may never tire of watching. We know, sad.

    [via Better Than Fudge a.k.a Josh Horowitz, who used to work for Rose]