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Archives: December 2006

Sundown on Sunset… and on 2006

newyearsla.JPGIf you still don’t know how you’re ringing in the New Year, has some suggestions (yes, this is the first time FBLA has ever refered people to for anything other than a punchline. But if you don’t have NYE plans this late in the game, then you deserve to read that site).

As for other stuff happening on Dec. 31:

Schwarzenegger will leave the hospital on Sunday. FBLA is worried that the image of our governor taking his oath of office on crutches will serve as some kind of foreboding metaphor. But, then, FBLA is off our meds.

Los Angeles displays its utter lameness, with the Universal CityWalk’s 13th Annual New Year’s Eve Bash. According to the press release: it’ll be a “wall-to-wall party in “traditional Times Square fashion.” Traditional. Times Square. Fashion. None of these words should be employed to describe this event. But if you must go, it starts at 9.

Of course, you don’t have to leave your house (or, more likely, your parent’s house) to celebrate the new year. YouTube is hosting a party online.

Hmm. CityWalk doesn’t sound so lame anymore.

Whatever you elect to do, do it safely and have a good time. It’s been a great year — see you back in 2007. Happy New Year!

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2006 Mike Tyson Mugshot Suspiciously Similar To 2004 Mike Tyson Mugshot

FBLA Interviews The Woman We’ll Be Stealing Photos From Next Year

celebritybabylon.jpg celebritybabylon2.jpg celebritybabylon3.jpg

Celebrity Babylon, a new “Internet magazine” created by Sunset Photo and News, was supposed to have an official launch at the start of the new year. With a press release and planned interviews and all that neat stuff.

But founder Jill Ishkanian realized right quick that that wasn’t going to work when she started getting calls from blogs like, oh, FBLA.

“I should know better than try to take control the of the media,” said Ishkanian, the former Us Weekly staffer and FBI subject told FBLA.

The idea behind Celebrity Babylon is sheer brilliance: Bloggers constantly steal Sunset Photo and News’s celebrity pics — why not beat them to the punch by publishing those shots online?

“I know there are agencies — they’re calling themselves the Magnificent 7, saying they’re going to shut down these bloggers — you’re not going to shut them down. It’s the Wild West,” she said. “I’m fine as long as they’re crediting us and we can profit from our own photos.”

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Hollywood Takes Over the Rose Parade: Storm Troopers Advance on Pasadena


George Lucas will proceed down Orange Grove, make a right turn at Colorado Blvd, and take Pasadena as his own, proceeded by 200 Stormtroopers at the 118th Rose Parade. Also gracing the parade route are Rose Queen Mary McCluggage and the Rose Court. Katharine McPhee will sing and wave from a float featuring a giant green frog.
Bu for true aficiandos of the parade, some of the magic will be missing.

James Brown | Jared Kushner | Mr. Rogers Redux? | Ex-Us Weekly Ed Convicted


  • James Brown: Last Apollo gig loud, proud. [NYT]
  • Jared Kushner: NYO owner plans free paper for NJ. [NYP]
  • Another: Mister Rogers? [NYP]
  • Ex-Us Weekly Editor: Convicted on sex charge. [AP]
  • Studio 60: NBC’s Ishtar. [NYT]

Mets Lose Chance To Sign Zito, And Gossip Columns Lose ‘Scab Boy’ Field Day


The big sports story in New York yesterday was actually in San Francisco, where free agent pitcher Barry Zito agreed to a 7-year, $126 million contract with the San Francisco Giants — the largest ever for a pitcher — ending the New York Mets chances of signing the Oakland A’s lefty ace.

It also ended the what could’ve been seven years of delicious Page Six fodder, as Zito’s off-the-field antics are — while relatively unknown in New York — downright bizarre. Take, for instance, his 2003 appearance on the Howard Stern Show:

Gary brought up a few interesting things about Barry during the interview. One of them was the fact that he sometimes sends his sister his scabs through the mail. Barry said the two of them just try to gross each other out. … Howard spent a couple of minutes trying to get some info out of Barry about this Mexican soccer chick he dated. … Howard took a few phone calls for Barry and Gary threw in a couple more interesting facts about him. Gary said that he knows Barry isn’t gay but he does do yoga and lights aroma therapy candles before games. He also said that Barry carries around stuffed animals and two satin pink pillows. Barry said that he used to have a stuffed animal he carried but that was just in his rookie season. Robin wanted to know about the pink pillows but he never got to that. Artie joked and said that he read that Barry once had sex with a man … but that’s not gay.


  • Tabloids Should’ve Seen Paul Lo Duca Coming
  • New York Post‘s Provocative Word Selection For Mets Backstops Former And Current
  • The Artist Formerly Known As A Symbol Would Like To Be Known As A Magazine Publisher

    prince_3121_mag.jpgWebby Lifetime Achievement Award winner Prince is apparently looking to add “magazine publisher” to his rock resume:

    The musician is said to be in talks to develop a musically themed magazine. And, no, it won’t have some weird symbol for a name. Instead, it would be called 3121 Magazine, a title taken from the name of his 2005 album.

    By the way, if anyone feels like cyber-squatting like it’s 1999, the url appears to be available:

    The following domains are available:


  • Webby Awards: 5 Hours of 5-Word Speeches, Friedman and a Formerly Known Artist
  • Prince To Receive Lifetime Achievement Webby; Cuban To Spend Finals Off Day in New York
  • Prince Wins American Idol
  • The Artist Presently Known as Desperate
  • One Last Time: FBLA Reviews the Year in Hate Mail


    FBLA feels like wallowing. Feeling lucky? Guess the context:

    It is very suprising that you have unquestioning regurgitated his hackjob and are not interested in the facts of the matter.

    without an official comment from a network or an official pickup, a showrunner revealing that the network has told them they’re ‘commited to a full run’ is hardly newsworthy. Execs *always* tell show-runners they’re commited to a full run. It’s meaningless unless the back nine have actually been picked up, which as of now, is not the case w/ studio 60


    I really can’t understan your endorsement of Kurt Anderson. Why would anyone want a more parochial newspaper? LA is a major international city. Why shouldn’t it have a paper that covers the world? Could you imagine anyone in NY endorsing the idea of the NYT dropping its national and international coverage? Of course not. Why does LA seem to think this is a good idea?

    (We know where this one originated.)

    Read more

    Ford Death Provides Agent Opportunity To Remind Publishers Of Client’s Unsuccessful Ford Book Pitch

    ford_assassin_book.jpgYou know that Gerald Ford book pitch you’ve had sitting on your desk since the mid-80s? No time like today to dust it off!:

    For immediate release
    Los Angeles, CA, December 28, 2006

    Contact Martin Literary Management

    Assassin’s Faulty Gun Saved President Gerald Ford’s Life

    “The only thing that saved him from a bullet between the eyes was the fact that the sight on the pistol she used was six inches off,” according to Geri Spieler‘s research for her book about Sara Jane Moore, “I’m Sorry I Missed, Mr. President” which is currently being shopped to NY publishers.

    If Sara Jane Moore had used her own gun, she would have “blown his head off,” according to the FBI investigators of the 1975 presidential assassination attempt. Moore was not the “lone crazy middle-aged nut shooting widely” the press presented her to be.

    Spieler, a San Francisco journalist, met Moore thirty years ago when Moore was incarcerated at Terminal Island prison. After years of letters, calls and visits, Spieler decided to write about the only woman who every fired a bullet at a U.S. president. Through her research she uncovered the many facts of the case never publicly revealed by the press, state and federal governments. Spieler found that the FBI didn’t want Mrs. Ford and the American people to know how close Ford came to being killed.

    Spieler is available for a phone or in-person interview.

    SNL‘s Timberlake ‘Dick In A Box’ Video Has Been Viewed 7,714,856 Times On YouTube

    NBC released the uncensored version, and, like another Andy Samberg mock song, it has rocketed to YouTube’s upper elevations (#13 all-time) in less than a week. We’ve mentioned it before, but if all Saturday Night Live produced were Digital Shorts and Amy Poehler‘s Nancy Grace, we’d never change the channel.


  • Video: Dana Carvey’s Tom Brokaw Was Ready For Gerald Ford Death In ’96
  • Amy Poehler: Saving SNL, One Nancy Grace Impression At A Time
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