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Archives: January 2007

The Last Commie Standing — Rebecca Schoenkopf Leaves The OC Weekly

commiegirl.jpgWe were completely blindsided by this, we must admit. Rebecca Schoenkopf, one of the roughly eight good things about Orange County (and the only one with an eye patch) abruptly announced her resignation from her perch as seer-of-all-things-strange at the OC Weekly.

The woman who once described in detail her uncle’s vagina (you didn’t read that wrong), brought a level of dirty/gross/hysterical/wonderful wit to the Weekly. We have no idea why she left or where she’s going.

Ever the cryptic little c**t, she gives her fans only this:

Today I turned in my two weeks’ notice at the OC Weekly.
I was escorted from the premises an hour later.

Love you all,

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Lunch at Michael’s: Ex-CBS News Prez Says Give Katie A Chance

lunch_at_michaels_logo.jpgAs much as we’ve come to enjoy our perch at the bar with its bird’s eye view, we were thrilled when one of our favorite television titans, Andrew Heyward, invited us to join him and his guests for lunch. Today’s lunchtime chronicler, Diane Clehane, chatted with the always affable and extremely insightful former president of CBS News and Bostonian pals Jeffrey F. Rayport, chairman and founder of Marketspace and his wife, investment consultant Hilary Hedge. Andrew, who is currently working with fellow Harvard alum Mr. Rayport as a consultant to Marketspace’s media practice, looked relaxed and happy (love the Zegna suit!) as he weighed in on his former employer’s decision to hire Katie Couric to anchor the evening news. “They are not to be underestimated. They deserve credit for trying new ideas and taking the program in new directions. The reporting is excellent.” His take on Couric: “She’s very talented and has brought a warmth to the broadcast. It takes time to find your voice and it takes time for viewers to find you.” So back off, you naysayers!

Here’s the rundown on the best of the rest:

1. Bruce Wasserstein presiding over a table of imposing-looking gentlemen.

2. Peter Brown and Joan Cooney.

3. ‘Mayor’ Joe Armstrong and New York Social Diary‘s David Patrick Columbia with the lovely Joan Jacobson.

4. Herb Siegal and guest.

5. Producer Irv Winkler and an outdoorsy-looking gent. The hit-maker — whose latest picture, Rocky Balboa, has proven to be a knockout punch at the box office — was collared by Peggy Siegal (who was showing off her pics taken on a recent trip to Africa to all who stopped by) on his way out. The uber publicist was overheard extending an invite to Irv to attend her screening of “The Lives of Others.” Second shift: Former New York City Council president and one-time mayoral candidate Andrew Stein.

6. Our friend Terry Allen Kramer, Margo McNabb and guest.

7. A flack named “BJ,” we’re told …

8. Messieurs Heyward and Rayport, Ms. Hedge and Ms. Clehane.

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FBLA EXCLUSIVE: Peter Bart Disses LA Times in Internal Memo


FBLA found this interesting item in our tip box:

To: Editorial Staff
From: Peter Bart

Dana Harris will assume her new duties as editor of, effective January 29. She has done an outstanding job in several roles here at Variety and I am delighted to welcome her to her new position. She joins Michael Speier and his growing team, which includes Phil Gallo and Stuart Levine, in spearheading our assault on the web and accelerating our formidable progress in that arena. Unlike the Los Angeles Times, we do not need to apologize for a “bunker mentality” nor do we need to appoint an Innovation Editor.
All of our editors, and reporters, are “pro Innovation” and both our newspaper and reflect that.

FBLA wonders if Variety will publish this exactly as written. Knowing Bart, we bet yes.

So, What Do You Read, Matt Holzman?

Matt_fbla_swdyr.jpgChristmas only comes once a year, but luckily for Angelenos, the KCRW Pledge Drive comes twice. Really, does anything make you smile during your morning drive like the sound of longtime producer Matt Holzman giving away Macs and Hawaiian vacations to adoring and grateful Angels? But the curator of Matt’s Movies is not just generous, ladies. He’s sensitive, too. You have a heart made of a very special kind of stone if our favorite drive-time moment doesn’t reduce you to a puddle of tears.

We asked Holzman for the 10 top Web sites he visits daily. Here, for the second time this week, Matt gives us “The Business“:

  • KCRW
    “KCRW Presents, music playlists and DJ picks make me seem a LOT hipper than I actually am.”

  • Je Suis Supercool
    “My friend Alex’s blog is never relevant but always interesting and thoughtful. Thanks to her, I’m now a fan of ghost towns.”

  • Interactive Hank
    “Photography is my interest but my friend Hank’s livelihood and obsession, and what is the web but a place for the obsessed? Plus, you can see what’s happening with his kid Jack. They have an awfully good time together.”

  • Time and Date
    “YOU try arranging for a call with a reporter in Nairobi or London without a tool like this! Not only can you find out what time it is anywhere, but you can compare your time zone to their time zone to see where your working hours converge. God bless the web.”

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  • Bush Visits Stock Exchange, Covers CNN Mic


    George W. Bush made a surprise visit to the New York Stock Exchange floor — only the second sitting president to do so

    CNN’s transcript:

    LISOVICZ: President Bush, welcome to Wall Street. Welcome to Wall Street.

    GEORGE W. BUSH, PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: Good to be here, thanks.

    LISOVICZ: What do you think of the reception here?

    BUSH: I’m impressed and grateful.

    LISOVICZ: Do you think it’s warmer than on Capitol Hill right now?


    PHILLIPS: Susan Lisovicz, I knew you could do it. You of all people got the president live on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange.

    LISOVICZ: I don’t know — I don’t know if you saw the glance he gave me after I asked him if he would have an easier time with Capitol Hill, but it was sort of a suspicious glance, and he covered the microphone.

    PHILLIPS: He covered your microphone?

    LISOVICZ: He did. He did. He said — he is — probably about ten feet away from me right now. Anyway, it’s a historic day on Wall Street, and I’m moving forward because I’m being pushed forward.

    Bush, of course, has had a rather checkered history with CNN microphones, and, for that matter, so has Kyra Phillips.

  • Bush ‘Shit’ Utterance Gives Media Editors Pause, New York Times a Watershed Moment
  • Hey Kyra: ‘Your Mic Is On. Turn It Off’ [TVNewser]
  • Ain’t No Little Miss Sunshine for Johnny Lopez


    Vanity Fair might want to rethink having the office boy write the Oscar blog. Julian Sancton tries to sell us the old canard that comedies can’t win Best Picture, and then tosses most of those that have won aside, so he can make his point that Little Miss Sunshine is doomed. You Can’t Take it With You is DQ’ed as being adapted from a play, Annie Hall is too bittersweet, Going My Way is a musical, which it’s not, and his film history class must have skipped The Sting. Whatever.

    Fortunately, Johnny Lopez explains exactly what’s wrong with Little Miss Sunshine and why it’s not winning anything close to Best Picture:

    That Steve Carell’s character would dash his nephew’s Air Force Academy dreams on the spot by telling him they don’t let in guys who are color blind. REALLY?! You mean you wouldn’t google the Academy rules first to be sure or at least wait until you get home.REALLY?! And since when are rebellious goth teens clamoring to get into the Armed Forces? Do they not make Dungeons & Dragons anymore?

    He’s got whole list.

    Media Events: 01.31.07


    Parties, panels and other notable media gatherings

    WEDNESDAY 01.31.07

    WHAT: NYC Blogger Summit
    WHEN: 7:15PM
    WHERE: NBC Studios, 30 Rockefeller Plaza
    WHY YOU SHOULD GO: If you are a blogger — or “yogger,” perhaps it’s with a soft “bl” — you probably already RSVP’d on the promise of free drinks. That and Today in New York‘s Rob Morrison — yes!
    NOTE: Invitees only.

    WHAT: The Raw Word: Screenplay Readings
    WHO: Panelists include director Mary Harron (American Psycho, I Shot Andy Warhol) and PBS writer/producer Michael Winship
    WHEN: 8:00PM
    WHERE: JCC Manhattan, 334 Amsterdam Ave
    WHY YOU SHOULD GO: Screenwriters, including American Psycho‘s Harron, offer up new work to a live audience and panel of industry hotshots.

    WHAT: “Free Culture, Transparency, and Search”
    WHO: Wikipedia’s Jimmy Wales
    WHEN: 3:30PM-4:45PM
    WHERE: Courant Institute, 251 Mercer Street, Room 109
    WHY YOU SHOULD GO: I don’t know, read his Wiki.

    Stars in Cars: Brandy Sued for $50 Million


    Singer Brandy has hired Allan Mayer, the crisis-management guru. She’s being sued for $50 million by the parents of the woman killed in last month’s crash.

    The wrongful-death suit claims the actress-singer was driving recklessly when her Land Rover struck the back of a Honda driven by Awatef Aboudihaj, whose car hit another vehicle, slid sideways into the center divider and was then hit by another car.

    Celebrities involved in car accidents usually end up apologizing, which Brandy has already done, and then letting their lawyers take over. KCAL 9 has a handy reference guide.

    Read more

    Obama | Judy Miller | Graydon Carter | David Letterman | Ann Moore: Time Inc. Needs More Failures | New York Mag To Move Downtown? | Wallpaper Eyes Details Editor


    • Obama: Putting “deep freeze” on Fox News reporters? [Washington Post's Sleuth]
    • Judy Miller: Testifies at Libby trial. [WSJ]
    • Graydon Carter: Film untouched by buyers at Sundance. [Page Six]
    • New York Mag: To move downtown? [WWD]
    • Wallpaper: Eying Details editor Dan Peres to fill top spot. [WWD]
    • Fashion Mags: Spring previews. [MIN]
    • Ann Moore: Time Inc. needs more risks, failures. [Forbes]
    • Yahoo: To launch 100 entertainment Web sites. [NYT]
    • Letterman: To celebrate 25 years in late night. [Daily News]

    Fleishman-Hillard Exec Gets 3 1/2 Years

    dwplogo.jpgForgive our bleary eyes this morning for passing over this story from the LAT: “Former public relations and newspaper executive Douglas R. Dowie was sentenced Tuesday to 3 1/2 years in federal prison for defrauding city taxpayers, adding a painful coda to a career that once scaled the heights of Los Angeles media influence and political power.”

    By costing taxpayers million in over-billed fees, Dowie brought the kind of shame to Fleishman-Hillard that would call for self immolation if he were in a kung fu movie. But he’s not in a kung fu movie. So he’s going to appeal.

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