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Archives: March 2007

Is Time Inc. For Sale? Not Preposterous

time_inc_butcher.jpgFollowing a Forbes piece in which a Bear Stearns stock analyst makes a case for Time Warner selling off its publishing business and getting the requisite denials, Folio: asks its own stable of experts, including friend of FishbowlNY, Reed Phillips:

“I don’t think it’s preposterous to think that they would consider a sale … It would be very much coveted by buyers. If you look at the top 10 magazine brands, they probably have five of them. It’s just a powerhouse of brands and properties. And it’s something that could never be replicated. You have to acquire Time Inc. to get it.”

Phillips also makes the case that the recent sale of the Time4 and parenting groups actually increased the company’s street value.

Dina Lohan In April Bazaar


April Bazaar offers up Dina Lohan by way of Phoebe Eaton, who’s seemingly never met a celebrity she couldn’t air-brush in prose. Glossing Over cackles with glee over this loopy statement:

Dina won’t let her two youngest [children] ride in Lindsay’s car. “Look at me,” she says, making deepest, darkest eye contact. “Diana will happen again,” she says.

Not soon enough. Oops–does that make us a cyber bully?

Popsugar notes that Dina likes to pretend she’s Lindsay’s assistant. You just know she’d say she was Lindsay’s sister if she thought anyone would buy it.

And then there’s that whole white Oprah thing.

Sex Writer’s Blog Book Tour

rkb_book_tour.jpgIt appears sex columnist Rachel Kramer Bussel has landed on her heels after being sacked by the Village Voice. The occasional contributor is celebrating the release of a pair of gender-specific kinky erotica anthologies — She’s On Top and He’s On Top — with a 30-day “blog tour” beginning April 1 at Viviane’s Sex Carnival and includes — our favoriteWashingtonienne Jessica Cutler.

We don’t know about you, but we’re planning on hitting All Things Spanking — sort of like the NPR of S&M — The Princess of Spanking and Always Aroused Girl shows at the end of the month.

The full-on tour:

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Investigative Reporting Site Launches

longabardi.jpgLA-based independent producer and investigative journo Eric Longabardi and Peabody Award-winning TV vet Roger Scott launched an online investigative reporting site Tuesday — because a pig flight school would have been too lucrative. has a terrible name, and a not-so-catchy motto: “It’s news: exclusive and original.” But we welcome any online journalistic innovation that doesn’t involve Britney Spears, so we wish them well.

Why an online news source? Here’s one guess: Investigative reporter Longabardi seems to have long ago given up on Old Media.

Here’s to the brave, new world.

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Marc Olmsted: Poet, Writer, Urban Saint


Marc Olmsted, aka The Trash Whisperer sets a good example for those who live in Loz Feliz and see him picking up other people’s litter. He has a piece about this altrustic activity in the Los Feliz Ledger, which he’s thoughtfully scanned.

See, Olmsted is really into that whole clean and sober thing, because he’s a writer who did some time in prison, got straight while staying gay and writes poetry while making the world a better place. And he wrote this:

I am not responsible for what goes on in the world, I have little control over what other people do. But I can choose and be responsible for my reaction to everything. In fact, I can even choose joy on daily basis.

He’s picking up other people’s coffee cups, cigarette packs, and sometimes, report cards.

March 30 is “Stop Cyberbullying Day”


Andy Carvin declares today as Stop Cyberbullying Day. Blogher’s Lisa Stone, writing about Kathy Sierra, exhorts us to Hate the Hate Speech. There’s an online community (when is there ever not an online community?). Angela Gunn, in US Today, suggests:

We start treating the blogosphere less like an episode of Jackass and more like the place we live.

And Violet Blue makes the case that cyber threats are usually directed against women, but she doesn’t mention the late Cathy Seipp and her cyber-annoyer, Eliot Stein, aka Troll Dolls.

Meanwhile, someone has been busy, laboring at the parody trade. Eliot Stein’s Diary is not safe for work, according to Patterico.
That alone is enough to make most people click through.

(FBLA thinks the guy in the logo is sort of hot–in a Tie Me Up, Tie Me Down way. Is that so wrong?)

How Sassy Book Authors Conducted Research

sassy_kurt_courtney.jpgMarisa Meltzer and Kara Jesella, the duo behind How Sassy Changed My Life, spent two years writing their ode to the late, great teen glossy that spawned the careers of editors-cum-personalities Jane Pratt (Jane), Christina Kelly (ElleGirl) and Kim France (Lucky) among others. But lest you think they spent that time chewing Bubblelicious and buying shoes, the pair did some serious research:

Meltzer: We spent a few days in the New York Public Library, which has its “Teen Central,” in the branch across from MOMA. It has this loft where teens hang out, they play teen music, with a giant neon sign that says “Teen Central.” They have this room… It’s actually kind of cute because there are actually teens doing their homework — ok, they’re flirting, they aren’t really doing their homework, and they have this glass room where they have almost the entire Seventeen archives. I think October 1975 is missing, but everything else is there.

Jesella: It’s funny because we found the ones from 1988, that were from right before Sassy launched, literally all stories were about getting married. It was like “How could this have existed?” Sassy did change things so dramatically, and it wasn’t totally clear until we saw what we had been reading before.

  • Book Keeping: Authors Uncover Sassy’s Rise and Fall []
  • ntionl txtng chmpship nxt mnth @ roselnd …

    The East Coast regional texting championship — yes, unfortunately, that — is coming to New York next month. The thumb-warrior showdown is slated for April 21 at the Roseland Ballroom.

    The contest, sponsored by LG, begins at 2:00PM. The prize: $25,000.

    To register, text “imaloser” to anyone who will care.

    Dean Baquet: ‘Panic Had Set In’

    fbny_dean_baquet.jpgThis morning at breakfast at the ultra-swank W Hotel in Midtown (blaring “salsatronica” at in the lobby at 8:00AM = unnecessary), Dean Baquet looked an awful lot like the next executive editor of the New York Times. As he sat alongside Gary Pruitt, president and CEO of the McClatchy Co. of newspapers, the Washington bureau chief of the Times and L.A. Times ex-editor/folk-hero fielded questions from the New Yorker‘s Ken Auletta on yet another panel about the future of newspapers, Baquet looked ever-the-general, politely slamming his former employers at the Tribune Company. “There was a lack of rational thought about the future,” Baquet said. “Panic had set in. It’s impossible to lead an organization when that happens.”

    While Baquet admitted that some pressure from Wall Street on newspapers to reach the youth market — what he called the “Britney Spears pressure” — is healthy, he’s “not convinced young people won’t read the newspaper as they get older.” Baquet said some of the downward spiralling state of newspapers was “self-inflicted” — pointing to the slashing of sections, like book reviews, turning readers off.

    Baquet, though, had optimism for his former company’s future: “If I were a multibillionaire, I’d [buy] the Tribune Co. right now.”

    Pruitt, whose McClatchy Co.’s stock is down some 30 percent this year, conceded that the timing of the company’s purchase of Knight Ridder was “awful,” but that the newspaper business is “not for the faint of heart.”

    Baquet also addressed the current scandal at the L.A. Times involving the resignation of the paper’s op-editor and the killing of a section that was to be edited by film producer Brian Grazer, saying he would not have approved the guest editor because “it invites conflict.”

    Baquet said the morale the L.A. Times was “in the tank”: “They’re sitting there waiting for a sale, [waiting for] some cuts rolling down the hill — throw in the angst of the newsroom in general … it’s a tumultuous time.”


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  • Voice Hires New Arts Editor


    Tony Ortega, who replaced the ousted (scorned?) David Blum as editor of the Village Voice earlier this month, has made his first significant hire:

    —–Original Message—–
    From: Ortega, Tony
    Sent: Thursday, March 29, 2007 2:33 PM


    I am pleased to announce that Brian Parks is the new Arts and Culture Editor of the Voice.

    Brian has a long and illustrious history at this newspaper. In a previous 13-year tenure as a copy editor, copy chief and senior editor, he wrote for and edited various parts of the Voice. From 1998 to 2003, he edited the theater pages and presided over the Obie awards.

    Recently, he has provided backup editing for various parts of the newspaper and has proved to be an invaluable member of our staff.
    Brian assumes arts editing duties Monday.

    Please join me in congratulating him on his new role.


    FBNY’s Village Voice Coverage:

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