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Archives: May 2007

Wendy McCaw in LA Times Online: Vows to Fight on Against Kiddie Porn


Wendy McCaw(ful) owns a newspaper, but the LA Times gave her online space to trash Lou Cannon while wrapping herself and her fish-wrap paper in the cloak of self-righteousness:

We intend to write more about the scourge of child pornography and we intend to uncover and expose anyone, including any former or current employees of our paper, who traffics and delights in the sexual abuse of children. The story has just begun.

What was the Times thinking? She can afford a full-page advertorial, like every other entity with an axe to grind.

FBLA wonders why there’s no comment section.

Wendy McCaw(ful) Will Have to Look Elsewhere For Kiddie Porn

A-Rod’s ‘Bush League,’ Blonde Get Front-to-Back Play

FBLA 20 Questions: Sabina Gault


Publicist Sabina Gault is with hot shop Ink PR Group ,was born in Romania, speaks five languages, has a magna from UC Berkeley, and loves mythical animals. She also seems entirely too truthful to be just another flack, as is evidenced by her answers to our oh-so-revealing questionnaire. Her clients must love her.

1. What newspapers do you read? LA Times, NY Times, and anything else I need to, should I have a client in them.

2. Which ones do you move your lips to while reading? None

3. Which Web sites, besides FBLA, are on your favorites bookmark? Dailycandy, fabsugar, gossip sites,,,,,, etc.

4. Where do you get your car washed? Downstairs in my building–they do a fabulous job.

5. Do you know your dentist’s first name? Of course. I am having dinner with her and her fiancee this upcoming weekend. She came to my wedding–she’s fabulous.
(FBLA has to interject: look at that smile.)

6. Do you believe newspapers are going to die? If so, when? No, I don’t think so. I think it’s just hard to get the actual paper when you have the internet. But in weekends, reading the paper is one of my favorite activities. Sitting with your eyes in the computer all the time is so unhealthy.

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Comedy Central Censors Sarah Silverman’s AIDS Joke

sarah_silverman_053007.jpgThere would appear to be few taboos Comedy Central — and its presumably harried legal department — would ultimately to shy away from. Sh*t? Uncensored? 161 times? Check. Jon Stewart air-skullf*cking Hitler? Check. Sarah Silverman sleeping with a black God then kicking him out of bed? Check. Check.

But it seems when it comes to AIDS jokes, Comedy Central has a bit of a double standard. In the June issue of Maxim, Silverman says the network strategically cut a line from one of her hit show’s episodes.

“In the AIDS episode, the doctor says, ‘You do have … no AIDS!’ And after that he was going to say to the other guy, ‘You do have … AIDS!’” Silverman explained. “Comedy Central said, ‘You can’t have someone get AIDS in a joke.’ As much as I loved how the cadences matched but had severely different outcomes, I couldn’t argue with that one.”

True, it would seem to be reasonable logic, except the network aired an entire episode of South Park — “Jared Has AIDES” — based on the same, endless joke. Oddly, Comedy Central has been reluctant to re-air the March 6, 2002 episode due to controversy surrounding a scene in which the character “Butters” is beaten by his family after a British television station banned the episode. (The episode appears uncut on DVD.)

So, what exactly is Comedy Central’s AIDS joke policy?

The network declined to comment.


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  • Red, White & Working Blue: Jon Stewart ‘Air Skullf*cks’ Hitler
  • LAT in 90 Seconds

    hkoped.jpgHenry Kissinger: Says a unilateral withdrawal from Iraq wouldn’t work. And as proof, he summarizes his view of the entire Vietnam War.

    notned.jpgHyper-active Hyperlinks: Newspapers are getting (slowly) more adept at embedding hyperlinks into online stories — but we can’t remember the last time we saw an LAT writer link to a story he wrote for another publication, as Michael McGough does today. Let’s just hope Ned Parker doesn’t follow this trend. His pieces for Narrative were long

    caspil.jpgFox Goes Further Down the Rabbit Hole: Apparently unsated by its purchase of MySpace, News Corp. bought two young amateur video companies for a combined $270 million. Yep. Two hundred seventy million dollars so that Fox could own your home movies.

    LA Times Op-Ed Advice to Lindsay Lohan–From Garlic Farmer


    The LA Times looked hither and yon to find someone, anyone who could write a strong op-ed letter to Lindsay Lohan about the hardships and joys of getting clean and sober. Someone who could relate to the pressures of fame. Someone who understand being 20, rich, sought-after, and minutely scrutinized.

    Who’d they turn to?

    Eric Lucas, garlic farmer. But not just any garlic farmer–one who woke up naked on his front lawn and scared the milkman. A middle-aged garlic farmer who’s been in recovery for 23 years and lives in Seattle and writes guidebooks. To be fair, his work has turned up in the paper before–in the travel section.

    Anna David would have been a much, much better choice. She wrote her novel, Party Girl, after 5 years in recovery and has the consummate insider’s view of the pressures of constant media attention–she’s written for People, Premiere, Playboyall the P magazines.

    Of course, a young, hot female journalist who covers the red carpet world while being in recovery herself doesn’t have the same mass appeal that a Washington State garlic farmer can command.

    But FBLA bets that Miss Lohan is not going to get his message.

    Former LAT Blogger Watches Online Baby Die A Slow, Tortured Death

    schoolmeplate.jpgOC Weekly’s Janine Kahn admits to going back daily to her former blog LAT’s School Me, to watch as her former overlords “morbidly dismantle my baby.”

    She continues with the gruesome imagery, talking about how her former boss Bob Sipchen convinced her to endure “sleeping bags crawling with bugs and peeing in the river” in Utah.

    She may pine for her good old days, but we’re personally happy to read her insider-y musings at her new home. So, sorry for your loss, Janine. But it may be our gain.

    Will CNN Ever Issue A Correction For Lou Dobbs?

    The New York Times has never been a friend of CNN’s Lou Dobbs. (Smarmy mentions in Frank Rich op-eds? Check. Offhand digs by Joseph Lelyveld in the Magazine? Check.)

    So no surprise that the Times tried to push the Lou Dobbs leprosy controversy thread. (You’ll recall Dobbs claimed there were 7,000 cases of leprosy in the U.S. in the past three years; there were 7,000 cases of leprosy in the last 30. When confronted with the error by 60 Minutes, Dobbs denied he got anything wrong.)

    A talk show host bloviating? Shocking. But the Southern Poverty Law Center took out advertisements in the New York Times and USA Today demanding CNN run a correction. They haven’t.

    Dobbs has engaged in quite a bit of SPLC baiting. But Dobbs’ baiting with “untruths,” the Times says, has painted CNN — and its “trusted” tagline into a tight corner:

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    Lunch at Michael’s: Al & Meredith Talk Skateboarding

    lunch_at_michaels_logo.jpg On the menu today: a tasty stew of media moguls and television titans with a dash of talking heads to spice things up. After making the rounds and checking in with some of our favorite regulars, we were thrilled to chat with our good pals Today’s Meredith Vieira and Al Roker. The always affable Ms. Vieira (who we’ve not seen at Michael’s before) and Mr. Roker told lunchtime chronicler Diane Clehane that plans are in the works for the show to travel to China this summer to do some segments as a walk up to next year’s blowout Olympic coverage in Beijing. “Meredith is going to be skateboarding on the Great Wall,” joked Al. Somehow, we wouldn’t put it past Today.

    Here’s the rundown on the rest of the crowd:

    1. The Early shift: Charlie Rose and Neal Shapiro; late shift: Cheri Kaufman of Kaufman Astoria Studios.

    2. Nightline‘s Cynthia McFadden (sporting a great tan), Silda Wall Spitzer (wife of Governor Spitzer) and her director of Children for Children Margo Jones.

    3. Mayor Joe Armstrong (who was happy to show us that Jimmy Buffett signed his “boot” — which doubles as a vase — on his last visit while Joe was away). Joe was dining with two lovely ladies: Dr. Sarah Simms Rosenthal and Jane Hartley. When we complimented Dr. Simms Rosenthal, an Ali McGraw lookalike, on her stunning summer ensemble, she told us she’s actually turned last year’s dress into a fabulous white embroidered skirt which she was wearing with a classic black T-shirt. Tres chic!

    4. Time Inc.’s John Huey.

    5. Gerald Schoenfeld, chairman of the Schubert Organization.

    6. Fashion central: Cece Cord, Cameron Silver, owner of Decades, the haute Los Angeles boutique, Becca Cason Thrash and IMG’s The Daily Jim Shi. (Thanks for filling us in, Jim!)

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    Outsourcing Grunt Work

    City Council stories are terrifically boring, but you do them in J-school to get a feel for how local government works — and how to trudge your way through documents to find the “good stuff.”

    So The Week managing editor Eric Effron laments a move by to outsource City Council stories to reporters in Mumbai and Bangalore. Outsourcing journalism? Isn’t that just blogging?