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Archives: June 2007

Jeff Zucker on Checkbook Journalism: There’s A Way


Jeff Zucker in the Financial Times View from the Top video segment dances around the “pay for Paris” question.

FT: Is that kind of “chequebook journalism” creeping in? And is that a bad thing?

MR ZUCKER: Well, look, I think the key thing anytime you do an interview with anybody, is that you disclose what you’re doing.

(And that makes it all okay? He makes it sound so easy.)

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John M. Arthur Moves Up to Managing Editor, LA Times


While Doug Frantz returns to Istanbul, where he’ll be the Mid east bureau chief for the Wall Street Journal, John M. Arthur will be the new ME at the Los Angeles Times. He’d been the assistant managing editor, and has been with the paper since 1986.

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Peter Braunstein’s 20/20 Confession


ABC announced late yesterday that Bill Ritter will be interviewing Peter Braunstein on 20/20 tonight. For those hoping Braunstein — following one of the most depressing criminal cases in recent memory — would go away quietly: Nope. An excerpt from the interview, which took place at Bellevue Hospital:

Peter Braunstein: “I didn’t really do anything in rape or murder her … even the lowest form of criminal comes into something plan.”

Bill Ritter: “You just figured out how to get in.”

Peter: “Yeah that was really what I reached in my thinking.”

Bill: “Of course she didn’t know that, she didn’t know that you didn’t have a plan, she didn’t know you weren’t going to kill her. She didn’t know you weren’t going to rape her. She had no idea … You didn’t rape her.”

Peter: “Yeah.”

Bill: “You didn’t hurt her physically? You did touch her.”

Peter: “Yeah I touched her.”

Bill: “It happened and what did you do?”

Peter: “I think I like fondled her breasts twice.”

Stay classy, 20/20.

Poll: Are You Planning To Buy An iPhone?


  • iPhone iNsanity
  • iPhone iNsanity


    The wait is almost over: The iPhone arrives at 6PM tomorrow. The reviews are already rolling in. Across the board, experts complain about AT&T’s service, but enjoy the phone and agree it’s a huge advance. Whether the iPhone is part of Steve Jobs‘ diabolical scheme to light Bill Gates on fire is still up for debate.

    Our favorites:


  • FBNY Poll: Are You Planning To Buy An iPhone?
  • Vanity Fair‘s German Issue

    vanityfair_germany_062707.jpgOw-ah. Six months after Vanity Fair was launched in Germany as a weekly magazine, Der Spiegel reports Condé Nast is running into major problems with Deutsche-Vanity Fair. A few of the highlights:

    • Condé Nast is spending €
      500,000 (US$670,000) weekly on the magazine, which is also suspected of exaggerating a sold print run of 120,000.

    • The usually mild-mannered Spiegel accuses Vanity Fair EIC Ulf Poschardt of “flamboyant arrogance” and his staff of “burn-out syndrome.”
    • A photo shoot in Dresden is a sign of the editors’ “desperate search for glamour.”
    • Editors are complaining that the magazine lacks “political relevance and journalistic seriousness.”
    • In a German version of the Bono/Africa VF stunt, German pop star Herbert Gronemeyer guest edited an issue of the magazine and “received little in return.”
    • Poschardt claims overblown expectations as a “result of the magazine’s association with the legendary US edition of Vanity Fair.”
    • German Condé Nast publisher Bernd Runge dodged questions about the magazine’s circulation.

    Spiegel‘s verdict:

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    LAFF: Not Over Yet


    If you couldn’t get to everything at the Los Angeles Film Festival, reading Luke Thompson is the next best thing.

    Craig Kennedy also weighs in.

    Eugene Hernandez watched our pool chat, and should have been up on the sofa, himself. Jeffrey Wells was busy watching the crowd. Anne Thompson was rather more expansive.


    Video: ABC News Reenacts Larry-Paris Using Desk Assistants

    Media Events 06.28.07


    THURSDAY 06.28.07
    WHAT: Bookstore Grand Opening, Signing
    WHO: Larry Mantle, of Air Talk
    WHEN: 3 p.m. — hurry!
    WHERE: Flintridge Bookstore and Coffee House
    WHY: Mantle will lend his familiar, reassuring voice to his reading of This Is Air Talk: 20 Years of Conversation on 89.3 KPCC

    THURSDAY 06.28.07
    WHAT: Book signing and show opening
    WHO: Robert Stivers
    WHEN: 6:30 p.m.
    WHERE: Frank Pictures Gallery
    WHY: Because one reviewer refers to the photographer’s work as “alchemy,” and who couldn’t use a little more gold?

    FRIDAY 06.29.07
    WHAT: Walk of Fame Star Dedication
    WHO: Mike Curb, guest speaker Casey Kasem
    WHEN: 11:30 a.m.
    WHERE: In front of Capitol Records
    WHY: Because you’re still mad at yourself for missing Barbara Walters.

    WSJ Reporters Stage Massive Protest, Refuse To Show Up For Work

    Statement released by Wall Street Journal reporters this morning:

    Wall Street Journal reporters across the country chose not to show up to work this morning.

    We did so for two reasons.

    First, The Wall Street Journal’s long tradition of independence, which has been the hallmark of our news coverage for decades, is threatened today. We, along with hundreds of other Dow Jones employees represented by the Independent Association of Publishers’ Employees, want to demonstrate our conviction that the Journal’s editorial integrity depends on an owner committed to journalistic independence.

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