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Archives: July 2007

Gore Pleads Guilty, Will Enter Drug Program

Al Gore 3rd pleaded guilty to two felony counts of drug possession, two misdemeanor counts of drug possession without a prescription and one misdemeanor count of marijuana possession. He agreed to enter a nine-month drug-diversion program.
And to paraphrase the Beach Boys,

And we’ll have fun fun fun now that daddy took the P-bird away


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Photoshopping Pauly Shore’s Skid Marks

pauly_072707.jpgDamn. Writing in Advertising Age about the Jezebel Photoshop contest, poor Simon Dumenco told some of his own Photoshop stories from the magazine editing trenches. You know, like the time when his design staff had to erase Pauly Shore‘s skid marks:

When I was (improbably) an editor at Seventeen, we shot him because he had some crappy movie about to come out. One day, the magazine’s design director stopped me in the hallway and told me that Pauly, that wacky guy, had insisted on pulling down his pants and underwear on the photo shoot… The design director was clutching transparencies from the photo shoot… My apologies if you’re reading this before lunch, but Pauly’s self-de-pantsing revealed Nascar-strength skid marks. It was an image, I confess, that we conspired to, uh, “clean up” without Mr. Shore’s knowledge.

Also noted: “Outsider” folk artist the Rev. Howard Finster once suffered from priapism during a photo shoot. That, also, was Photoshopped out.

Final Posts On Comic-Con?

chdarling_3.jpgWe were under the impression that Comic-Con was over. But don’t tell that to the LAT or the OC Weekly or, really, any other media outlet that can’t stop live blogging about it.

Apparently, Sunday was less of a convention wrap-up than it was the Last Day of Nerd Camp. And nobody, but nobody, wanted to say goodbye.

Too bad, geeks. Roll up your Superman sleeping bags and get on the bus. Y’all have day jobs to get back to.

Don’t you?

[Update: This completely awesome photo is courtesy of/stolen from Karen Nicoletti from the Risky Biz blog at the Hollywood Reporter]

Hollywood Reporter Snags Guider From Variety: This Means War


Variety Executive Editor Elizabeth Guider has been named Editor of The Hollywood Reporter. Staff members at THR were informed of the appointment just after 11 a.m. Monday morning, sources confirmed.

Guider replaces Cynthia Littleton in the post, who departed THR in March along with deputy film editor/Risky Business blogger Anne Thompson who both went down Wilshire Boulevard to take editor positions at Variety (Littleton is deputy editor for news development and Thompson is deputy editor of Getting Guider is somewhat of a coup for THR considering that the trade paper has been losing staff left and right as of late, not to mention that many of Variety’s hires over the past few years have been former THR staffers. A journalist who has worked for both trades told FBLA:

This certainly means war. The rivalry between the trades should be revitalized, after the Reporter seemed down for the count. And that’s great news for the industry which always champions having two trades they can play against each other,

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Jimmy Fallon To Host Late Night?

0730fallon.gifThe new face of Late Night?

So we’re already aware that Conan O’Brien is scheduled to become the new host of The Tonight Show in 2009. Now it’s being reported that the NBC suits are favoring Jimmy Fallon as Conan’s successor for Late Night. Although NBC isn’t making any official confirmations until after the new year, NBC’s Rick Ludwin confirmed that Fallon is the network’s top choice. O’Brien has been struggling for several years to have The Tonight Show return to its original home of New York; if he succeeds, it’s going to mean a three-way booking war for guests between Fallon, O’Brien and Letterman. If that happens, it wouldn’t take much for ABC to axe Nightline in favor of giving the 11:30pm time slot to Jimmy Kimmel.

The Ugly Newsrack Contest


Today’s Jane Jacobs moment comes courtesy of the Municipal Art Society, who are throwing an ugly newsrack contest. The winner gets a $100 gift certificate for the Art Society’s bookstore and to have their photograph used in an ad campaign. It all goes towards their ultimate goal: Banning newsracks from the streets of New York. We bet the Learning Annex loves that idea.

AP Shutting Down asap

asap.jpgThe Associated Press’ asap service just got the axe. Started in 2005 as a gen-y oriented service attempt to lure the kids back to print newspapers through short sentences, video and a college paper-like A&E section, it apparently wasn’t luring in enough advertisers. The last day of operations for asap is October 31; layoff status is currently unknown.

Which is too bad: asap provided a steady home for AP stringers to sell podcast & video content as well.

Breaking: Elizabeth Guider to Head Hollywood Reporter


Chris Gardner (watch this space for more from him) sends us this breaking news:

The Hollywood Reporter just announced to their staff minutes ago that the new editor in chief of the paper will be Elizabeth Guider from Variety.

Tom Snyder: R.I.P.

Television legend (and former New Yorker) Tom Snyder has passed away. He was 71 and publicly announced in 2005 that he had chronic lymphocytic leukemia. Best known for his long-running show Tomorrow with Tom Snyder, his unique interviewing style made for some of the best television moments of the 1970s. A self proclaimed “standup philosopher,” one of the high points of his show was a 1979 interview with the rock band Kiss:

The most outrageous interview seen on Snyder’s show occurred on Halloween 1979, when the rock band KISS appeared to promote their album Dynasty. During that 25-minute “interview”, the conversation devolved into a somewhat chaotic exchange between Tom and a very drunk Ace Frehley, who picked up a teddy bear left behind by another guest, put the armbands from his costume on the bear, and laughed, “the only Spacebear in captivity! I’ve got him– he’s captured!”. When Tom asked Ace if his costume was that of some sort of spaceman Frehley quipped, “Actually I’m a plumber.” Snyder shot back, “If that’s the case then I’ve got some pipe you can work on backstage.” The inebriated Frehley clapped his hands and cackled hysterically at the exchange.

Snyder’s interviews will be missed. He is survived by daughter Anne Mari Snyder and two grandchildren.