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Archives: May 2008



It’s a tsunami of swag at the Book Expo America 2008. If you come down tomorrow bring your handy mule to haul all the books you should take but probably won’t ever get around to reading.

Felix Dennis 100 Percent, Absolutely Did Not Kill Anyone

felix1_dennis.jpgBack in April, Maxim publisher Felix Dennis told a reporter — after numerous bottles of wine — that he killed a man. As one might imagine, this news spread rapidly throughout the world and Dennis quickly retracted his statement, claiming it was an April Fools joke.

But good murder stories never die, and BusinessWeek‘s Jon Fine
(disclosure) — who pointed out a flaw in Dennis’ excuse — caught up with the man, the myth, the legend and asked him about the rumor:

BW: I’ll just be blunt. Have you murdered anybody?

FD: I’m not speaking about that question. I’ve said everything I had to say about it. You heard it at the thing [a lecture he'd just given to students at Columbia University]. You read that the story was hogwash. The only additional information I will give you is that I spoke to the editor of the Times four times on the telephone before he printed the story. He accepted the story was hogwash. He said, “I know it’s hogwash.” I said, “fine. Then you must do what you’re going to do.”

(Fine notes that Times‘ spokespeople said James Harding never had this conversation nor has he ever used the word “hogwash.”)

Fine’s column on Dennis is here

Media Bistro (Hearts) Andrew Malcolm

AndrewgMalcolm.jpgOur older sister, FBNY, beat us to the punch in lovin’ up on Andrew Malcolm (they are three hours ahead, after all), but allow us to add our voices to the throngs.

Is L.A. Observed Dissing Ron Kaye?

blog_photo_jm.jpgWe honestly can’t tell by this post.

We’d normally just e-mail Kevin Roderick directly and ask, but we decided to take a page out of John Mayer‘s play book. Really, just so we could post a picture of John Mayer.

LAT’s Andrew Malcolm: The Oldest Rookie of the Year

AndrewgMalcolm.jpgHere at FishbowlNY we are big fans of Andrew Malcolm the journalist-turned-blogger behind the LATimes political blog “Top of the Ticket.” We are also big fans of the idea that the ever growing online world of newspapers is not actually the end of journalistic integrity, nor is it somehow out the grasp of “old media.” So it was especially pleasing to see Malcolm, a former foreign correspondent and bureau chief at the New York Times as well as an editorial board member and feature writer for the Los Angeles Times, also aged 64 (ahem), get some attention over at PBS’s MediaShift, where he talks (for two hours “with the fervor of someone who has been reborn in his career”) about the transition.

One of the reasons I got into journalism was that I loved the tough stories. And in journalism, I thought I could learn something new every day…Looking back on it, newspapers became like a pharmacy. But over time there were other counters opening up and people didn’t want to take your medicine. To me, that’s exciting, but to a lot of my colleagues it’s very terrifying because you have to learn a lot of new things…Unpredictability was at the top of my list. And we had to be pretty well informed and well written, and Don and I had done a lot of that.

And then, much to our (and possibly Nick Denton‘s enjoyment) Malcolm shatters the myth that reporters aren’t concerned with their own popularity.

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When New Media Wins…

gawker meatr1o.jpg

At left, Gawker’s Manhattanhenge post from 3:01 yesterday. At right, the image on the front page of this morning’s Metro.

What’s the day after Manhattanhenge? Oh right, the apocalypse.

NYTs Coffee Klatch: Brooks and Collins In Conversation

conversation75.gifOver at the NYT’s our favorite columnist is talking with David Brooks. Apparently it’s a new feature called “The Conversation” in which the two will discuss, we have to assume, all things presidential (let no one ever accuse the Times of missing the online ship called New Media).
Up until now we weren’t aware that the hallowed Times op-eders were allowed to talk to each other. Actually, it sort of feels like those very special television episodes when different casts cross over into each other’s story lines. Anyway, today’s topic of discussion is: “Which party’s approach to the nomination process works best?”

David Brooks: “I think the Republican rules are much better, albeit in an evil and ruthlessly efficient sort of way. The Republicans like winners and disincentivize losing. Hence the profusion of winner take all primaries. They got a nominee efficiently and cleanly. Wham, bam, thank you Fred.”

Gail Collins
: “You’re right, Bush probably did win Florida. Democrats are irrationally bitter about minor details like voter suppression. But if you had to do a movie about a see-saw election, and one guy has the national popular vote on his side, and the other has his brother the governor and Katherine Harris, who would you make the sympathetic character?”

Do you see why we love her so much?! (Also, she’s a Buffy fan). It’s unclear whether this series will include other op-ed page match-ups, because we happen to think a Frank Rich, Bill Kristol “conversation” would be grand. Almost as good as a Gail Collins and MoDo chat.

Google Earth API Way Prettier Than New York Times API

Last week, we told you about the New York Times‘ soon-to-be released API. Google, because it has to be the best at everything, is offering an API for its Google Earth platform. According to the Web site, once the code is embedded, you can “draw markers and lines, drape images over the terrain, add 3D models, or load KML files, allowing you to build sophisticated 3D map applications.” Exciting. There’s also a sweet video.

LAT in 90 Seconds

One Nation, Under YouTube: James Rainey does a spot analysis of how John McCain is portrayed on YouTube. The results are unflattering. And totally fun to watch.

39395012-29163845.jpgHarvey Korman, 81: Harvey Kormin, the “luminous second banana” has died. From the obit: “Korman made more than 30 films, including four comedies directed by Brooks, who first discovered him when his wife, the late Anne Bancroft, singled Korman out on The Carol Burnett Show.”

39427772-30112014.jpgTaking The Stand: A judge has ordered Chicago Sun-Times Music critic Jim DeRogatis to take the stand in the R. Kelly case, saying the 1st amendment doesn’t protect him because he was the first person known to possess the sex tape at the heart of the trial.

Everything’s Coming Up Carrie, For Now

OB-BN460_satc_1_20080529113157.jpgLiterally. It’s starting to feel like there is not a story to be written at the moment that in some way doesn’t have something to do with the SATC movie. It’s like wearing really large, rose colored, tunnel-vision glasses. But is it a last hurrah for print world?

While Carrie et al. are currently cash cows for many magazines, if not the retail industry, over at Folio Dylan Stableford is speculating that they may be the last of the red-hot cover girls. In the show and now the film Bradshaw is all about about print, with nary a cell phone in sight (which brings us to this: A pay phone! Does she also use subway tokens?), however at a party the other night in honor of one of the film’s stars Kristin Davis, Stableford says the hosts could barely give away a magazine,

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