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Archives: August 2008

Starring Nicole Kidman as Sarah Palin

CVN_MCCAIN_VEEPSTAKES_.sff.standalone.prod_affiliate.101.jpgBeauty queen (Miss Congeniality actually), TV sports reporter, two year governor of Alaska Sarah Palin, has been chosen by John McCain for a VP.

Drudge was ‘whispering’ in red about Tim Pawlenty. We knew she was on the short list – but this makes his run for president a little more interesting.

McCain has done very well for himself ditching the ahem ‘more experienced’ loyal, if you will, people in his life (think the woman who stuck with him when he was a POW) and choosing a hot young thing.

If there hasn’t already been a movie about Palin (To Die For) starring Nicole Kidman…they will be…Okay she totally reminds us of a Nicole Kidman character. Doesn’t she? Vehement, slightly creepy with amazing skin.

Sarah Palin: Stepford Wives meets Cold Mountain!

Sarah Who?


We’ve been reading the punditry about Sarah Palin this morning, and our favorite bit comes in the L.A. Times Top of the Ticket blog. Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison (whose name had been floated as a possible McCain sidekick) told Don Frederick:

“I don’t know too much about her, but perhaps that’s the good news,” Hutchison said.

Good news? If John McCain wins, he’ll be the oldest person ever elected president … and you think putting some unknown stunt candidate a heartbeat away from the Oval office is “good news?” For whom? Democrats?

Only in LA…and Maybe New York

This caught our eye on Craigslist:

Writers Needed for a Weekly Column

Reply to:

Date: 2008-08-28, 6:04PM PDT

So… Please read through before sending us resumes.

We are looking for writers to start an online weekly trade.
The trade is for the entertainment community.
You can pick your subject: career advice, movie reviews, or anything else that comes to mind and suits our site.

Please note that we are looking for writers who love to write and not just doing it for $.
We are a non profit site, so this is a non paid gig. The only thing we do promise you is over 50.000 readers a month. So the benefit would be major exposure.

Our plan is to go on paper within a year. Writers who would stick with us will then get paid contracts.

Please send us some writing samples and the subject you would like to write about.
Actors, casting directors or other industry professionals are welcome.



Here’s something you’ll never hear,”Please note that we are looking for janitors who love to clean and not just doing it for $.”

Yeah, it could be the only profession where the desire to be paid for it is considered a moral liability. Well, this and hooking…

Oh and cheap and/or broke is not the same as non-profit. Maybe they can find an accountant who loves to set up 501(c)(3) and not just doing it for the $.

Outside Coming to Your TV in November

outsidemag3.jpgOutside‘s editor Christopher Keyes was nice enough to give us a tour of the magazine’s awesome office yesterday and submit to an interview for an upcoming So What Do You Do? article. While discussing the brand’s extension beyond print (editors love talking brand extension!) Keyes mentioned Outside‘s first foray into television:

“We’ve got our first TV production coming out on the Travel Channel in November, which we’re pretty excited about, and we’re looking to develop a lot more television programming.”

We, being dutiful media reporters, took the bait. Hey Chris, can you tell us more about Outside‘s next great adventure?

“We did a package of stories two time, two years in a row called ‘Unsolved Mysteries,’ which was just exploring mysterious things that had happened in the wild. The pilot is actually hosted by a former intern here who wrote the package, Tim Sohn. He and a producer flew to New Guinea to investigate the disappearance in 1961 of Michael Rockefeller, the son of Nelson Rockefeller, governor of New York. They just came back and Rockefeller disappeared while swimming from his boat which capsized to the island. That was the last he was seen. So one of the first things Tim had to do was recreate the swim, which had him swimming in shark-infested waters. It was pretty hilarious. He says the scariest thing for him was getting in front of the camera for the first time, not the sharks.”

DNC ’08: Fireworks Over INVESCO

Denver ’08: Inside INVESCO During Obama’s Speech

DNC ’08: Democracy Is One Big Line-Up


From Google/Vanity Fair to the INVESCO press line-up (above). It’s about 2:30pm here and the speech goes off after 8pm. They are recommending everyone be in the field by 4pm.

DNC ’08: The Google/Vanity Fair Party

Following up on yesterday’s email FBNY went to pick up their Google/Vanity Fair party invite/retina scan at the Ritz Carlton. Here’s the scene we encountered &#151 that’s David Brooks near the front of the line.


Media Folk Fill Out ‘Fashion’s 50 Most Powerful’

Anna Wintour deemed ‘Fashion’s Most Powerful’ person. In other news: the sky is blue.

Ahead of the debacle spectacle that is Fashion Week, which will descend upon New York’s Bryant Park Sept. 8-15, The New York Daily News whets our whistle with its Fashion’s 50 Most Powerful list. Since we wouldn’t wish a slideshow slog on anyone, we extracted the list’s nine fashion media mavens who matter — a majority of whom work in some type of digital fashion media — after the jump.

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DNC ’08: Press By the Numbers

100g2g793.jpgThere are apparently 15,000 journalists here in Denver. Actually, based on the fact we rarely see people on the sidewalks without some sort of credentials we believe it. But what are they all doing (other than making cupcake videos?)? CJR breaks it down, except for the last part we can attest to most of this being true.

14,000 are wearing terrible suits.

7,500 aren’t doing much at all. This isn’t surprising. Only a small number of reporters actually have a reason to be here.
4,021 are smugly bad-mouthing the convention and its participants in their story ledes.

2,294 are bitching about only having perimeter press passes.

1,026 are drunk. This is as it should be.

500 don’t have credentials, but are trying desperately to get them.

340 are confused about how to find the proper press office inside the Pepsi Center.
150 are in the CNN Grill.

Seven of them are having their photographs taken with Captain Morgan, the rum-loving pirate who, for some reason, was credentialed into the convention.

One of them is frantically trying to engineer a meeting between Captain Morgan and Ted Sorenson, the painfully dignified Democratic legend who is finishing an interview with Tavis Smiley just as Captain Morgan bursts into the tent, T-shirts and Morganettes in tow. That person is me, and, in this, I am a failure. But, then again, we are all sort of failures here.