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Archives: August 2008

McCain’s Veep: The Wait Will Soon Be Over

How excited are you to find out who will be McCain’s veep?
( polls)

The rumor is, ahem, Drudge is reporting that John McCain‘s veep choice may be leaked today. Today around 3pm PST.

We think he should wait for a slower news day. Maybe a day when 15,000 reporters aren’t knee deep in donkey drama in Denver. But what do we know. We know alliteration. That’s what we know.

E&P, America’s Oldest Newspaper Journal, Blogs

eandp082808.jpgEditor & Publisher, the stodgy journal with its eye ever fixed on the newspaper industry, will “finally” enter the world of blogging. As the release cheekily states, the blogs are “only 125 years in the making.” (They must have hired a couple new interns.)

Next week, will launch “Fitz & Jen Give You the Business” and “The E&P Pub” which, we assume, detail the inner workings of the intriguing print and pulp world. No further details were available, but we hope at least one of them covers the “Is Clark Kent really Superman” beat.

DNC ’08: The Press Plays Red Rover With Convention Security

reporters.jpgFBNY was watching all the action from the CNN Grill last night and so was mostly out of the fray (notwithstanding the rush for free milkshakes), but according to Michael Calderone many members of the press had a less pleasant time trying to cover the convention action.

Following Bill Clinton’s speech, several reporters left the Pepsi Center’s press gallery. But upon returning, they were notified by security that they weren’t allowed come back in, and instead could watch from TVs in the arena hallway. (Try telling that to an editor back home).

The NY Times‘ Pat Healy was one of the reporters stuck outside, just as the NY Post’s Geoff Earle — on the inside — intervened by calling out, “Pat! Pat!” Earle told the security guard that Healy was sitting next to him and had a seat to come back to. A Times and Post reporter helping one another out: Now that’s unity!’s DNC Video

They call this video “DNC Street Vendors”. We call it,”We Went to the DNC and All We Got Was This Lousy Video of T-Shirts”.

Next Week’s RNC: Perfect Storm?

Stuart Shepard of Focus on the Family made a “Praying for Rain” youtube video. He asked his followers(?) to pray for rain at Mile High Stadium during Barack Obama’s acceptance speech because he disagrees with his politics. “If God decides that rain of biblical proportions would be a good and proper meteorological condition for that evening,” He says on the video. “We’ll see it and we’ll say that it is good.”

Yeah, Focus on the Family should try focusing on their family and retire from rain dancing. Because it’s 80 degrees and sunny in Denver today.

Either way it makes Stuart Shepard look like an ass.

Anyway, Joe Strupp at E&P brings us a story of the Times-Picayune looking at the three year anniversary of Katrina tomorrow while bracing for Gustav.

“Keeping a watchful eye on Gustav has caused people to be less-conscious of the anniversary than they would have been,” Peter Kovacs said. “There is a sort of nervousness of ‘no, not again’.”

Reuters reports that some New Orleans residents may get evacuations orders by tomorrow. The storm could hit the gulf coast by Monday. That would make it make land fall the first day of the Republican National Convention.


Postcard Collector Folds, Will Stop Collecting Dust in Your Apartment

postcardcollector082808.jpgWe received an email sent to contributors of F+W PublicationsPostcard Collector by editor Sandra Sparks announcing that the magazine will fold with its November/December issue.

Subscribers will now receive sister publication Antique Trader instead. The magazine will “feature even more coverage of postcard collecting than before.”

On PC‘s Web site, there’s an offer to receive a year’s subscription to the magazine. That’s $19.98 we’d advise you to spend somewhere else.

Sparks’ email is after the jump.

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Finding Sunshine Among the New Media Clouds

sunshine082808.jpgAs the media industry slowly dies around us, we’ll happily overplay any positive story to make us feel even marginally better about our chosen career. As such, we’re pleased to report that the Web site of U.S. News & World Report had a record day with over 15 million page views last week after the publication of its annual college rankings survey. All this despite the fact that fewer and fewer colleges want to participate.

Additionally, bolstered by the Olympics, Runner’s World‘s site posted its best page view week ever with 5.14 million.

Of course, such gains only lead to success if you can monetize it. While traffic to the running mag’s site is up 68 percent over last year, revenue is only up 23 percent. Then again, if even The New York Times is struggling to make money, what hope do the rest of us have? We’ll deal with that later.

Studio Asked to Change Film’s Lame Name

The Greater Los Angeles Area office of the Council on American-Islamic Relations has asked Warner Brothers and Warner Independent Pictures to change the title of their upcoming release Towelhead.

The trailer for the film can be found here.

It’s not exactly a movie about race relations. It’s secondary at best. It’s about a 13 year old girl, who happens to be of a race. So, FBLA caught up with Hussam Ayloush, Executive Director of CAIR in LA and asked him why he thinks the studio chose to use that title in this market.

“The film title is based on a book with the same title.” Said Ayloush. “However, the film was released in Canada under a different title: “Nothing is Private”. I guess WB felt that the US market is more accepting of such language.

We think it’s funny that the title for a Canadian release would get translated – interpreted into their language.

Ayloush said that although Warner Bros. executives have made it clear they intended no offense, the use of such a derogatory term by a major film studio will serve to increase its acceptability in public discourse.

Radio Killing the Newspaper Star?

7629_1200318600.jpgDawn Girocco has been hired by the L.A. Times to head the advertising department.

From L.A. Observed: “Those fears within the Tribune about Sam Zell‘s radio-izing of the company look even more justified now. A day after the Los Angeles Times hired a top executive with roots in the Phil Anschutz empire, he hires a new advertising senior VP from FM radio. Pretty sad that being mentioned as one of Los Angeles Magazine’s ill-fated 64 Best Things is written into a bio as a mentionable plus.”

Roderick’s got the memo. We didn’t even finish reading it. It’s our birthday, and we feel no need to make ourselves sad.

Emptying the Inbox: Rolling Stone,

RevolvingDoor.jpgWe enjoyed Tuesday’s cleaning out the closet post so much we thought we’d do it again. Who knows, we might go crazy and make it a regular feature. Did someone say news dump? This southwestern air is making us do nutty things.

So, without further ado, here are some Revolving Door notes you may have missed:

Men’s Journal publisher Will Schenck will take over for Ray Chelstowski at the new size Rolling Stone. A new publisher for MJ has not been announced.

Elayne Fluker, formerly editorial director for beauty, style and entertainment at, jumps to another Internet property,, where she’ll be managing editor.