carlyphoto.jpgCarly Milne is a lot of things: Author of Sexography — a memoir about sexually coming of age. A sexual abuse survivor. A founder of Moxie, a female-content driven web network. A former editor at Yahoo! Canada. An former editor at Adult Video News, and, of course, a blogger.

Now she’s a fundraiser — a controversial one at that.

Milne tells FBLA what it’s been like to from writing her way through the world to being written about.

1. How has the media’s response to the book been? It’s been incredible in some ways, and cautious in others — and I understand why. When you tell someone you’ve written a memoirs about your sexual exploits and include that it discusses rape, abuse and assault, people tend to get a little uncomfortable and assume it’s a really dark tale. Obviously part of it is, but what I’m really focusing on is how it’s a story about survival and finding peace when you don’t think there is any… and that’s when I’m not recounting the awkward, amusing and downright funny parts of my journey, some of which I think I now wish I hadn’t written! But I’m finding that after people read it, they really get it. The most amazing thing has been getting e-mails from survivors who say my story isn’t only mirroring
theirs, but helping them change their lives. That blows me away.

2. What’s been the most awkward question an interview has posed to you so far? There’s not a lot left to feel awkward about when you write a memoirs about nearly every aspect of your sex life!

3. Do you have any book-signings planned? I’m going to be having a signing and launch party at Freddy and Eddy’s (12613 Venice Blvd, 877-915-0380) on Thursday, April 24th from 8 – 10 p.m., and I may even get up the courage to read something if I’ve had enough wine.