DLR_18x24_poster_v4_SOLD_OUT_4.jpgHarrison Ford may do for the Dalai Lama what Morgan Freeman did for penguins — at least that’s what the people who made The Dalai Lama Renaissance hope.

Ford narrated the docu, which chronicles a meeting the Dalai Lama held at the end of 1999 with philosophers and thinkers to “solve the world’s problems.” You know, kids’ stuff.

Khashyar Darvich, producer-director of Dalai Lama Renaissance, told FBLA that Ford topped the director’s list of dream narrators because “he is a grounded person who is liked by a wide variety of audiences, and who has a solid voice for narration.”

So far, the film has wound its way through the festival circuit, and Darvich is hoping for wider distribution later this year. In the meantime, he answered some of our questions about his film and His Holiness.

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