Although the recently re-opened investigation into the tragic death of actress Natalie Wood is still ongoing, the author who sparked it all, Marti Rulli, says she has finally been able to get back to a normal day-to-day in New Jersey. She still thinks about the late actress every day and remains grateful that the shocking events that took place off Catalina Island on Thanksgiving weekend 1981 are finally getting their proper investigative due.

“From everything I know, the case is still alive and very much being investigated,” Rulli tells FishbowlLA via telephone. “It will take the time that the case deserves. I trust that they will not close up this case without interviewing the people who were on board.”

“I don’t know the exact status of the LA County Sheriff’s investigation, or when they’re interviewing the other people involved,” she continues. “What I do know is that they had said they intend to interview everyone who had information about the case.”

Looking back at the frenzy of media attention the re-opening of the case received, Rulli agreed that she was amazed how few people in the media who interviewed her took time beforehand to read the book she wrote with Splendour captain Dennis Davern. The producer of CBS news magazine 48 Hours was an exception to that rule.

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