The Los Angeles Times gets all busy with a new committee and some more blogs. Innovation editor Russ Stanton (who must just cringe when he has to call himself that) announces:

A2/A3 redux: The design department has been working on a remake of pages A2 and A3 of the newspaper. The plan is for A2 is to devote some space to promoting what’s on the website, and introduce a rotating series of smaller features. The corrections and index will remain. For A3, the remake involves a more visually attractive page that is less reliant on text. The goal is to debut both of these before the end of the year.

Promoting the website in the print edition? That’ll fetch ‘em. And less text? Graphic novel news?

Readers Rep Journal: We’re launching a new space on on Wednesday, Nov. 14, where Readers’ Representative Jamie Gold will host a daily dialogue between our readers and members of the print and online editorial staffs. The Readers’ Representative Journal will include features such as staff announcements, links to 1st Amendment sites and answers to frequently asked questions.

We’re living for the answers to those FAQs, especially the ones asked by Patterico.

Innovation blog: This will be the last one of these you’ll receive from me via email, as we’ll be moving online and expanding the discussion beginning Monday, Nov. 12, with a blog called “Newsroom 2.0.” The goal is to more frequently share insights, success stories, explain traffic patterns, look at interesting things other media are doing, pass along tips, answer questions and address complaints. Joining me will be Meredith Artley, executive editor of; Aaron Curtiss and Tracy Boucher, deputy innovation editors; and Mike Castelvecchi, managing editor/breaking news at

And there’s a committee to study why Monday’s such slow day.

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