President of American Apparel, Dov Charney sent us this letter about the lawsuit by Woody Allen that was settled today.

Here’s a good rule: if you have to explain it to Woody Allen – it’s not funny. Here’s another: the First Amendment is the government not infringing on your expression, not Woody Allen not infringing on your expression of his image with your logo.

Plus, Charney gets into a bit of revisionist history and claims there is this whole conspiracy making people believe he’s a huge pervert. This coming from a guy that started masturbating in front of a reporter from Jane. He used to flaunt it, now he’s the victim of bad press and misunderstandings. Uh huh.

Whole letter is printed below:

Today the lawsuit filed against American Apparel by Woody Allen will settle whereby he will receive a 5 million dollar payment. The vast majority of this payment will be paid by our insurance carrier who is responsible for the decision to settle this case and has controlled the defense of this case since its inception. Naturally there is some relief of not having to go through a trial but I also harbor a sense of remorse and sadness for not arguing an important issue regarding the First Amendment, particularly the ability of an individual or corporation to invoke the likeness of a public figure in a satiric and social statement.

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