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New York Times Discovers Watts Towers, Still Struggles With Acronyms

In an otherwise decent enough piece by Adam Nagourney in yesterday’s New York Times about the uncertain fate of the Watts Towers, we couldn’t help notice a few things. Both the reference in the hed to the Towers as “hidden” and notion in the body of the piece that Europeans and global sophisticates flock to the towers while Angelenos are too dumb to notice, struck us as a bit odd. We haven’t met a single Angeleno who doesn’t know about the Watts Towers, or who learned about them from some effete Frenchie.

But the main thing we found bizzare is the Times’ continued reference to the LA County Museum of Arts as “Lacma,” instead of “LACMA.” Lord knows we here at Fishbowl LA are no copy editors. But it’s been bothering the crap out of us.

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Like Sands Through the Hour Glass: Obama and the Press

obama press 4.jpgObama and the press: it’s not easy to keep up. In lieu of a flow chart, a brief recap. Over the winter the Press had such a crush on Obama that SNL’s parody was considered an act of intervention, and Tina Fey was heralded as a sort of feminist hero. Then there was the whole Jeremiah Wright thing and it looked like the Press was finally going to do some quality vetting on the candidate, which the campaign appeared none to pleased about. Then there was a whole slew of flattering covers and a industry-wide call for Hillary to step down, then there was the New Yorker cover (which is a sell-out, by the way), and the Lizza article, and the Nagourney article (more on this in a second) after which the better part of the American press corps including all three network anchors picked up to follow Obama on his first international tour as a candidate; a trip which culminated in yesterday’s ich bin ein Berlin speech. At the moment, and certainly according to John McCain, the press LOVES Obama. However, not so fast says the New Republic, who is arguing that the press’s love affair with Barack may actually be over. The problem? Obama is no longer putting out.

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Obama Taking a Beating in the Polls, or, Newspapers Can’t Add

covggger.jpgThe media hates Barack Obama! Ha! Yeah, we don’t think so either, but Obama has certainly been taking some lumps this week. First there was the controversial New Yorker cover. And then the campaign took issue with Adam Nagourney‘s front page Times article , which basically said a lot more black people like Obama than white. And now comes word via MediaMatters that a poll done by ABC News and the Washington Post withheld in its first release results favorable to Obama.

In disclosing the results of their poll, conducted July 10-13, ABC News and the Washington Post issued staggered releases, withholding from their first release on July 14 poll results favorable to Sen. Barack Obama, including the finding that 50 percent of registered voters would vote for Obama “[i]f the 2008 presidential election were being held today” versus 42 percent who favored Sen. John McCain…Later that day, ABC News and the Post issued a second release with additional poll results that stated: “Obama continues to hold most of the advantages in the presidential race.”
If it wasn’t for Rolling Stone and Newsweek one might begin to suspect the media had it in for Obama (this week).

‘Gay Mafia’ At The New York Times?

out_closet_times.jpgWhile we chuckled at editor Aaron Hicklin‘s tongue-in-cheek Out cover — featuring long rumored-to-be-closeted celebrities Anderson Cooper and Jodie Foster — the new issue makes an interesting point about the paper of record in its “Power 50“:

“Yes, there really is a queer cabal in the Eastern elite media, and it works on West 43rd Street in New York City.” According to Out, T magazine editor Stefano Tonchi, assistant managing editor Richard Berke, national correspondent Adam Nagourney, advertising columnist Stuart Elliot, style reporter Eric Wilson, theater critic Ben Brantley and restaurant critic Frank Bruni are included in the Times‘ “gay mafia.”

Out says: “This is one group you don’t want to run into in a dark alley.”

“What are we going to do?” Elliot asked WWD. “Beat them with the Sunday Times?”

Bigger question: Has the Times become the Village Voice?

Is Rudy’s Home Life Fair Game?

rudy_gushes_nyp.jpgAnother NYC-centric media debate, courtesy of CNN’s Reliable Sources:

HOWARD KURTZ: Michael Goodwin, you wrote, “Voters will never give the White House to a man who has caused such pain to his children.” Did you feel uncomfortable writing about this and getting into [Rudy] Giuliani‘s private life?

GOODWIN: No. I mean, I think that’s the theory about why this could matter to some people. I don’t personally share that feeling. I do think though that it is fair game for voters to know pretty much everything about a presidential candidate, and particularly in this case. As you cited, Andrew Giuliani is 21. So although I had some qualms about writing about the story, because it is kind of an icky story, I think ultimately the voters do have a right to know this. And I think it’s got to be something that voters everywhere will kind of put in the hopper and weigh it with other things and decide, you know, how to vote.

KURTZ: Adam Nagourney, this was not your story in “The New York Times,” but, you know, kids have problems with parents and stepparents all the time. So, why is this worthy of media scrutiny?

NAGOURNEY: I have to echo Michael on this. I think that when it comes to someone who is running for president, pretty much everything is fair game. I don’t mean invasion of privacy, but I think that for newspapers to do their jobs correctly, you want to tell voters, prospective voters, everything you can about these men or women who want to be president, and that includes details of their family life. You know, again, Andrew is 21, and as far as I know, he spoke to the paper totally voluntarily. I think this is a very appropriate story, and it’s just one of many things that I think voters should know about in trying to assess whether or not they want to vote for Rudy Giuliani to be president.


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