There are a variety of packages available from Crowds ON Demand, the brand new LA company founded by Adam Swart. Here for example is what a customer gets if they lay out $799 or more for the “Celebrity Airport Greeting:”

We will send a crowd – the size is your choice – with signs, “paparazzi,” fans and “reporters” to meet you at the airport as you exit security. You will be the envy of your fellow travelers, as you meet your loving fans, all the while they will be trying to guess who you are. This service is a great way to start off a trip or a perfect surprise gift for out-of-town guests.

“We do our first gig in mid-November and we have 14 orders at the moment, all for 2012,” Swart tells FishbowlLA. “The most popular package is the Celebrity Airport Greeting. I will be in China shortly to present our services to travel agents there, to ideally tap into the rapidly growing Chinese travel market.”

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