sharptonpic.jpgAl Sharpton Speaks Out: In an Op-Ed, Sharpton writes about finding out that his ancestors were the slaves of Strom Thurmond’s forebearers. “Obviously, the temptation here is to fall into the caldron of anger that swirls when you visualize your flesh and blood, most assuredly proud and strong, waking up every day enslaved. You have to hope they realized that they suffered so that one day their descendants could live the life that was stolen from them.” Whew. We were worried he was going to say “the temptation here is to run for office.”

crazylkafx.jpgBritney “News”: Do We Need This In the LAT? No. No, we don’t.

qtmarquis.jpgMy Funny Valentine: Quentin Tarantino hosts a valentine for grindhouse films. Geoff Boucher writes a valentine for Quentin.