The AmberWatch Foundation unveiled its new venture, AmberWatch TV, this week. The video-on-demand channel is launching by the end of the month on Cablevision’s iO TV digital service.

AmberWatch TV is a groundbreaking channel, one of the first interactive VOD channels devoted entirely to parents, caregivers, and child safety.

Keith Jarrett (left) is the founder of AmberWatch Foundation, and the visionary behind the channel.

“We’re happy that the channel, in and of itself, can teach parents on how to keep their kids safe, and then provide them with all the resources to do so,” Jarrett tells FishbowlNY.

Jarrett says, the channel, at 625, for Cablevision iO subscribers, has plenty of programming, despite only offering VOD.

“You can go there and can control your experience with a ton of different video segments,” Jarrett says.

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