douthat2.jpgAfter much speculation it appears the New York Times has named Ross Douthat to fill William Kristol‘s recently vacated op-ed page slot. Douthat, who is currently part of the‘s stellar online line-up, had been one of the names bandied about as a possible replacement, though some wondered whether his youth, he is only 29, could hurt his chances. Not so! But also an interesting (arguably risky) pick for the Times, one which, judging from the memo sounds like it might have been made with an eye to the online world.

According to Andy Rosenthal‘s memo — in full after the jump — Douthat will be joining the Times staff in mid-April where his will “will start out primarily online, but will soon be writing with increasing frequency, and then regularity, on the Op-Ed page, in the Monday slot opposite Paul. At some point, he’ll also resume his work as a blogger.” So there you have it. If you’re not already familiar with Douthat you can currently find him here.

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