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The Atlantic Tries To Pin Down The Economist‘s Success In Dying Magazine World

atlantic.pngIn the most recent Atlantic contributing editor Michael Hirschorn tackles why The Economist is thriving while newsweeklies like Time and Newsweek decline. It’s a hot topic for discussion recently — and even came up during the Columbia J-school business journalism panel we attended earlier this week.

Hirschorn’s take: “The writing in Time and Newsweek may be every bit as smart, as assured, as the writing in The Economist. But neither one feels like the only magazine you need to read.”

Hirschorn also makes the same “niche is king” argument that we have heard time and time again:

“Repositioning your brand today is so much harder than it was in the old days, especially when you’re destined to be seen as a copycat product. In the digital age, razor-sharp clarity and definition are the keys to success. Knowing what and who you are, and conveying that idea to an audience, is the only way to break through to readers ADD’ed out on an infinitude of choices. General-interest is out; niche is in. The irony, as restaurateurs and club-owners and sneaker companies and Facebook and Martha Stewart know — and as The Economist demonstrates, week in and week out — is that niche is sometimes the smartest way to take over the world.”

In a video interview with’s editorial director Bob Cohn, Hirschorn said the trends that have led to the downfall of the newsweekly were a long time coming. “All the trends that you’re seeing now have been under way for 25 years,” he said. “What’s different now is that the economic crisis is calling the question much more quickly.”

After the jump, the video of Hirschorn and Cohn’s talk

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Four Ways to Cover The Atlantic‘s March Issue

origggatinal.jpgThose of you who travel frequently may have noticed that this month’s Atlantic is sporting a variety of covers. The magazine, which launched a redesign last fall and sports an impressive online line-up, rolled out four separate covers for its March issue. The cover story “How the Crash Will Reshape America” by well-known urban studies expert Richard Florida is accompanied by a cover shot and headline tailored to four specific cities: New York, San Francisco, Chicago, and Toronto.

Why these cities in particular? A spokesperson for the magazine told us “We were looking for images of diverse cities that represented the trend the piece describes, and that have high concentrations of Atlantic readers. We wanted to take advantage of the breadth of the story to do more than just put New York on the cover.”

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Election Day 2008: Get in Line!


We will admit there have been moments over the last 20 months when we weren’t convinced this day would ever come. But it’s here! Based on the accounts of some WNYC listeners the lines are long everywhere. Based on our Facebook page 670,000 users have voted. The BBC World News spent the first half hour this morning discussing today’s election and it is the front page story on both the Globe & Mail and the Guardian.

Needless to say the US coverage will be voluminous. The New York Times already has an interactive map up on the home page that will show the results as the polls close, and our favorite NYT liveblogger Kit Seeyle has mapped out your dinner plans based on election returns. Everyone from the Atlantic to individual reporters will be twittering throughout the day. We will do our best to keep up. In the meantime if you’re still unsure where to vote go here.

The Atlantic Redesign Featuring…Bloggers!

new atlantic cover.jpgWe mentioned last week that our favorite online magazine, the 150 year-old Atlantic, had re-branded and re-designed itself. At the launch party the other night at the Exit art gallery on the west side of Manhattan (which included an art installation of “provocative” questions like: Why do presidents lie?) we managed to get our hands on the new print issue. And it looks good, though the new cover does overwhelm a bit with information.

What was equally interesting to note was the lineup of writers they had chosen to feature in their newly designed issue. Not surprisingly the first name that caught our eye was Andrew Sullivan who writes a feature piece titled “Why I Blog” (more on that later), but along with Sullivan we noted James Fallows and Jeffrey Goldberg both of whom are part of The Atlantic‘s stellar lineup of bloggers. Does this signify some sort of sea change to come? As in, perhaps we’ve reaching some tipping point where in order for a print magazine to be relevant it has to plumb the big names of the online world. We will see. In the meantime, after the jump, why Andrew Sullivan blogs…the print version.

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The Atlantic for May: Arabian Gays, Iraqi Al-Queda


The Atlantic in May offers a whole May basket of treats.

Mark Bowden has the cover story on how Task Force 145 tracked down hunted down al-Qaeda’s man in Iraq.

Nadya Labi on gay life in Saudi Arabia, where everyone in is in one closet or another.

Caitlin Flanagan reviews The Choices We Made and The Girls Who Went Away, on life before Roe v. Wade.

Michael Hirschhorn writes The Case for Reality TV.

Virginia Postrel on fashion as art.

Corey Kummer on Eataly, easily the best supermarket ever.