In the wake of the NAACP’s 42nd annual Image Awards on March 4th, disgruntled LA journalist Eric Chambers (pictured) has shared a long, scathing March 11th open letter sent to organization chair Roslyn Brock and CEO-president Benjamin Todd Jealous.

Chambers, producer-host of Saturday program The Jazzspel on The Word Network, bemoans the lack of proper promotion by Fox for this year’s awards show. But his real beef is with the official accreditation publicist for the event, powerful LA PR entity the Lippin Group. Writes Chambers:

The Lippin Group is NNF: not Negro-friendly and in my estimation need some serious diversity training. How does the NAACP hold the biggest black Hollywood event of the year, and the black press not be credentialed? Or just a select few. I’ve spoken to several press members whom were denied and are as hot as fish grease over this!…

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