Brad Greenberg of the Jewish Journal gave us some insight on his recent Save A Heart finance story. It all started with an anonymous letter.

FBLA: What’s the drill with anon. tips and letters? Bloggers can pretty much just post the tip and say: we got an unsigned tip. Do you have different standards?

BG: Well, I’m also a blogger, but I wouldn’t feel comfortable posting an anonymous letter like the one I received about the Save A Heart Foundation. I’m always wary of people who want to share damaging information without letting me know who they are. I appreciate it, but I need to know how they got the information they’re passing on to me and why I should trust them.

The Save A Heart letter, for example, was a great tip. But it was only a tip. The accuracy was limited. Misspelled names, a bad phone number and some details that didn’t check out. But the letter included some information that was easy to check: Had a potential crime been reported to police, who handled the Save A Heart books, was Cedars involved?

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