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Bill Keller Thinks An Objective New York Times Would Be Boring

Bill Keller is enjoying his days among the New York Times’ Opinion pages because — as a human being — he has opinions. And as we all know, he’s never been too shy about saying his thoughts, and he did so last night during an interview with Peter Beinart, at CUNY’s Graduate Center.

Capital New York has a great breakdown of the entire chat, but we thought the best quote of the night from Keller was when he was asked if the Times could be objective:

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In Rising to Top, Jill Abramson’s Weakness Became a Strength

(Via Marie Claire)

In today’s New Yorker profile of Jill Abramson, it’s revealed that when it came time to name a replacement for Bill Keller at the New York Times, Abramson was seen as the frontrunner by Publisher Arthur Sulzberger. However, it was Abramson’s infamous assertiveness that ended up sealing the deal.

After Sulzberger had narrowed down his choices to three candidates — Abramson, Dean Baquet, and the editor of the Boston Globe, Martin Baron — he had dinner with each individually.

It was at this time that Abramson’s frankness separated her from the pack:

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Bill Keller is Posting Reader Exchanges on Facebook

Bill Keller — for as much as he laments sites like Twitter — is quite the social networking diva (divo?). When he tweets it creates a stir and when his columns create a ruckus, he responds to readers quite often. So it seems only natural that Keller would take to Facebook to post his recent pieces and the subsequent exchanges with readers.

Among other things, on his page now there is a link to an especially intense debate that happened after Keller wrote that journalists should ask politicians about religion more often.

Here’s the link to his Facebook page if you’d like to keep up with Keller, or just read the angry letters that people write to him.

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Bill Keller Tackles Obama in First Op-Ed

In today’s New York Times, Bill Keller discusses — in his first op-ed column — how Obama went from beacon of hope to what many see as a one term president. Keller tweeted that he wanted feedback, so let’s give him some, shall we? He says that Obama got to where he is today because of four factors: No one looks good after Bush, Republican resistance, disenchantment from his supporters and Obama himself.

Keller then goes into each, breaking down why they’re factors and along the way hitting us with some great writing. He says that Bush’s idiocy was somehow turned into Obama’s, explaining, “Given the systemic burden Bush left for his successor, that judgment seems to me to be less about fair play than about short memories.” He then nails the unhappy liberals with, “It’s not as if they are going to vote for Rick Perry.”

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Decoding Jill Abramson

Jill Abramson has been Executive Editor of The New York Times for just under a week now, so it’s time to start overanalyzing every single thing she says, just like we used to do with Bill Keller. Over the weekend, the Times’ Public Editor, Arthur Brisbane, interviewed Abramson, so let’s check out some of the more interesting quotes. Followed — of course — by what she really meant.

Brisbane: Will the public see a change because a woman is now in charge?
Abramson: Do you think any readers noticed it when I was a managing editor and had a major role in the play and picking of stories online and in print? The idea that women journalists bring a different taste in stories or sensibility isn’t true.
What Arbramson wanted to say: That’s a stupid question.

Brisbane: The legendary Times executive editor A. M. Rosenthal once told a colleague he felt the need to steer The Times to the right to compensate for the leftward political leanings of some staff. Will you do that?
Abramson: I sometimes try not only to remind myself but my colleagues that the way we view an issue in New York is not necessarily the way it is viewed in the rest of America.
What Abramson wanted to say: The rest of America is usually wrong. But, yeah. I guess.

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Here is The Invite To Bill Keller’s Bash

According to Gawker, the above is the invitation New York Times staffers just received to celebrate Bill Keller stepping down and Jill Abramson taking over. Pretty hip, right? Who knew Keller liked street art so much. Anyway, we weren’t invited, but if there are any tales of drunken hook-ups or keg stands, we’ll be sure to let you know.

Where Were You When The New York Times’ Site Went Down?

Last night, at approximately 9:45 pm Eastern Standard Daylight Time, a catastrophe rocked the nation. No, Hot Pockets were not discontinued. The New York Times’ website went down for about 40 minutes. Thankfully people sprang into action, alerting the masses to what had transpired.

The Wrap detailed the horror with, “The web page of the New York Times briefly appeared to be down, with a message reading ‘page not found.’” All Things D lamented, “There’s been no explanation from the media company,” for the crash. Adweek deemed the site being down a “snafu.” Even the Times’ staffers tried to quell the riots that would surely ensue if people realized that they might have to visit another news site for a few minutes.

Eventually the Times’ site came back, but it was too little too late. FishbowlNY hears that Bill Keller took the first flight out of the country once he heard the news. All we know is that he was last seen sipping mai tais on a remote island off the coast of Tortola.

We’re kidding, obviously. It’s just fun to see how something as small as the Times’ site going down for a few minutes is a newsworthy story. But then, we just wrote about it too, didn’t we?

Bill Keller on Arresting Front Page Photo: ‘A no-brainer’

The above is a picture by The New York Times’ Tyler Hicks, which accompanies an article by Jeffrey Gettleman that details the absolutely terrible – almost surreal – situation in Somalia, where insurgents are denying children and others access to food and water, leading to mass starvation.

Bill Keller tells The Huffington Post that the decision to run such a graphic photograph above the fold was “kind of a no-brainer,” after staffers considered many of Hicks’ submissions. More from Keller:

Jeffrey and Tyler went to great trouble and some risk to get as close as they could to the calamity in Somalia. They sent us a harrowing story and vivid, arresting photographs. We put them before the attention of our readers. That’s our job.

If you haven’t read Gettleman’s piece yet please do, it’s a shocking portrayal of a place that desperately needs help.

Bill Keller Ends New York Times Magazine Column, Moves to Op-Ed

It seemed like each time Bill Keller wrote a column for The New York Times Magazine, half the world loved it and half the world hated it. From lamenting the lure of Twitter to wishing that people would stop writing books, each piece brought a strong reaction from readers, but apparently not a strong enough one from Keller himself.

According to WWD, Keller is ending his column in September. He says that he’s moving on to the Op-ed section because it’ll give him more freedom. “The magazine column has been fun — and I’ve loved being part of Hugo’s relaunch — but op-ed has greater license to have opinions, and a day-before deadline,” said Keller.

Hugo Lindgren complimented Keller’s pieces, calling them “smart.” He also noted the old adage that there’s no such thing as bad press.

Going to the Op-ed section is a good move for Keller. He’s certainly got a knack for getting the media world wound up (which is what we love about him – there’s nothing more fun than watching media people lose their minds over a column), and as he said, he’ll be able to take it to a new level in the Op-ed section.

We look forward to the ensuing criticism or praise that those columns will generate almost as much as the columns themselves.