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The Young Turks’ Uygur Subs For Dylan Ratigan Today

180px-Uygur,_Cenk.jpgYouTube talk show star, Streamy runner-up Cenk Uygur of The Young Turks is filling in for Dylan Ratigan today and tomorrow on MSNBC’s “The Dylan Ratigan Show.” The show airs at 1pm PST.

It could be weird to just have one hour of content to fill as opposed to the three hours plus bonus content Uygur does five days a week in their mid-Wilshire studio owned by Mel Brooks. This is Uygur’s first time as a fill-in host for a cable news show although it’s long been rumored that TYT is being developed for a basic cable show.

Mediabistro interview with Uygur is here: Hey, How’d You Draw 250 Million Viewers to Your Web Show, The Young Turks?

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  • TYT in Fast Company

    The entire press release is after the jump.

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  • 2nd Annual Streamys: Twice the Size, Half the Heart


    Last year the first annual Streamy Awards was the little show that could. This year it was the big show that didn’t.

    The first year the show was at the Wadsworth Theater in Westwood. The red carpet was a whopping ten feet long and most of the outlets were unknown bloggers and obscure people with Internet shows. There was no press room. The media watched the show from the mostly empty mezzanine. The show was quick and quirky, just like, well, Internet TV. It was glitch-free and well organized. It was adorably earnest, sweetly trying to legitimize the medium.

    This year the red carpet was three times the size packed with journalist and outlets world wide. Rogers & Cowen did publicity. It was big. So full in fact that they ran out of press badges. Completely out. Steve Pond from TheWrap (who we mistakenly called “James” all night and he was stunningly nice about it) said he was walked into the filing room with no badge at all.

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    The Young Turks Do Their First Spin-Off, A Movie Review Show

    As we’ve written about in the past, if anyone is in the position to do to television what blogs did to newspapers, it’s our local yokels The Young Turks. Their Internet based show is averaging half a million views a day on YouTube and today they announced show number two on their “network.”

    The press release in-full:

    February 17, 2010 (Los Angeles) Announced today, Ben Mankiewicz (Turner Classic Movies), Matt Atchity (Rotten Tomatoes) and Cenk Uygur (“The Young Turks”) will host the new Internet program “What the Flick?!”, a live online video talk show filled with clips, reviews, honest discussions – and arguments – of the week’s must-see films. “What the Flick?!” makes its official premiere on Friday, February 19th at 2pm PT/ 5pm ET through the “TYT” Internet hub.

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    TYT in Fast Company

    cov141.jpgOur local rebels The Young Turks and Cenk Uygur are profiled in December’s issue of Fast Company. See if you recognize the author. Go see.

    From the article:

    Uygur doesn’t look like a rebel, but there is something revolutionary going on here. Roughly 450,000 people watch The Young Turks on YouTube alone; thousands more in the precious 18-to-35 demo listen on Sirius Satellite Radio and through the TYT Web site, making it competitive with, say, MSNBC’s Morning Joe (382,000 viewers a day in September), or CNN’s Lou Dobbs Tonight (616,000). And that, says Uygur, is only the beginning of a campaign “to take down television.”

    “When I watch TV, I see robots,” he says. “We’re not robots; we’re people.” On a show touching on health-care reform and Senator Max Baucus, Uygur proclaimed, “The mainstream media and the politicians who do these tricks and the media who cover for them — guess what? You’re fucked. We’re coming for you. We’re coming to your house.”

    Whole piece is here.

    FBLA Exclusive: Why Didn’t CNN Cover a Protest of CNN?

    cnn333.jpgLast Thursday there were protests outside the CNN buildings in three cities for the public option aspect of health care reform. The protests organized by Democracy for America and The Young Turks were asking CNN to paint a more accurate picture of what polls say the American people want.

    Anyway, CNN was protested in three cities and they mentioned nothing about it.

    A spokesperson for CNN told FBLA, “CNN did send a crew; however, there was major breaking news at Ft Hood that dominated our coverage that day.”

    We asked The Young Turks, Cenk Uygur what he thought of their explanation. He responded, “The NY and Atlanta protests were before the Ft. Hood shooting and they didn’t even send a camera down to cover those. We were trying to encourage the most “trusted name in news” to report what the great majority of Americans and their own CNN polls indicate — the American people definitively want the public option. I hope they didn’t neglect this important issue because their feelings were hurt that we asked them to cover this issue a little more clearly.”

    And they have mentioned the protest or “press conference” in Washington against the public option/government/Obama/accurate Nazi metaphors.

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  • BREAKING: Protest Of CNN

  • CNN Never Covered Being Protested in Three Cities

    Last Thursday the CNN studios in three cities were the site of protests for the public option organized by The Young Turks and Democracy for America. Cenk Uygur of TYT states on the video,”The American people want the public option, why don’t they cover it on air like that? Erica Hill once on air said the public option is unpopular. Based on what? Read your own polls.”

    We heard on Thursday CNN was going to mention the protest during their ongoing coverage of the health care reform debate. And according to our sources, that has yet to happen.

    Previously on FBLA: BREAKING: Protest Of CNN

    The Flamer Movement Burns Into LA

    This is Troy Conrad of with The Young Turks’ Cenk Uygur. The Flamers want to privatize the fire departments. They’re protesting tomorrow at the socialized public library in downtown.

    Hope they got their government issued (ahem) permits for the demonstration.

    CNN Searches For Conservative, Liberal Voices To Square Off

    cnnlogo.jpgOur colleagues at FishbowlLA have some exclusive news today: CNN is auditioning talent in the hopes of casting one conservative and one liberal host for a new “Crossfire” type of show.

    FBLA has some ideas about who the news network might be looking at:

    A few on the liberal side were Steve A. Smith of ESPN, Cenk Uygur of the Young Turks, Roland Martin who’s already on Campbell Brown‘s show frequently and Errol Louis a CNN contributor.

    On the conservative side were radio personalities Roe Conn from Chicago, Joe Watkins from Philadelphia and Steve Malzberg from New Jersey. Plus frequent Glenn Beck fill-in Joe Pagliarulo from Texas.

    Who do you think would be good for the show? Leave suggestions for co-hosts — and show names — in the comments.

    FishbowlLA: FBLA Exclusive: CNN is Auditioning Talent For New Show

    FBLA Exclusive: CNN is Auditioning Talent for New Show

    According to our CNN source, the “most trusted name in news” is casting for a new Crossfire type of Hannity and Colmes show. Meaning: they’re auditioning liberal personalities and conservative personalities to co-host one show.

    Way to really break the mold, CNN.

    No word on who or what the show would be replacing or what the name of the show will be (Crossballs is already taken).

    A few on the liberal side were Steve A. Smith of ESPN, Cenk Uygur of the Young Turks, Roland Martin who’s already on Campbell Brown‘s show frequently and Errol Louis a CNN contributor.

    On the conservative side were radio personalities Roe Conn from Chicago, Joe Watkins from Philadelphia and Steve Malzberg from New Jersey. Plus frequent Glenn Beck fill-in Joe Pagliarulo from Texas.

    So we’re guessing they’re looking for two different personalities in two different people to off-set having two in one with Lou Dobbs?

    Viral Video’s Panel at Netroots Nation

    On the final day of Netroots Nation was the Viral Video panel with some hard-hitters in the “industry.” The moderator was Mathew Filipowicz a comedian and film maker at Headzup. On the panel was Sam Seder of Air America, Jason Barnett of TheUptake, Cenk Uygur of the Young Turks Andy Cobb the “Mouthpiece Theater” Killer.

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