In a sentiment that we’re sure echoes kindly in the certain Spring Street corridors, Columbia Journalism Review‘s Charles M. Madigan argues, essentially, that the Reaganomics model of journalism–massive, more-with-less, bottom-line driven, publicly-traded media companies–needs to stop, in favor of private local control. Namely, the Tribune Company (and some other media monoliths too) need to shed their assets, go private, and focus on their local communities. Let Chicago do Chicago and let LA do LA.

There is no plausible reason anymore for Tribune to be running publications in Los Angeles, Baltimore, Florida, Pennsylvania, or anywhere but Chicago. The arguments about synergies and efficiency and gigantic advertising footprints have all collapsed. They were strategies that made sense in an era that ended a decade ago.

People in those places despise you. They cannot wait for you to fail. They wish you only ill. No one can be a worker focused on customers in that atmosphere. Their days will be consumed by rumors of cuts to come and resentments of cuts already accomplished.

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